DammitJimanyone here going to fossetcon?19:18
mhall119I am19:21
mhall119DammitJim: are you?19:22
DammitJimawesome! I'll get to see you guys... it's been like 3 years, I think19:22
DammitJimdo you guys need help?19:22
DammitJimI'm not sure how much I can do, but I can try to help like move stuff or carry stuff19:23
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DammitJimok, sorry about that mhall119 20:27
DammitJimI was saying... if you guys need help20:27
mhall119DammitJim: no worries, I'll be at the booth and running UbuCon, if you want to just hang out and talk to people about Ubuntu that would be a help20:44
DammitJimok, great!20:45
DammitJimdo you have to get there early?20:45
DammitJimI can help you unload stuff from the car or whatever you have20:45
mhall119DammitJim: yeah, I'll probably be there early on the 19th, not sure what time20:49
DammitJimanyone else coming?20:49
mhall119help setting up the booth would be much appreciated20:49
mhall119ahoneybun_ is coming with some others from down south20:49
mhall119jose is coming in from Peru20:50
DammitJimlet me know a time and I can see if I can be there earlier20:50
mhall119and someone from the desktop team at Canonical is going to be there20:50
DammitJimah, nice!20:50
DammitJimJose, why does he sound familiar20:50
mhall119DammitJim: thanks, I'll let you know20:50
DammitJimdid the Jose move to Peru?20:50
mhall119DammitJim: because he's all *over* Ubuntu stuff20:50

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