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diddledanthis is awesome: https://torflow.uncharted.software/00:46
diddledanit's a visualisation of tor traffic00:46
diddledaninteresting that the nexus is around europe00:47
diddledanhow is candy crush worth 5.9beeleon dollars?00:57
zmoylan-pimaybe they've already turned down such an offer?00:59
diddledanactivision have bought them for 5.901:00
zmoylan-pimaybe they want to backport candy crush to the atari 2600...01:02
zmoylan-pior they see ms buying minecraft and want their own 'universe'01:24
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* diddledan__ blows raspberries04:15
* zmoylan-pi prefers rasp pi's04:23
jimmy_willHi dudes05:32
jimmy_willNew here05:32
jimmy_willIm not a native English speeker,trying to improve05:35
zmoylan-piwell the english in here is terrible :-)05:36
zmoylan-piit's a joke :-)05:37
jimmy_willdidnt get it05:37
jimmy_willnot a native speaker05:37
zmoylan-piwhat's your native language?05:38
zmoylan-pia hard starting point to learn english from05:39
zmoylan-pimainland china?05:39
zmoylan-piis it easy to access irc from there.  i'm curious05:40
jimmy_willit is easy05:40
jimmy_willbut hard for google and youtube05:40
zmoylan-pias long as irc is unblocked :-)05:42
jimmy_willirc is always unblocked05:42
zmoylan-pican't stop the signal mal - firefly05:43
jimmy_willwhat is a signal mal?05:44
zmoylan-pia quote from firefly tv show.  a character talking to mal says it. sorry05:45
jimmy_willok i see05:45
jimmy_willnever watched that show05:45
zmoylan-pionly 14 episodes and 1 movie.  worth watching05:45
jimmy_willill try05:46
jimmy_willi watch Doctor WHO and the IT crowed05:46
zmoylan-piif you like it crowd make sure you catch black books and father ted05:46
jimmy_willand sherlock holmes05:47
jimmy_willnever heard of black books and father ted05:47
jimmy_willcant get any info about those in mainland china05:48
zmoylan-pisame weird comedy as it crowd but different05:48
jimmy_willi'll try to look for them05:49
zmoylan-piso what os do you use?05:50
jimmy_willswitch from windows 7 this morning05:51
zmoylan-piwhat's the linux user scene like in china?05:51
jimmy_willmost of people never heard of linux05:52
jimmy_willthey dont even know what a os is05:52
jimmy_willan os05:52
zmoylan-pii thought  china had red flag linux a few years back? a home grown distro...05:52
jimmy_willnever use that distro05:53
jimmy_willthere is a distro called deepin linux05:53
jimmy_willbased on ubuntu05:53
zmoylan-pioh i'd trust it as much as a distro from nsa or gchq :-)05:54
jimmy_willdoes nsa mean national security agency?05:55
jimmy_willwhat does gchq mean then?05:55
jimmy_willcant find any result from google translate05:56
zmoylan-pigchq is the british equivalent05:56
jimmy_willi see05:56
jimmy_willi have to go back to work05:57
jimmy_willglad to talk to you05:57
zmoylan-piwell take care o/05:57
jimmy_willbye o/05:57
zmoylan-piand trust me on firefly, father ted, blackbooks05:57
jimmy_willwithout any doubt05:57
brobostigonmorning boy and girls.07:02
* zmoylan-pi squints out window and questions the use of the description morning...07:03
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diploMorning all09:01
jimmy_willmorning and afternoon09:03
MooDoohowdy all09:42
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Area Code Day! 😃10:03
awilkins http://news.slashdot.org/story/15/11/09/1748237/us-spends-1bn-over-a-decade-trying-to-digitize-immigration-forms-just-1-is-online10:05
awilkins$500M initial budget to digitize paper forms10:05
awilkinsMy company is spending an order of magnitude less to establish twin datacentres capable of handling 3PB of genetic data.10:06
awilkinsTruly, the pork barrel runneth over in the USA10:06
davmor2JamesTait: I know an area code song from rush hour 2 iirc not sure I can paste it in such a polite channel though :)11:03
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zmoylan-pii'm beginning to work out why sony is in trouble.... http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/nov/10/betamax-dead-long-live-vhs-sony-end-prodution12:50
mappshi zmoylan-pi13:11
mappshow could i block all gambling sites and make it so i cant access them13:18
mappsim serious13:18
diploEdit /etc/hosts and change all the domains to 127 ?13:24
diploBlock them via your router if it has that option13:24
mappsbut i can then change it mysellf13:24
diploBut you have to physically do it, which should work with you alerting yourself13:25
diploIf you're going to change it, I'd go to see a hypnotherapist, gammbling anonymous or something along those lines if you don't have the will power and you're in charge of your machine / router you obviously don't have the self will to not do it and get around your circumventions13:26
diploThose things are not bad things, just giving options13:26
diploI had a member of staff who couldn't stop visiting certain sites so I did the hosts thing on his windows machine, just having the block there was enough for him to understand it had become an issue13:27
zmoylan-picould you change it so router blocks it and give the password to a mate so you can't undo it?13:33
popeymapps, ask the sites you visit to do self-exclusion13:40
mappsi try but always un self exclude13:42
popeyget help13:42
diploI know this is an ubuntu channel but... :D I want to download the EPEL CentOS 4 packages to have as a backup, yes I know it is EOL13:59
diploNormal option would be to use rsync, but that's not supported on 4 packages14:00
diploHow would anyone else do it, wget mirror ?14:00
popeyno idea, never used centos, so no idea how packages are served14:01
diplo:) - I'd rather not :)14:01
diploRead on other repos that wget is actively discouraged but no other option apart from rsync/reposync which doesn't work :P all good fun14:02
directhexis anyone currently seeding my steamos fork, stephenson's rocket? i have a new release i need to switch seeders onto15:34
diddledan__directhex: I think I might be15:35
popeybigcalm was15:36
diddledan__directhex: do you have the magnet link handy? I can add it to my torrent box15:37
directhexbut BW will stink until i can get it seeded by a few people15:38
* bigcalm looks in due to email notification. Sup?15:38
directhexit's steamos release day! so i made a stephenson's rocket refresh15:39
diddledan__bigcalm: how do you get irc emails?15:39
bigcalmdirecthex: I haven't recently seeded it. Happy to do so again though. Got the torrent link?15:39
directhexbigcalm: it's fastest for you to grab via http then seed, IME15:39
bigcalmdiddledan__: I use away proxy for irssi15:40
bigcalmdirecthex: k15:40
davmor2diddledan__: irssi proxy away15:40
directhexalthough i'm pushing 2mb up! unprecedented!15:40
bigcalmdirecthex: site url?15:40
bigcalmSomething about a horse?15:40
davmor2diddledan__: irssi as a proxy rocks :)15:40
diddledan__bigcalm: horsebattlerystaple?15:41
directhexwasn't kidding about unprecedented, i never push more than 100k on torrent uploads from my desktop. BT throttles i assume15:41
daftykinsdirecthex: have you got another web link to snatch it and boost the torrent?15:41
directhexdamn google drive that was supposed to be a public link15:42
directhexgrab it before google cuts me off :x15:42
bigcalmGot it!15:43
diddledan__my ratios are pretty awesome on there: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hb083u74k1k1p37/Screenshot%202015-11-10%2015.43.58.png?dl=015:44
daftykinsi shall seed until i need some bandwidth ;D15:46
daftykinssince windows 10's autumn update comes out today15:46
diddledan__it does?15:46
* bigcalm pauses the seeding of Ubuntu Mate 15.1015:48
directhexxbox one win10 upgrade on thursday!15:50
daftykinsindeed 8D15:50
daftykinsi'm wondering how big it'll be15:50
zmoylan-piso people can panic on friday \o/15:50
bigcalmBack to work I go, toodles15:51
daftykinsi bet it'll be like patch tuesday, comes out 9am Seattle time so takes until 6pm UK15:51
bashrc_got one more person onto ubuntu last weekend. Some initial grumbling, but once they realized they could still use the same apps they were ok with it15:52
daftykinsthey can't have used much then15:53
bashrc_whenever there is a Windows disaster I always use that to try to get people onto ubuntu15:53
bashrc_no, I'd class them as a basic user. Email (thunderbird) firefox and a working printer and they were done15:54
daftykinsoh so they didn't use anything non-native15:54
* zmoylan-pi is giving vivaldi browser a spin and not hating it...15:54
daftykinsyou put them on LTS so they don't have to experience the more regular ubuntu disasters? :)15:54
davmor2zmoylan-pi: give ubuntu-browser a go :)15:55
zmoylan-pii think i tried that at one point...15:55
bashrc_I did put them on LTS15:55
bashrc_with automatic security updates enabled15:56
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davmor2Hmm trying out hexchat so far looks and feels the same as xchat :)17:12
daftykinsjust more updated so i hear!17:13
davmor2indeed and supported17:14
zmoylan-piyou want irssi with green text on a black background so you can irc in the dark wearing a balaclava for maximum daily mail hackerness ;-)17:14
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no I don't17:14
popeyI'm using hexchat these days17:15
davmor2popey: you using any plugins or just vanilla?17:16
popeydidnt know it had any17:17
davmor2popey: well there is indicator for a start :)  and then there is the plugins package which I haven't looked at yet :)17:18
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diddledanflash. just die already. https://threatpost.com/adobe-flash-update-includes-patches-for-17-vulnerabilities/115322/18:13
m0nkey_I simply don't install it these days18:19
davmor2diddledan: you can't kill flash how will lazy advert writers make money without it ;)18:20
m0nkey_The other thing I want to die is Java in browsers18:20
m0nkey_But alas, I need it for IPMI18:20
diddledanlol: https://twitter.com/Sidragon1/status/66414391705128550418:24
czajkowskianyone remember how you move  a window to a certain number?18:30
daftykinscontext = irssi ?18:32
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czajkowskiahh gotit18:40
czajkowski   /window move 1018:40
daftykinsczajkowski: if you've not already, i didn't know that one but "/layout save" is a neat one for keeping a set order18:41
czajkowskidaftykins: aye so I've tried18:48
czajkowskibut somewhere in my evil config it has me joining to rooms18:48
czajkowskiand no matter my editing it still autjoins me to them18:48
daftykinshow rude!18:49
czajkowskiI know!18:50
czajkowskithere are channels really I don't want to go bac kto18:50
daftykinsi never learnt the command set in irssi, i just manage my joins by editing the config directly XD18:50
czajkowskibut irssi seemingly does18:50
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Myrtticzajkowski: /channel list20:18
Myrtti/channel add -noauto #channel20:18
davmor2czajkowski: well if you will go to these channels you will attract the wrong kinda attention :D20:21
czajkowskiMyrtti: ohh thank you23:02
czajkowski23:02 -!- Irssi: Not enough parameters given23:03
Myrtti/channel add -noauto #channel network23:04
czajkowskiMyrtti: you're amzing thank you23:05
daftykinsi'm sure that was in the manual :)23:06
Myrttinot really23:07
Myrttiwell, kinda, but you need to know how to read the manual23:07
Myrttiif you're referring to /help channel23:08
czajkowskiwow there was still autojoins from my canonical time23:08
MyrttiJust had a mint aero. That was nicer than I thought23:08
czajkowskiwow that is super useful thank you Myrtti23:08
czajkowskiMyrtti: one more question, is there a way to also remove the list of channels from /channel list23:10
czajkowskithe ocd tidy kicks in23:11
czajkowskiso they're removed from autojoin but still show up on list23:11
Myrttidoing the command above should do it23:11
Myrtti/channel list is a list of channels you've got configured23:12
Myrttinot necessarily a list you've got autojoins for23:12
czajkowskiahh I see23:13
Myrttiif you want them totally gone, /channel remove #channel network23:15
Myrttidon't forget to /layout save and /save23:15

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