zequenceUSC to be replaces by Gnome's "Software"13:16
zequence"Software" has a whole new way of updating the system. The updates are installed during a restart, rather while logged in. 13:17
DalekSec...So they require you to restart more?13:17
zequenceIf you use it13:17
zequenceI know some people mess up their systems cause they interrupted an update13:18
zequenceEasily fixed for someone like us, but not for a greenie13:18
DalekSecSo back to windows days where if you update your browser you need to restart and restarting takes forever due to installing updates?13:18
zequenceI once earned some money helping a guy doing an update from the TTY since he was not able to login graphically because of an interrupted update13:19
zequenceHe had called a lot of businesses in town. All of them said, reinstall13:20
zequenceWas a standard Ubuntu install13:20
zequenceNot sure if "software" is the way to go, but I would at least add some auto-recovery thing that happens when you boot, and the system realizes an update had been interrupted13:21
DalekSecdpkg can recover from a lot of stuff, actually.  Just have to hit it hard enough.  Yeeeah, I'm not fond of Windows style updates, doesn't matter too much since I won't be using it either way, but still.13:22
zequenceSure, dpkg works fine, if the user knows how to use it. Shouldn't be too hard to add a script that checks and fixes during boot13:23

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