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natorioussmoser: is anyone meeting today?14:40
smosernatorious, bah14:49
smoseri'm not really supposed to be working14:49
smoserCanonical gets national holidays off14:49
natoriousright on.  So, I've been thinking about the state of things.  Perhaps getting moderator access would be helpful for progress on 2.014:50
smosermoderator access? natorious ?14:55
natoriousso I can help contribute to others merge requests in gerrit.  I have some other merge requests to push up still too.  Did a bit of work around adding a subprocess check_output derivative and started on some network_config for linux14:59
natoriousI'd also broke out some distro namespaces on a branch to get that going14:59
natoriousI'm not sure their would be immediate gain but, at least I could add value to promoting dev help on the project15:02
natoriousalso did a bit of work getting windows to detect config drive partitions using ctypes from stdlib15:08
natoriousall those more or less depend on the two merge requests that are already in so if there is something needed w/ them, do let me know15:09
manuqhi, if a cloud-config yaml has runcmd and packages, are packages installed before or after the commands?19:11
manuqI have packages: - git and runcmd: - git clone ...19:12
manuqI better switch to cloud-init bash script?19:13
natoriousmanuq: it depends on the order you have them defined in your /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg file19:19
natoriousthe default upstream config has package-update-upgrade-install running before runcmd19:20
natoriousbut, there is also bootcmd which runs before them as part of early boot19:20
natoriousI'd think you'd get better results from using the cloud-init modules than just passing in a bash script content file19:21
natoriousbut if your not into leveraging all the other modules and only need to run simple commands, that might be a better option19:22
manuqnatorious, that's an excellent answer, thanks19:23
natoriousmost of the distros should have the same upstream ordering but, its possible that the package creator could change it19:23

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