aedendcyberanger why CDN77?00:50
aedendcyberanger what do you like about it?00:51
cyberangeraedend: Really, it's just the price, prepaid and cheap01:57
cyberangerIt seems a lot of CDN's are postpaid (and it's not like I can control the traffic to hold to a budget after the fact) and require monthly maintence fees that are beyond what I can justify currently01:58
cyberangerIf I could afford Cloudflare I'd use them01:58
Unit193You need a CDN?03:16
Unit193I don't know why/how/what the catch is for the free tier, care to share?03:17
cyberangerCloudflare's free teir?04:48
cyberangerCDN77 I don't think has a free tier, just a 14 day trial04:48

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