cmaloneyFucking hell02:42
cmaloneyjust got back from round two.02:42
rick_h__ugh :(03:15
rick_h__sucky cmaloney03:15
cmaloneyYeah, no worries03:15
cmaloneyHopefully we'll have a quiet night so I can get my headlight replaced on my car. :)03:15
Scary_GuyDoes anyone know of anywhere that discusses UI/UX theory?  No WM seems to do what I want :(06:03
Scary_Guybbl, nap06:15
Scary_GuySo I plan on making it, who else is going today?12:47
rick_h__and UI/UX theory, lots of books and online places to chat UX. I just normally bug one of our UX folks to bikeshed stuff12:55
Scary_Guythe mug.org meetup12:56
rick_h__ah, not going to make it tonight12:56
Scary_Guytoo bad, I'm looking forward to meeting new people.  all I remember is I owe someone a cookie, not quite sure who :)12:58
cmaloneyI'lm planning on being htere but not sure about Red Lobster afterward13:02
Scary_GuyI'm making a special point for that.  I want to try that pizza!13:02
cmaloneyYeah, it is a favorite13:03
Scary_GuyI don't think you understand how deep my love of pizza affects me. <313:03
cmaloneyOh I understand completely13:04
Scary_GuyThat isn't a heart, it's a pizza with a bent crust13:04
cmaloneySame. Pizza is awesome13:04
Scary_GuyI'm mildly autistic and am super picky, I eat like 5 things13:05
Scary_GuyI could eat pizza for the rest of my life and be happy13:06
Scary_GuyI'm not saying that's a good thing, but it is indeed a thing13:06
PainBankDo you ever get that feeling, when you are not in an irc channel long enough, you have anxiety over having not been there in a while?13:27
PainBankIt's been a while and feels good to be back in here.13:27
Scary_GuyOnly when I know there are people who don't like me that used to show up as regulars13:28
PainBankfascinating.  never delved into CME and solar flares much.  quite the interesting thing there.13:48
PainBankit will be interesting when we get hit with a severe one that knocks out a lot of serious electronics.13:49
Scary_GuyI saw it come across #i3detroit and thought I'd share for anyone interested, considering the people here might want to know.13:49
Scary_Guywelcome back15:25
Scary_Guythinking on what you said earlier I also wonder if most people are quiet just because they don't like me.  then after I leave the channel comes to life with activity.  Schrodinger's IRC15:26
PainBankthanks.  and ya, you gotta poke it to see if it has changed and in doing so....15:32
cmaloneyI think folks just get busy with the day16:18
cmaloneyrick_h__: https://www.eightsensiblegifts.com18:34
Scary_Guyso I got lazy.  I hear theoretically I can conference in somehow?23:09
Scary_Guyoh neat, youtube.  they do streaming right?  I hate missin out :/23:13
rick_h__cmaloney: hah on the gifts23:14
cmaloneyYeah, we're running a hangout23:20
Scary_Guycool, how do I join?23:22
Scary_Guysweet, now why can't chromium see my camera and why can't hangouts work without it?23:33
Scary_Guynever mind, am retarded23:33
Scary_Guy"Couldn't start the video call because of a network error."  grrrr23:36
Scary_GuyI'm about to download chrome proper and try that :/23:39
brouschDeicide might be the only band more awesome than Morbid Angel23:46
cmaloneyI never got into Deicide23:47
Scary_GuyShape of Despair23:49
Scary_Guythanks, the audio sucks though, I'll watch it on youtube later :/23:59

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