TrollerI  have a virus Exe here with me anyone knows a way to read what the virus does?00:25
knomeTroller, no.00:32
totushow do you do?01:06
totusI was trying to make it work under xubuntu 15.1001:07
xubuntu162How do I enable adobe flash on mozilla so I can video chat?01:48
JohnnyComeL8lyWhich website are you using?01:49
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, Ok.01:51
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, have you tried using html5 options?01:52
JohnnyComeL8ly(Those are preferable.)01:53
xubuntu162I'm afraid I am super new to Linux and don't know much01:54
JohnnyComeL8lyHey, at least you are here!01:54
JohnnyComeL8ly5th version of HTML01:55
xubuntu162yeah, trying to learn01:55
xubuntu162How do I check my version?01:55
JohnnyComeL8lyJust a min. Have to take care of something.  (You don't have to check your version.)01:55
xubuntu162ah... k. Thanks for helping01:56
xubuntu162tried to get adobe download but I can't remember how to get stuff. I need practice :/02:00
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, I'm back.02:00
xubuntu162oh hey02:01
JohnnyComeL8lyLong time no chat, huh?02:01
xubuntu162Oh, you have no idea02:01
xubuntu162I haven't IRC chatted since the 90's02:02
xubuntu162Was a Windows guy all the way up until 2 months ago02:02
xubuntu162had a buddy at work install Linux on this laptop02:02
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, this should get you started. http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/install-fresh-player-plugin-in-ubuntu.html02:03
xubuntu162still trying to remember how to download stuff/make stuff work02:03
JohnnyComeL8lyI did this, but I don't use Flash for 98% of what I do.02:04
xubuntu162got it... I am only trying to use it this once for a doctor consult02:05
xubuntu162in 40 min02:05
JohnnyComeL8lyThis should only take 10 min max.02:06
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, what step are you on?02:06
xubuntu162Just reading where it says it won't work for Firefox users02:07
JohnnyComeL8lyAh, but it does. ;-)02:07
JohnnyComeL8lyfresh player is a wrapper for pepperflash.02:08
Unit193In Ubuntu wily+, browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash+adobe-flashplugin02:09
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, just scroll down to "1. Install Fresh Player Plugin in Ubuntu (via PPA), by using the following commands:"02:09
JohnnyComeL8lyUnit193, I'm not sure what you mean.02:09
Unit193!info browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash02:10
Unit193!info adobe-flashplugin partner02:10
ubottubrowser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash (source: freshplayerplugin): PPAPI-host NPAPI-plugin adapter for pepperflash. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.3.2-1 (wily), package size 218 kB, installed size 611 kB02:10
ubottuadobe-flashplugin (source: adobe-flashplugin): Adobe Flash Player plugin. In component main, is optional. Version 1:20151016.2-0vivid1 (partner), package size 9228 kB, installed size 31306 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:10
Unit193That is to say, just get the packages from the real repos, don't use PPAs for what you already can install.02:11
xubuntu162OK I just put it into my termial and it said it worked?02:12
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, I see now.02:12
JohnnyComeL8lyI made a booboo.02:12
Unit193(I don't like webupd8 PPAs, quantity over quality.)02:12
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, Um, just use "sudo apt-get remove freshplayerplugin"02:14
JohnnyComeL8lyThen, "sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8"02:15
JohnnyComeL8lyAnd then, "sudo apt update"02:15
xubuntu162unable to locate package freshplayer02:16
JohnnyComeL8lyand finally, "sudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash"02:16
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu162, I have to go... mom says.02:18
xubuntu162 Unable to locate package browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash02:19
Guest11563can someone her help me with an wireless internet issue?02:19
xubuntu162Oh... Bye Johnny02:19
JohnnyComeL8lyUnit193, did xubuntu162 get help?03:33
Unit193JohnnyComeL8ly: He quit shortly after you did.03:40
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, bummer.03:40
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nikolamHmm, seems like pulseaudio , init and indicator-sound does not die after user logout (Was logged in via Teamviewer)07:14
nikolamaptitud eupdate says: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)07:15
nikolamE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/07:15
nikolamaand there is apt-get having a lock on /var/lib/apt/lists/lock07:16
nikolamI can only guess apt=get got frozen because user was doing standby instead of shutting down07:17
nikolamThat machine has problems shutting down07:17
Unit193Or cron'd apt-get update.07:18
nikolamit wasn't doing anythin gon top07:18
nikolamhmm, aptitude update says.. connecting to archive.ubuntu.com .. and stays there...07:20
nikolamsame with apt-get update, it says connecting to archive.ubuntu.com , finds IP and just holds there...07:21
nikolamit continued now07:23
nikolamlow speed but..07:23
Unit193Use a local mirror?07:24
nikolamI sort of remember setting main server intensionally07:24
nikolamlocal mirror used to be not in sync in previous years and that caused problems07:24
nikolamnow holding again on aptitude update on archive.ubutu.com...07:25
Unit193I use us.archive.ubuntu.com for example.07:28
flocculantI use main - which is about 80 miles from me - it's slow as molasses today07:29
nikolamI know I change it to main, because local mirror kept not being in sync in previous years for some reason07:29
flocculantso it *might* well just be slow atm07:29
Unit193nikolam: Ah, wasn't sure if you meant the Canonical or public mirror.07:30
nikolamI am not sure if regional/national mirrors ara managed by canonical, I think they are not07:31
Unit193The ones that have *.archive.ubuntu.com certainly are, for example the us one is: AS41231 Canonical Ltd  in Boston.07:33
nikolamI used to have bad experiences with amny users with locals Serbian mirror in years before, people used to end up in weird and broken package states so I started recommending uing main one07:45
nikolamworth checking out on LoCo etc07:45
Unit193There's also local mirrors: http://mirrors.ubuntu.com/ and status info: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors07:47
nikolamyeah, there seems to be no national mirror Atm, it points to Brasil mirror07:59
nikolamHuh interesting , it does not want to shutdown with sudo shutdown -P now08:35
nikolamit just doesnt shuts down..08:38
declowHey can anyone help me understand whats going on wih my laptop. I've have been using xubuntu 15.10 on my laptop for a week or so. But after a update nothing worked. Drivers for wifi was gone usb did not work. My GPU drivers was gone but removeing the linux kernel and going back to 3.19 fixed all of this. Any idea what the problem might be?10:12
knomedeclow, sounds like either the drivers or your hardware do not work with the newer kernel - just use the old one11:02
declowOkay it's kinda strange I have never had a problem like this before. But whatever I will just keep using 3.19 then11:21
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RQhi! I have a problem, and hope that it can be helped. In XFCE power manager, I have set the system to ask me what to do when I press the power button. It works, but there's an ugly exception: if my screen is locked when I press the button, the system just shuts down. Is there a way to disable this misbehavior?12:48
pjotterI recently upgraded form xfce 4.10 to 4.12 in 14.04. But now some applications (especially the dialogs) seem to have some kind of weird black and white theme. Does anyone know what is up with that?12:54
cfhowlettpjotter, try a different theme;12:54
pjotterI already did. The black and white theme stays the same.12:54
pjotterI observe this behaviour in mousepad for instance. If I open the open dialog, all icons are suddenly black and white.12:55
RQscreenshots are welcome :)12:57
pjotterRQ: where can I upload the screenshot?13:22
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yoLo_i need help with something15:02
yoLo_i have a 20GB space15:02
yoLo_i'm trying to install ubuntu but i get a No root file system is defined15:03
yoLo_the space was 120GB and i allocated 20GB for ubuntu which is now marked as free space15:04
evandrojrI use SUPER key (windows key) to pop up the whisker menu. However, when I use SUPER + F it will also open thunar and the whisker menu at the same time. It would be better to open just thunar.16:40
evandrojrIs there a way to fix that behavior?16:41
flocculantevandrojr: perhaps do what I do - I have whisker open with Super Right16:41
evandrojrThat is a nice workaround, but is not the ideal solution :(16:43
flocculantpossibly not - not sure how you're going to tell the system that Super is only Super if you don't use another key - or the reverse of that16:44
flocculantwait and see if someone else can tell you how to do that16:44
evandrojrThanks flocculant!16:44
flocculantwelcome - ftr - I scratched my head with that for a while :)16:45
evandrojrI will save my brain and use your workaround16:48
evandrojrI developed a ruby script that monitors a directory for mkv avi and mp4 files. When a new file arrives it will download the subtitles in ANY different languages for that movie and make a symlink for your favorite language.16:51
evandrojrThe only thing is that it does not work when I add it to session / start programs . I will have to add it to my rc.local16:53
evandrojrDoes anyone has a clue it does not work when I set it at  session / start programs?16:54
evandrojrDoes it log somewhere?16:55
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DezponiaSo help me out with some confirmation bias here guys. I've been tasked by work to setup a bunch of old computers with GNU/Linux for a charity. The machines are of varying age and performance but most are from the Vista/early win7 days. They should preferably have the same distro on them so the people using them only need to learn 1 system. They must be easy to maintain for years since no one with much GNU/Linux experiance can be18:28
Dezponiaexpected to help them out (often). So far I'm think Xubuntu might be a good fit since it should be a solid base with an LTS release and still fit the more light weight machines.18:28
knomeabout what level of resources the machines have?18:29
Dezponia1-2GB RAM, Atoms, Pentiums (from the core 2 era), Core 2 Duos and one Core i5 that I belive is from the sandybridge generation (havent had time to look over that machine yet)18:30
DezponiaSo quite a wide range of hardware. One of them is the original ASUS EeePC I think18:30
knomesome of the eeepc's at least would struggle with xubuntu18:31
DezponiaThere are some others I havent had time to look over as well but in that range18:31
knomeor at least, wouldn't be very comfortable to use18:32
Dezponiaknome: Well thats the bottom of the spectrum, everything else should be faster so if one of them is a big slow I think people can live with it18:32
Dezponiais a bit*18:32
knomeif you have 1GB+ RAM, then it should be pretty good18:32
DezponiaIts probably more important to have a unified experiance18:32
DezponiaI think they all do18:32
knomeyeah, i agree, i've just used an eeepc with xubuntu, and that wasn't fun18:32
knomewhen are you about to set them up?18:33
DezponiaPretty much whenever I get a free timeslot at work or if I feel like doing it at my free time (its a fun project and work is not charging them for it anyway). I took a few of them home with me to look over today and get started so hopefully right now18:34
knomeif you are about to use xubuntu, then i'd wait until 16.04 is out if possible18:34
knomethat's in 5 months18:34
Dezponiaknome: Yeah I figured :P18:34
knomei understand that might be a bit too much...18:34
knome14.04 is only supported until 2017, so you have about 1,5 years with it18:35
Dezponiaknome: And yeah I was sort of hoping to have a fresh LTS to work with but thats not going to happen I think. They need the machines sort of soon at least18:35
DezponiaAlso I've noticed a problematic behavior on earlier machines I've setup with Xubuntu in the past. Old kernels are not removed if the machine is set to auto-update which tends to fill their /boot and make them unable to install or upgrade anything. Thats a real usability problem18:36
DezponiaThats not really inspiring confidence in setting them up for extended periods without someone familiar with the system to fix that18:36
mrkrampsDezponia, you may setup a cron job for handling this issue18:36
Dezponiamrkramps: Yeah I can, just seems to be such an obvious oversight. I've never seen any other distro do that except Ubuntu :P18:37
mrkrampsbut you're right, they should finally provide a solution for old kernels18:38
knomehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/345588/what-is-the-safest-way-to-clean-up-boot-partition/430944#430944 <- at the end of that comment, see the part about unattended upgrades and the apt config18:40
Dezponiaknome: The tip at the bottom there looks to be what I'm after for this scenario. Thanks!18:41
knomeof course, as always, note that this might introduce other problems...18:43
Dezponiaknome: Whats the worse that can happen? :P18:43
Dezponiaknome: Nah but i know. At least this COULD cause problems while the /boot 100% issue WILL happen without it18:44
DezponiaSo pick your poison I guess :)18:44
flocculantDezponia: the /boot issue only affects if you use encrypted iirc - not sure if you're doing that18:48
flocculantit uses an ext2 partition for /boot18:48
Dezponiaflocculant: I dont encrypt. Still happening18:50
flocculantperhaps it's lvm that does it then18:51
Dezponiaflocculant: Whats supposed to happen? I just using the auto partioning for those installs18:54
flocculantok - so it's not the /boot with encrypt and/or lvm then :)18:56
flocculantthat's where /boot is set to ~260Mb18:56
knomeDezponia, i don't know; if i knew, then that could be probably be avoided and we didn't need disclaimers like this :)18:57
Sid__hello team19:23
Sid__happy diwali19:23
Sid__need a small help19:23
Sid__with Xubuntu on Virtual machine19:23
Sid__VirtualBox is the tool i am using19:23
Sid__and i am not able to connect my USB external disk19:23
Sid__getting error verr_PDM_NO_USB_PORTS19:24
Sid__please advise19:24
Sid__thank you19:24
mrkrampsusb access enabled in vbox?19:24
Sid__i have added the virtual box addons19:24
mrkrampsis it usb 3.0?19:24
Sid__and there are 3 options, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.019:24
Sid__i selected 2.019:24
Sid__as my laptop doesn't have 3.0 ports19:24
mrkrampsguest additions installed?19:25
Sid__i followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xoHpIMPbIc19:25
Sid__if that's what u are reffering to.19:25
mrkrampshow many usb devices are connected?19:26
Sid__if i go to my VM -> Devices -> USB -> there are 4 which are shown19:26
Sid__2 unknown devices, 1 External disk and 1 2.4G wireless mouse receiver19:27
Sid__is there anymore information required, please advise and i will do my best to get it19:28
mrkrampshm, strange … the error message is about no finding a free usb port, but afaik the limit is greater than 4 (8? 12? or something)19:28
mrkrampsusb hub in use?19:29
Sid__i need some guidence to find this info :(19:29
mrkrampsa usb hub is just a simple device to attach multiple devices to one usb port … like a switch19:30
mrkrampsso i guess, you're not using one ^^19:30
Sid__well no19:31
Sid__i like to keep things simple, :D19:31
mrkrampsSid__, but your host system is recognizing the usb disk?19:34
Sid__yes, but once i select VM -> Devices -> USB -> external disk19:35
Sid__it doesn't show in my computer19:35
mrkrampswhat kind of host system - in terms of operating system - are you running?19:36
Sid__windows 7 64 bit19:38
Sid__Guest Xubuntu wily version19:39
mrkrampsSid__, have you tested other usb devices? like a storage stick?19:40
Sid__let me check and get back @ you19:41
Sid__right now the guest OS is switched off.19:41
Sid__is there some setting u want me to change?19:41
mrkrampsactually not19:41
mrkrampsyou boot the guest an try if it recognize other usb devices19:41
Sid__doing that19:42
Sid__will advise shortly19:42
Sid__USB pen drive worked19:44
Sid__USB external Hard disk didn't :(19:44
mrkrampsok, so it is not a general issue19:45
mrkrampsenable the usb 3.0 support, reboot guest and connect the external drive19:45
Sid__Also i realized 2 other issues... 1) screen resolution isn't 1366*76819:46
Sid__2) no sound19:46
Sid__let me complete this usb issue19:47
Sid__GOD BLESS UR SOUL!!! IT worked19:48
Sid__i realized the case was USB 3.019:49
Sid__hence the issue19:49
Sid__USB is working19:49
Sid__now the other 2 issues.. screen resolution and No sound19:49
knomeSid__, i'm rejoicing with you, but please do not use enter as punctuation19:49
Sid__I am using IRC first time in my life. so sorry for any trouble caused. will remember this.19:50
knomeno problem19:50
knomedid you install the guest additions? after you did that, you can change your resolution to what you wish19:50
Sid__i did install the guest addition tools.. by following the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xoHpIMPbIc19:51
Sid__I am seeing all the resolutions except 1366*76819:51
knomewhy do you need that exact resolution?19:54
Sid__full screen according to my laptop resolution19:55
knomewhy don't you just maximise the virtualbox window?19:55
Sid__it isn't the full screen. Maximizing has 2 grey vertical bars19:58
Sid__maximizing the virtualbox i mean19:58
knomethen go into the full screen mode19:58
mrkrampsSid__, how much video memory is assigned for the guest os?20:00
Sid__128 MB20:01
mrkrampsok, should be enough then20:02
Sid__hmm.. i am trying re-install the guest additions20:06
Sid__maybe i might have missed a step or two20:06
mrkrampsSid__, reinstall from command and check for errors20:06
mrkrampssudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x1120:06
mrkrampssudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox-guest-x1120:07
Sid__first command let me know that it is already  the newest version20:09
Sid__second command gave a warning. warning message - start and stop actions are no longer supported; falling back to defaults20:10
mrkrampsbut the second command reinstalled the package?20:10
Sid__it unpacked the package, processed some triggers and then gave me the aforementioned warning..20:11
Sid__and waiting for me to give commands20:12
Sid__my VM has come with a guest Additions ISO file. which i can mount. is there any thing i can do to use that to install guest additions on my Xubuntu20:16
mrkrampsSid__, reboot guest os and check if there's any improvement20:16
Sid__ok, mrkramps20:16
mrkrampsthen you may either try the guest additions from the iso file or try to add a custom resolution20:17
Sid__i noticed that when i am starting my Guest os (Xubuntu) i am getting error "VBoxClient : Failed to connect to the virtualBox kernel service, rc=VERR_ACCESS_DENIED'20:20
Sid__could this be the cause?20:21
mrkrampsSid__, probably you could try running the virtualbox client on windows host as administrator20:29
Sid__hmm.. let me try that20:29
mrkrampsSid__, otherwise try https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#idp4738498669230420:31
mrkrampsand always reboot the guest os to apply the changes20:31
Sid__i always power off the guest OS20:32
Sid__anyways logining as admin didn't help20:32
Sid__as it is showing the same issues20:33
dragon76how to connect to this IRC channel via Pidgin? What's server name?20:33
Sid__however, i am seeing a CD icon on my xubuntu desktop20:33
Sid__and i am hoping this will solve the guest additions installation problem20:33
Picidragon76: chat.freenode.net, but be warned, pidgin is not a good irc client.20:34
Sid__only thing i am not understanding is how to execute the installtion from that CD..20:34
mrkrampsdragon76, the name of the server you want to connect to20:34
mrkrampsdragon76, use irc.freenode.net to connect to this netwerk we are currently on20:35
mrkrampsSid__, afaik you have to start cd installation of guest additions from the command line20:36
Sid__i managed to get it executing. i will update u guys..thank you20:38
dragon761Thanks, mrkramps20:38
dragon761it's work20:38
Sid__it seems i was in the wrong directory...20:39
dragon761I like xubuntu much more and more :)20:39
Sid__i want to learn more about it :) and I hope i will be able enough to contribute to this community20:40
mrkrampsSid__, concerning your sound card you may also try another virtual hardware from the audio settings20:41
Sid__Yes, now the issue of resolution is done..20:41
Sid__now to the sound. let me check what are the options presented by the Virtualbox20:41
dragon761how to remove application from Sound menu in task bar? gmusicbrowser exactly20:41
r007hy guys im new20:42
=== r007 is now known as Guest5688
dragon761hi! me too :)20:42
dragon761and other guys look at us and make LOL :)20:43
Sid__Ok Host audio driver options are Null Audio Driver & Windows DirectSound...... Audio Controller Options are Intel HD Audio, ICH AC97, SoundBlaster 1620:43
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Sid__currently i am using Windows DirectSound and Intel HD Audio20:44
r00dhay @dragon761 :) nice20:45
Sid__ok this combination is working20:49
Sid__Thank you mrKramps. u are the best :) greetings from India and happy diwali..20:50
mrkrampsyou'Re welcome!20:50
noodleslurphello.  while trying to install trillian in xubuntu 15.10, I have these unmet dependencies.  http://pastebin.com/xCWkyuCm  it worked in 15.04, should I just wait for it to be updated or something?20:52
Sid__BTW a quick question, u know how to remove the gmusicbrowser from the sound icon? like when i click it. it is present there20:52
drcSid__: Do you just want to remove GMB from the menu, or do you not use it/use something else?20:55
r00dcan i play dota 2 on xubuntu ?20:56
Sid__remove it completely20:56
Sid__and from the menu20:56
drcSid__: Un-installing it should remove it from the menu (did on my machine)20:57
Noskcajr00d, yes20:58
Sid__hmm.. I did uninstall but it is still present. may be a reboot will work :) let me check and advise20:59
drcmaybe just a logout?21:00
Sid__too late :P ... i am almost finished the restart process21:00
Sid__AH! now the GMP is not there21:01
Sid__thank you21:01
drcnp, enjoy21:01
r00dNoskcaj : what i need wine for that ?21:02
Noskcajr00d, no, dota will run on windows, linux, or OSX21:02
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r00dNoskcaj : wow its great i can play dota again :) thanks21:05
DezponiaHow is multimedia support in xubuntu out of the box (with the extra "fluendo mp3" box ticked during install). Anything more that should be added post-install to give it "complete" multimedia support?21:52
drcDezponia: I haven't found anything I wanted to play (audio or video) that I need anything extra.  No saying there aren't, I just never needed anything else.21:54
drcBut if you don't want to do it that way you could just wait until after and install xubuntu restricted extras, that works also.21:55
Dezponiadrc: Cursory glance at the installed gstreamer packages suggests the support is pretty fully fledged21:57
DezponiaNow I just need to load these machines up with a decent selection of free kid friendly games from the repos21:58
drcSounds like a plan.22:07
mrkrampssecret maryo chronicles22:08
Orioai was wondering if anyone could tell why i have an issue22:31
Orioathe problem is when i disable my onboard monitor i get a funky box near wereever my mouse is22:32

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