* Unit193 scratches head...08:21
flocculantpour quoi?08:27
bluesabrepossible solution for our default templates, http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-xenial-scratchpad11:46
bluesabreand other first-time run activities11:47
bluesabrealso, morning flocculant 11:50
flocculanthi bluesabre :)11:52
flocculantI couldn't think of any other ones we'd need 11:55
bluesabreflocculant: as far as templates?12:01
bluesabremaybe plain text12:02
flocculantbluesabre: yea I guess so - I forget the empty doc isn't really anything12:06
Unit193...And it got sponsored anyway, incorrectly closing that bug.16:36
=== dkessel_ is now known as dkessel
DezponiaSo help me out with some confirmation bias here guys. I've been tasked by work to setup a bunch of old computers with GNU/Linux for a charity. The machines are of varying age and performance but most are from the Vista/early win7 days. They should preferably have the same distro on them so the people using them only need to learn 1 system. They must be easy to maintain for years since no one with much GNU/Linux experiance can 18:21
Dezponiabe expected to help them out (often)18:21
DezponiaSo far I'm think Xubuntu might be a good fit since it should be a solid base with an LTS release and still fit the more light weight machines18:21
knomeDezponia, this would be a better question for #xubuntu 18:24
knomeDezponia, or #xubuntu-offtopic18:24
Dezponiaknome: Was about to say. I just joined this channel because its what was referenced on the Xubuntu community page18:24
DezponiaNo mention of the other channels that I could see :)18:25
knomeDezponia, which page?18:25
DezponiaReached by just clicking the "The Community" link at the top18:25
knomeDezponia, ok...18:26
Dezponiaknome: I suppose the "Help & Support" tab would've made more sense now that I look it over18:26
Dezponiaknome: There the correct channels are listed .Thanks anyway, off I go to those channels :)18:27
knomeyeah, but maybe we need to rethink the website too18:27
knomegood luck18:27
knome(and see you there)18:27
ochosievening all20:05
knomehello ochosi 20:06
ochosijust looking at the template stuff bluesabre put down20:08
ochosiweird, i don't get my remote locations in the open-file dialog anymore in wily20:18
ochosireally strange20:18
ochosihave any of you noticed that? specifically: i have some ssh locations that used to show up there after being mounted in thunar20:20
dkesselbluesabre: i like the idea. Added a little detail thing that came to my mind20:20
flocculantevening ochosi 20:25
ochosihey flocculant 20:33
flocculantochosi: rested I trust - for a little while :)20:41
ochosiyeah, for a little while only though ;)20:41
Unit193Noskcaj: I see you are around now, note that mousepad fix didn't fix the issue.21:05
NoskcajUnit193, bug 1472690 ?21:09
ubottubug 1472690 in mousepad (Ubuntu) "Mousepad crashes when setting tab width > 32" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147269021:09
Unit193Noskcaj: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/05/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t06:3221:11
NoskcajUnit193, I'll try to fix that in the next few days21:17
ochosiNoskcaj: you could also comment on the bugreport and reopen it, for clarity21:46
ranuLong time no see :>22:36
ranunighty guys22:36
ranuDon't bother with me knome, I'm just excited to be on IRC again22:49
bluesabreevening all23:55

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