theblazehenMorning all03:32
pieter2627morning all04:56
pieter2627it is the first time I've seen you here dcbane, you new?05:03
dcbanestill factory fresh05:03
dcbaneonly one owner05:03
pieter2627and milage?05:04
dcbane30 years05:04
pieter2627~22 * 365.25 * 23.75 hours05:04
dcbaneah, a spring chicken05:05
dcbaneenjoy the youth while you still have it05:05
pieter2627thanks man, i'll05:05
dcbaneah typical...05:05
* dcbane gives Trixar_za a swift kick in the kernel05:05
inetprogood mornings08:40
pieter2627hello Squirm inetpro08:59
Kiloshi inetpro pieter2627 and all others09:54
pieter2627hallo Kilos09:56
SquirmHeya Kilos10:13
Kiloshi Squirm 10:18
mazalOom Kilos !!11:21
Kiloshi mazal warm genoeg vir jou?12:32
Kilosskuus ek het geslaap12:33
mazalGoed om oom te sien :) Hoe gaanit ?12:35
Kilosgoed dankie seun en by jou12:37
Kilosjy was lank weg ne12:37
mazalGaan ok dankie oom12:39
mazalMoet eers gaan , lekker aand12:44
Kilosjy ook dankie12:44
theblazehenSup guys. This heat is killing me...13:18
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Kiloshi superfly inetpro gremble dupingping Guest79630 Sxuza and others17:55
Kilosand theblazehen 17:56
theblazehenHi Kilos 17:56
Sxuzahey Kilos  :)17:56
Sxuzaits been a while since i was here 17:56
Sxuzaltns 17:56
Kilosas long as you keep coming back you are fotrgiven17:57
Kilosim still gonna retire when we hit 50 peeps here17:58
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Kilosdcbane welcome to ubuntu-za18:01
dcbaneoh for crying out loud.... he's worse than on gig...18:02
* dcbane dunks Trixar_za's head in a flushing toilet18:02
dcbaneyeh, trixxo and I go way back18:09
dcbaneonly reason I'm in this channel18:09
dcbanethough seeing Squirm around is a bonus18:09
Kilosyou know Trixar_za 18:10
Kiloshes afk atm18:10
Kilossigh nets sick tonight18:14
dcbanehe's always afk18:16
dcbanehence the flushing head treatment18:16
inetprogood evening18:30
magespawngood evening18:53
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