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YustaHi !15:32
Yustaware are you !!15:38
dholbachhey hey16:00
dholbachstarting in a second16:00
puttynthis not ubuntu-on-air channel16:02
puttynam right in here?16:02
puttynis why plenary?16:02
dholbachlet us know if you have questions, just make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:16:02
dholbachputtyn, dragonbite: my mistake - we normally hang out in #ubuntu-on-air16:02
dholbachlast week was UOS, and I forgot to change channel name16:03
puttyndholbach: so we stay here?16:03
dholbachin any case: we'll pick up the questions from here and from #ubuntu-on-air16:03
puttyni question in here?16:03
puttyncool. thanks much16:03
puttynQUESTION: when ubuntu phone in russia?16:04
salili am attending such session for first time , what will we be discussing??16:05
dholbachask all the questions you might have - we'll try to answer them all :)16:05
dasbeastAny pending agreements with US carriers you're exploring for Ubuntu phone? Sprint/Tmobile?16:05
salilhow can i contribute to ubuntu community ??16:06
puka_this is a irc channel for QandA?16:06
clithdon't forget to prefix your question with "QUESTION:"16:06
ash0QUESTION:on the what's new in 15.10 statement there was unity8 preview, i upgraded, yet no unity8 :( didn't it make to release candidate?16:06
puka_oh ok16:06
puka_QUESTION: i just installed xubuntu on a virtualbox (my main OS is windows 10) it's my first time i use a linux OS.. some tips to learn? wat is terminal? what i do with him?16:07
puttynQUESTION: how do you install apps on Ubuntu with mir session? when click install in store not installing16:08
netloreQUESTION: are there any Intel tablets that lend themselves to running Ubuntu personal... perhaps it's something that could have a compatibility list/installation guide.16:09
salilterminal is a way you interact with your OS , you can navigate through your files , folders and install applications16:09
puka_like sudo apt-get install ninja-ide?16:09
puka_cuz i was searching for a text editor for linux and a guy tell me that and i dont know what to do with this line xD16:09
salilsudo apt-get install <package name>16:10
puttynQUESTION: what is difference between stable, rc-proposed and devel channel and how change channel?16:10
puka_QEUSTION: it;s worst or better for a beginner( on xubuntu 14.04 i have Python version 2.7)to update to python 3.? i'm a beginner and python it's my first programming language16:11
puttynQUESTION: when ubuntu phones new kernel and new ubuntu version? (16.04 maybe)16:12
netlore@puttyn, stable is the current released version, then there is a release candidate (rc) version whcih is the version getting ready for release as the next "stable"... rc-proposed is rc with proposed changes before they are fully tested...   devel is the current development version, and there is a devel-proposed which has new packages which are waiting to be promoted to devel...   it's basically a hiarchy.16:13
salilQuestion : what about lts??16:14
puttynnetlore: so rc and rc proposed are equivalent of beta and devel alpha?16:15
puttynnetlore: makes sense16:15
netlore@puttyn I believe there is a delay shifting from 15.04 ro 15.10/16.04 becuase of the move from click to snappy... as far as I know it's coming, but I couldn't say when.16:17
puttynQUESTION: some people install apps on phones using apt-get, is it safe? if not is any safe way to apt-get install?16:19
netlore@puttyn you have to disable image based updates and make your image read/write to install packages with apt... it's definitely not the recommended way to proceed.16:20
dragonbiteThat's what I did in the beginning.. gave myself the challenge to "do everything I do in Windows, in Linux" and it took a while, but is a success16:23
dshimerQUESTION: Is there top level cooperation / support involving Canonical and Mycroft.  At UOS Ryan Sipes sounded "hopeful" that things would work out but it seems like Canonical should be working hard to get such a promising AI working on the phone and desktop as a first class citizen.16:24
netlore@popey "do what you normally do", except download random binary packages from web sites and run them... leave that to Windows users.16:24
salilQuestion: Is there a way i can run my applications/software from terminal ?16:26
netlore@salil what platform (phone or desktop), and what app?16:27
salilDesktop and i was trying to run CODE:BLOCKS IDE16:27
netlore@popey apparently Teclast X80HD has UEFI bios... for example.16:29
UbuntuFun_de_QUESTION: When can we expect the first commercial Ubuntu Phone that supports Convergence? And how will be the partner?16:29
nhainessalil: you just type the name of the executable for that program and press Enter. But it will start new windows and lock the terminal until that app is finished.16:29
nhainesThat can be useful if you want to look for error or status messages, but outside of that it's more fun to run command line and text-based apps in the Terminal. :)16:30
nhainesnano is a nice text editor, for example.16:30
netlore@salil yes, you can run apps from the terminal on the desktop... as long as you know the correct binary to run...  remember if it's a graphical app you have to be running on a graphical screen so that the app can open a window.16:30
dholbachputtyn, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/16:31
salilthanks you @netlore and @ nhaines16:32
nhainespuka_: if "python3" runs, then you have both installed.  If you're learning Python today, it's better to learn Python 3.16:32
puka_so how i update my py 2.7 to 3?16:32
puka_is there a apt-get command?16:33
nhainespuka_: you won't replace python 2.7, you'll just install python 3 alongside it.16:33
nhainesThe first step if to see if python3 is already installed.16:34
nhainesBecause it probably is.16:34
puka_it;s not16:34
puka_i do in terminal pyton -V16:34
puka_and he say python 2.716:34
nhainesInstead do 'python3' like I said.16:34
puka_oh sit16:34
puka_i have python 3.4.016:34
nhainesSo now you don't have to choose which to have installed, just which you want to learn.  :)16:35
netloreQUESTION: have you considered asking people to clarify if their question if for phone/image based systems,or apt-get/.deb based systems.. ;)16:37
dholbachnetlore, sorry - please let us know if we misunderstood the question16:38
dragonbiteQUESTION: How does/will Canonical earn money with the Ubuntu Phone?16:42
nhainesdragonbite: Canonical gets a license fee for every phone sold, much like Microsoft and Google with Windows and Android phones.16:42
netlore@dholbach, sorry I was being fecetious... it's just hard to work out what people mean in questions because the answers are different if it's desktop  or phone...16:44
dholbachnetlore, right... it's just that we have a delay between video and irc, so that's why I'm not asking back, waiting, then answering -- I just used my best guess and thought it was generally easy tp spot what was meant :)16:45
dholbachbut maybe I was wrong -- let me know if we should answer a question another time16:45
netlore@dholbach when I was trying to answer the guy who said "can I run apps from the terminal"... that's not possible from the phone, as far as I know.16:47
nhainesnetlore: just as a general rule, this "@" thing is foreign to IRC.16:49
nhainesJust mentioning someone's nick will highlight that line in their IRC client.16:49
dragonbiteQUESTION: what's the name of your cat ;)16:49
nhainesOoh, that's a good question.  :)16:49
netloreQUESTION: is the migration from click to snappy for the phone progressing.16:49
salilare we going to get ubuntu phones in india??16:50
dholbachsalil, http://ubuntu.snapdeal.com/16:51
nhainessalil: they are already there, I believe.  :)16:51
LongbHey folks. Mr. Pope,  you're looking a bit dark there.16:51
dholbachthanks a lot everyone :)16:52
yustaHi World !16:52
yustaالسلام عليكم16:52
UbuntuFun_de_Thank you Danial and Alan for your time and for giving answers to our quesions. :)16:53
UbuntuFun_de_.... had a long day...16:54
netloreuNav turn by turn navigation on the phone is working great... :)16:54
popeythanks everyone!16:54
dholbachyusta, and the same to you :)16:54
dholbachthanks UbuntuFun_de_ :)16:54
popeyI do love our time together16:54
salilthank you for the session16:54
dholbachyes - it was great fun :)16:54
nhainesnetlore: I'm the English voice for UNav. :)17:02
netloreHa!, awesome nhaines... I've actually commented to Marcos that the English voice is great..... can you record him "in 1 mile", "in 500 yards", "in 200 yards" etc...   I don't think it gives enough warning sometimes... :)17:05
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nhainesnetlore: oh, haha, thanks!  :D17:16
nhainesThe new version does at least give some warning.  :)  I'm always happy to record anything he needs.17:16
netlorenhaines: I've been driving a lot recently trying it out, and it's actually amazing... although I have seen some things that could be better... like the icon that tells you the next turn is in 34 miles... then says "take the exit" immediately just as you pass it at 90mph in the outside lane... it does need some advance audio reminder.17:25
nhainesHaha, yeah... that's been improved for surface street speeds but I don't know if it's tailored to current driving speed yet.  File a bug!  :D17:26
netlorenhaines: I completely broke it by travelling through a grid of roundabouts each 1/4 miles apart at ~80mph as got behind with the audio announcements and was telling me whcih exit to take after I took them...  that was a bit unfair, and it's improving!... I've files a couple of bugs and sent screenshots to Marcos too... when it's safe to take them17:28
nhainesYes, always be safe. :)17:31
nhainesHe's a good guy.  I know he loves getting feedback.  He works quite hard on uNav.  That's why I try my best on the audio!17:32
netlorenhaines: yes, he was very enthusiastic when I started giving feedback on the first version... TBH I took an old Android tablet just incase it didn't work, but it's great.17:34
nhainesHaha, yeah, I also have my Nexus 7 when I'm testing uNav.  :)  Sadly it's not currently working on just my N7, and my N5 isn't running Ubuntu at the moment.17:36

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