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vishnudevhi al06:38
vishnudevhow to run make -j4 for differnt ubntu branch?06:38
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jgdxvishnudev, you got to be more specific07:21
vishnudevI want to make a build with "personal/w-ondra/phablet-5.1.1_r5 " branch07:22
vishnudevhow to do that?07:26
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vishnudevAdd your hardware specifig git repositories under phablet/hardware.07:35
vishnudevwhere will I get hardware specific git repo for nexus 6?07:36
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dholbachgood morning07:56
vishnudevgood morning07:58
vishnudevwhere will I get hardware specific git repo for nexus 6?07:59
slvn_Hello ! I am waiting for bschaefer/mcphail for some help & bug fixing ... In the mean times, maybe could someone test a game/click package on his device (the version of the deivce needs to be vivid + ppa phone overlay)  ?08:16
vishnudevcan someone help me on porting ubuntu touch on to my device?08:52
vishnudevI've setup the repo and built a rom for nexus 408:52
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Area Code Day! 😃10:04
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kkumarHi team11:06
kkumaram looking for some help on using Ubuntu touch for Java11:06
kkumaranyone has any experiences of touch with Java.. and specifically javafx11:06
M0ttyHi! IRM looking after solutions to fix the Gps issue on mx4 meizu. Gps never work... any idea?11:26
ogra_M0tty, did you try disabling WLAN ?11:36
M0ttyYes I do. Dosn't work...11:37
ogra_how lon did you wait (and have you made sure to be outside when trying)11:37
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M0ttyjust after the ota-7 update I had Gps once, but it was the only one11:38
M0ttyogra_ I wait a very long time, always outside. ;-)11:39
ogra_hmm, last time (but thats two weeks ago) it worked fine for me ... probably there was a regression11:40
Guest42341M0tty, use the rc-proposed channel, the stable channel is old and buggy11:41
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davmor2M0tty: are you only using gps or are you using here agps too11:41
ogra_Guest42341, please dont make such suggestions11:41
ogra_at least not without warnings ...11:41
Guest42341ogra_, rc-proposed is pretty safe11:41
ogra_the stable channel has only known bugs that were verified by the QA11:42
ogra_the rc-proposed channel can completely break and even be unbootable at any time11:42
Guest42341never happened to me11:42
Guest42341but i guess it could11:42
ogra_definitely nothing you should use if you are not prepared to manually recover from such a situation11:42
ogra_(and indeed rc-proposed usually has a *lot* more bugs ... they are just not known usually)11:43
Guest42341ogra_,  i used stable for a couple of months and stable for 1 month, i can't recommend the stable channel from my experience11:45
Guest42341ogra_,  the stable is worst (opinion)11:45
ogra_well, you cant just blindly recommend rc-proposed to people11:45
ogra_you should at alest warn them that there can be data loss unbootable installs and that there are definitely a *lot* more unfixed bugs11:46
ogra_randomly telling people stable is "more buggay" is not very constructive and rather mean towards them11:46
ogra_(and it additionally totally dis-credits the work of the OA team)11:47
Guest42341buggy :P11:47
Guest42341the phones are targeted to devs and enthusiasts anyway11:47
ogra_right, and enthusiasts arent devs11:48
ogra_and shouldnt be11:48
jibelGuest42341, agreed with ogra_ . Unless you're helping with the development or testing of the phone recommending rc-proposed is a bad advice11:48
Guest42341i've only recommended the rc-proposed channel twice11:48
Guest42341but from my experience is much better than stable11:49
Guest42341at least for me11:49
ogra_it has more features and ten times more bugs too11:49
popeycyclic argument is cyclic11:49
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M0ttydavmor2 both :-) nothing is working.12:44
Guest42341M0tty, OTA8 is probably next week, maybe it will fix your bug12:47
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mcphailslvn_: I'll be home from work sometime after 2200h GMT tonight. I'll be happy to test then.13:52
ogra_slvn_, a mail to the Ml with detailed instructions might get you more feedback ;)13:53
camhi all I have question: why is my ubuntu r24 and not r26 27 2814:04
elijahhttps://insights.ubuntu.com/2013/02/15/developers-get-the-full-support-they-need/ says there is an #ubuntu-phone but when I try to join it says I need an invitation. Anyone know when this will open up?14:04
popeyelijah, yeah, ignore that message :)14:09
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elijahpopey: okay, thanks14:09
elijahIs the Meizo M4 currently the best device to get for development?14:11
k1lisnt the nexus4 the develoment phone, still?14:11
camhi all I have question: why is my ubuntu r24 and not r26 27 28 ( nexus 4)14:12
Guest42341elijah, you can't get Meizu MX4, they are not selling it any more14:13
Guest42341elijah, you can buy a new bq ubuntu edition but you can't connect it to a screen or buy a second hand nexus 4 that can converge14:15
pmcgowancam, r24 is the latest release on the stable channel for mako14:15
pmcgowanthe numbers vary on different devices14:15
Guest42341cam, for meizu r6 is the last stable image14:17
Guest42341cam, and for rc-proposed r157, see this https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/147556814:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1475568 in Ubuntu system image "Use OTA terminology in system settings" [Undecided,In progress]14:19
camGuest42341 thanks a lot14:29
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kenvandinemzanetti, why doesn't the shell rotate on flo?14:54
kenvandinei'm guessing that's intentional, but i have to say i don't like it14:54
mzanettikenvandine, it does14:55
kenvandinenot on mine :)14:55
mzanettiwhat app have you focused?14:55
kenvandineno app14:55
mzanettithe dash app?14:55
kenvandinethe dash14:55
mzanettithe dash (which is an app as any other) locks rotation14:55
kenvandineit's only landscape14:55
mzanettion your phone too14:55
mzanettialthough on the phone it locks it to portrait14:56
kenvandineoh right14:56
kenvandinei guess i expect that on the phone14:56
kenvandinebut i hate having to turn the tablet to landscape when launching apps14:56
kenvandinesame for browsing content in the scopes14:57
popeyit is very unintuitive14:57
mzanettioh well... maybe we can enable rotation for the dash soon... at least we have branches in the queue that make reflowing it fast enough that we could enable it14:57
kenvandinei prefer having portrait for browsing scope content14:57
mzanettibut so far this is really a design decision14:57
kenvandinei figured it was14:57
mzanettiyou can change it yourself by changing /usr/share/applications/unity8-dash.desktop14:57
mzanettithere's something like X-Ubuntu-Supported-Orientation=native14:58
mzanettiyou can either remove that to allow rotation, or change it to portrait14:58
mzanettibut be aware that the dash is quite slow in resizing atm14:58
jgdxmorphis, did you fix the “forget device” regression? I.e. should I take another look?15:04
morphisjgdx: I did but currently have troubles rebuilding the package in the silo15:05
jgdxmorphis, you'll let me know?15:05
morphisjgdx: for sure15:06
morphisneed to get all of this ready ...15:06
kenvandinemzanetti, interesting, i removed that line and it rotates, a little ugly for a second then works nicely15:06
kenvandinemzanetti, but it still uses the side stage in portrait :)15:06
mzanettikenvandine, yes... inprogress15:07
kenvandineok, so that's expected :)15:07
mzanettiyes, currently15:07
mzanettibut also expected to be fixed soon :)15:07
seb128jgdx, morphis, I made a few review comments as well on the mp btw (in case you didn't see those)15:10
morphisseb128: I see15:12
morphisjgdx: last thing I need to look at is this power toggle thing you mentioned15:25
jgdxmorphis, the warnings?15:25
morphisjgdx: on the functionality side everything was still working?15:26
jgdxmorphis, yeah, except the regression.15:31
jgdxmorphis, it's normally benign, but you can have strong-ish typing in js using qml props.15:32
jgdxand there's a type error here15:32
morphisjgdx: the ones "Unable to assign [undefined] to bool" are due to the bluetoothActionGroup not directly exposing that property15:35
jgdxmorphis, one pattern is then visible: bluetoothActionGroup.enabled ? bluetoothActionGroup.enabled.state : false15:37
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jgdxfaenil, hey, time for one more q?16:21
faeniljgdx: of course16:22
jgdxfaenil, why does this [1] segfault? Adding selectMode:true makes no difference. [1] http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13216812/16:22
faeniljgdx: does it segfault without ListItemLayout?16:24
jgdxfaenil, stack: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13216840/16:27
jgdxI'll check16:27
jgdxfaenil, yes16:27
faeniljgdx: cool, then it's not me :)16:27
faeniljgdx: show that to zsombi :)16:28
jgdxfaenil, okay16:29
faeniljgdx: sorry I couldn't help :/16:30
oSoMoNjdstrand, hey, I would appreciate a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/empty-apparmor-hw-profile-dirs/+merge/276749 when you have a moment16:33
jdstrandoSoMoN: sure16:44
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ogra_hmm, was it on purpose that with the last rc-proposed image the nearby scope doesnt work anymore ?19:00
ogra_sil2100, jibel ^^19:00
ogra_i mean, it works, but it is completely empty on both phones here19:01
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sergiusensogra_, fails here too19:54
ogra_i wonder if it actually started checking the location data ... that has been broken for two or three weeks now19:56
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davmor2ogra_: there is a new custom tarball nearby works fine there19:58
davmor2ogra_: but I don't think the nearby scope was touch so might be something your end19:59
ogra_davmor2, well, it is on both phones here and sergiusens sees it too19:59
ogra_i doubt it is my end19:59
davmor2ogra_: I blame you anyway :P20:00
ogra_yeah, thats fine ...20:00
sergiusensogra_, davmor2 fwiw it works now; I think it just fails on first try; I didn't even get the menu (the one with "I am thirsty" et.al.)20:01
sergiusenswell it seems flaky; maybe one of the scopes in the scope is failing and bringing the whole thing down20:01
ogra_i get the menu and the header but nothing else20:02
sergiusensogra_, right, I refreshed and now nothing20:02
ogra_sergiusens, what did you do to make it work ?20:02
sergiusensogra_, I think it is just flaky/timing out20:02
ogra_i refresh since i got the update and never saw any content20:02
sergiusensso far I got it once20:03
tvossogra_, location is broken until silo 2 finally lands (in unapproved queue right now)20:21
ogra_tvoss, ah, nice to know there is a fix ahead20:22
tvossogra_, some minor version hiccup, we accidently removed nm-specifics with a recent cleanup landing20:24
ogra_ah, i was already wondering20:25
ogra_(it used to work so nicely in recent times)20:26
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davmor2ogra_: I still blame you20:51
ogra_snappy will fix it20:51
davmor2ogra_: \o/20:51
pmcgowantvoss, oh its broken in proposed right now? that certainly seems the case20:54
tvosspmcgowan, yup, until silo 2 finally lands20:54
ogra_pmcgowan, it goes nicely hand in hand with the non-working nearby scope ... all fine :)20:54
pmcgowanoh a tad snarky today20:56
ogra_sorry :)20:56
pmcgowantvoss, hey do you know how u-s-c gets proximity events20:56
davmor2pmcgowan: it's all okay, ogra_ say snappy will fix it20:57
tvosspmcgowan, I would think via the platform-api20:57
pmcgowantvoss, not smaat enough to see it20:58
tvosspmcgowan, let me check20:58
tvosspmcgowan, hmmm, seems like powerd is handing out that information20:59
pmcgowanhmmm, but powerd reported getting that change vent from u-s-c if I am seeing it right21:02
mcphaildavmor2: may I say again, http://themcphails.uk/snappy.jpg21:02
taiebotHas my request been granted?  https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/617 does that mean this will land in rc-proposed tomorrow?21:13
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pmcgowantaiebot, yeah that will be in the image tonight21:22
taiebotpmcgowan: \o/ from my testing this reduces also bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1480877 to a mere hang of few secs instead of 1min21:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1480877 in Canonical System Image "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,Confirmed]21:24
pmcgowantaiebot, great yeah thats a killer21:24
taiebotpmcgowan: to remove a silo i suppose it is easier to just reflash the phone21:25
* mcphail might switch to rc-proposed to get that fix21:25
pmcgowantaiebot, yes although the update should fix things up21:25
pmcgowanto be safe reflash21:26
taiebotpmcgowan: thanks i will reflash21:26
pmcgowanmcphail, we will release to stable hopefully next week21:26
pmcgowanthats the plan anyway21:26
mcphailpmcgowan: nice! Thanks21:27
taiebotpmcgowan, mcphail i predict this landing will make a lot of people happy i have been using my GPS today and it has never worked as well. Switching from here maps, unav, google maps and seeing all those apps properly detecting my location is pretty exciting. Thanks for the hard work!21:30
taiebotDanChapman i am getting quite a lot of crashes in Dekko what sort of debugging would you like. They happen quite often when i leave/enter the app. I can see the little wifi icon on the top left i click on it to re-connect and the app crash.21:44
* popey hugs taiebot21:46
taiebotpopey why so much love taiebot hugs popey back21:46
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hariramaon linux mint, when i install the "ubuntu-touch" meta package, my machine stops booting23:06
hariramaany hints there?23:06
popeyWhy are you installing ubuntu-touch?23:07
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Guest45809is ubuntu touch development active for nexus 1023:10
popeyGuest45809, not really. It's not a device we're focussed on23:15
Guest45809popey: is it worth installing then in that case23:19
popeyi wouldn't23:20
popeynexus 4, nexus 7 certainly23:20
Guest45809i have neither :( lol23:21

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