tsdgeosMirv: ping09:39
tsdgeosMirv: unping09:40
tsdgeoswas going to ask about a patch in qtdeclarative, but it's clear i cna look up the patches myself without asking you09:43
tsdgeossorry _)09:43
doubleDeehi all, i am running gedit on mir but i see two mouse pointers10:32
doubleDeea big one and a little one10:33
doubleDeegedit on unity810:33
doubleDeeinteresting, closing gedit doesn't help/... i'm left with 2 mouse pointers10:34
tsdgeosmardy: ping10:37
mardytsdgeos: pong10:37
tsdgeosmardy: your "Don-t-change-the-currentItem-after-a-viewport-resize" breaks some other parts of listview :/10:38
tsdgeosmardy: this code http://paste.ubuntu.com/13215032/10:38
tsdgeoswith your patch after removing item 0 we end up in item 110:39
tsdgeoswithout your patch we end up in item 0 as we should10:39
tsdgeosdo you have time to investigate?10:41
mardytsdgeos: yep, I'll have a look; do you have a bug filed for that?10:42
tsdgeosit's basically https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-shell/+bug/150826010:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1508260 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "un-starring a scope jumps several scopes to the right" [Undecided,New]10:44
mardytsdgeos: interestingly, it doesn't happen if the animation is removed10:47
tsdgeosmardy: ok cool, want me to open a bug in the qt bug tracker too since it's present in 5.6 that's going to be released "soon-ish"? maybe they want a revert instead the new feature10:47
tsdgeosmardy: yep, i know10:47
mardytsdgeos: I'd appreciate if you opened a bug on the Qt bug tracker *without* asking for a revert, as that bug was kind of hard to work around10:48
mardytsdgeos: while fixing that bug I was thinking of touching other parts that were related to animations, but IIRC aalpert told me it was better to touch as little as possible, so I left them out10:49
mardytsdgeos: it may be that they would fix this issue10:49
tsdgeosmardy: i'll create a unit test and post it to the qt bug report10:50
mardytsdgeos: excellent, that will help a lot10:50
tsdgeosmardy: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-4933011:29
tsdgeosmardy: want me to assign it to you?11:29
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mardytsdgeos: yes please12:21
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mardytsdgeos: OK, I think I got a possible fix; now I need to clean everything up, update, and test your unit test (but the manual one you gave me before works)13:38
tsdgeosnice :)13:38
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mardytsdgeos: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/140510/16:38
tsdgeosnice :)16:38
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popeyanyone else seeing random freezes in unity8-dash? ?18:35
popeyon rc proposed krillin18:35
popeyif i swipe away to another app and come back it refreshes18:36
popeybut frequently get a locked up dash with icons half loaded18:36
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greyback_popey: yes, known issue, fix passed QA, should land soon19:41
popeygreyback_, yay!20:18
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