mparilloKinfocenter reports Plasma 5.4.300:05
mparilloNo obvious breakage.00:05
mparillowxl: Do you have corrections for the wire post?00:06
wxlmparillo: change the kubuntu-ppa link from bugs.launchpad.net to launchpad.net :)00:07
mparilloGood catch, thanks.00:08
wxlnp. thank YOU :)00:08
mparillowxl: But the link refers to reporting bugs in the packaging.00:13
sgclarkmparillo: released 5.4.3 to backports if you can write up on wire and whatnot, when you can of course.00:34
mparilloTY. I am still confused on my link to bugs, because that is where we want to report them if they are packaging?00:35
ahoneybunsoooo sgclark what do I do?00:35
sgclarkmparillo: wily that is.00:35
sgclarkahoneybun: I will look when I can. doing a million things.00:36
ahoneybunno no 00:36
sgclarkmparillo: I think pehaps make it more clear that that is a link for bug reporting and not the repository.00:36
ahoneybunif 5.4.3 is in backports what do I do with the staging00:36
sgclarkinstructions are on my site. basically you want to ppa-purge after testing.00:37
sgclarkadd backports if it is not already.00:37
ahoneybundone, thanks sgclark00:43
ahoneybunsgclark: what is our timezone diff?00:43
sgclark3 hours00:43
ahoneybuntomorrow I'm off 00:44
ahoneybunif we could work on KApps 15.08.300:44
shadeslayersgclark: btw plasma-workspace needs some fixing00:44
shadeslayersgclark: http://dci.pangea.pub/job/plasma/job/plasma-workspace_binary_unstable/arch=amd64/116/console00:44
shadeslayerin case you can work on it, if not, I can get to it tomorrow00:44
sgclarkahoneybun: running apps now.00:44
shadeslayer( FWIW I think KCI is not being on worked on thes days actively )00:45
sgclarkshadeslayer: I am trying but so much is borked at this point.00:45
shadeslayersgclark: that failiure is from ksld being split00:45
shadeslayersgclark: right, would recommend just looking at DCI00:45
shadeslayerfor core stuff00:45
sgclarkshadeslayer: ok thank you00:45
shadeslayera little less borked than KCI since I've been trying to not let the red count go up00:45
shadeslayerit won't catch QA things, but lets get things building first00:46
sgclarklol yes, that is a good start00:46
ahoneybunthank you very much sgclark and shadeslayer00:46
ahoneybunmm and the monitor works now01:01
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claydohsgclark: re your blog announcement, shouldn't the title say "kubuntu-backports" instead of "wily-backports"? I only say this from past experience in what people read and see, lol!01:18
sgclarkclaydoh: ahh ok, I just wanted to make sure folks know it is only Wily. Kubuntu is in the title.01:19
sgclarkI can add kubuntu I guess01:20
claydohI know, but some will see it as the wily-backports  lol, there is probably n o good way to say it01:20
sgclark KDE 5.4.3 Bugfix release Available now for Wily in Kubuntu Backports. ok? claydoh01:21
claydohperfect ;) thank you for the awseomeness you bring ;)01:22
* claydoh was very recently describing all the different ppas and official component01:23
* claydoh is sure it was confusing to them01:23
sgclarkconfuses me haha01:23
valorievery cool that you are going to Munich, sgclark02:55
valorieRiddell: perhaps the KC can ask you to be "treasurer" or something?02:56
valorieso you have a Title or so02:56
sgclarkwill be a very busy weekend02:56
sgclarkvalorie: ubuntu community funding request submitted03:04
valoriethanks to all who are making this event happen03:06
Riddellvalorie: that's a good idea09:06
sittersgclark: seems you angered the merger? :P09:08
lordievaderGood morning.09:49
* nluxton waves09:53
sitteryofel, sgclark: http://kci.pangea.pub/view/xenial/10:44
sitterplease tell me if or when you want vivid to be nuked10:44
sittercurrently it would CI all three series10:44
clivejositter: nice one :)10:47
yofelsitter: unless sgclark vetoes, now. I don't care about vivid anymore10:53
sitterPPA exceeded its size limit (19531.00 of 16384.00 MiB). Ask a question in https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/ if you need more space.11:12
sitterguess I'll be wiping it now :P11:12
wgrantsitter: Which PPA? :)11:12
sitterwgrant: kubuntu-ci/unstable AND kubuntu-ci/unstable-daily AND kubuntu-ci/unstable-weekly11:13
wgrantGood lord!11:13
sitterah, they got Qt5.5 landed11:13
sitterI guess that would push them over11:13
wgrantsitter: All fixed so you don't have to wait a few hours for them to clear.11:14
sitterwgrant: thank you <311:14
sitteryofel: I think we should drop the weekly PPAs btw11:14
sitterseeing as they involve(d) human QA they never got a lot of updates and were always outdated for all but one version11:15
yofelI'll leave that up to you guys, I never used any of the -daily/weekly archives. Daily is useful with the bit of QA it has, weekly probably not, right11:18
sitterdaily is out of date as well since kdepim decides to not fix ABI breaks btw11:18
sittercore requirement is that all jobs at least aren't red, which they all are thanks to ABI breakage :/11:19
soee_sgclark: thanks for 5.4.3 release11:36
sitterok looking good11:39
* yofel needs to start making notes for the CI to talk about in munich..11:50
RidgewingHi saw this review: http://www.hecticgeek.com/2015/11/ubuntu-15-10-flavors-comparison/11:56
clivejoRidgewing: I wonder is that with the bluz bug?12:08
clivejo52.6 seems a bit long?12:12
clivejoI also noted that, from the GRUB menu, Kubuntu 15.10 took about 20-22 seconds before it started to run the display-manage12:13
yofelaccoring to the hardware specs he mentioned, the bluez thing shouldn't affect him12:26
ghostcubesince systemd ubuntu starts slower12:28
ghostcubeblame mr. poettering12:28
jmuxwell - the long bluez timeout of the network manager was independant of having BT hardware. Already patched upstring, now running BT detection async.12:34
yofeljmux: patched in wily-updates as well since yesterday. 12:42
yofelbut IIRC it only affected users without or disabled BT interfaces12:43
yofelregarding startup speed with systemd: Yes, it's slower, but the difference is so small that it really isn't that much of a problem12:44
jmuxWell - we'll be switching from 12.04 to 14.04 next year - systemd problems won't hit us before 2018...12:45
yofelconsider yourself happy12:47
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Ridgewingclivejo, Which one is the bluz bug ? https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=bluz13:33
=== bruno-RDD is now known as Wiz-TDD
mparilloRidgewing: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35423013:39
ubottuKDE bug 354230 in general "Blocking calls from PlasmaNM to BlueZ for 30s" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:39
mparilloGood discussion on KFN, real answers start around here: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?69153-Plasma-long-loading-after-login&p=380979&viewfull=1#post38097913:40
mparilloNote that things have been much better for me, but I am mostly on the daily build now.13:40
Ridgewingmparillo: It says that it's closed. Is this is case of 'closed' but not forgotten ?13:42
mparilloIt means it is fixed upstream. So, the distros need to package the fix.13:43
santa_hi everyone13:43
mparilloI believe Kubuntu has (not because I know the Launchpad bug off-hand), but because my boot times have greatly improved.13:44
Ridgewinggootta go .. don't believe it santa.13:45
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yofelpeople wouldn't need to believe if they would read the bug comments ^^13:57
mparilloyofel: Sorry, now I scrolled to the bottom of the BKO, I see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-nm/+bug/150933414:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509334 in plasma-nm "[sru] plasma-nm blocks temporarily on startup w/o bluetooth device – KDE/Plasma very slow to launch (Kubuntu 15.10)" [Medium,Fix released]14:01
BluesKajHiyas all14:10
sgclarkgood morning14:22
BluesKaj'Morning sg14:23
BluesKajsgclark, :-)14:23
sgclarkyeah I did a booboo sitter. unfortunately it was late too. Here to fix now though. Please nuke Vivid.14:24
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yofelDoes someone know where the Feedback column on Trello came from and what it's used for?14:38
sgclarkno clue14:40
=== mck182___ is now known as mck182|brb
howlymowlyhi everyone..   short question:   regaridng this message here:   http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=42414:42
howlymowlywhy does a "bugfix" release not come to the normal stable repositories?14:43
yofelbecause our scripts are missing the required functionality right now. Will follow in a week or two14:43
howlymowlyahh ok ..  so ill get 5.4.3 also without adding backports?14:44
yofelyes, but you might have to wait... a while14:44
howlymowlyyofel: thx i was just interested in the procedure :)14:45
howlymowlybetter wait some time than having too many bugs ;)14:45
yofelsitter: is kubotu lying around somewhere or did the code get deleted (or something)?14:51
yofelQuintasan: should https://trello.com/c/1zKvQUph/17-package-and-get-ksuperkey-available-by-default still be assigned to you? Any update on it from your side?15:04
sitteryofel: I don't appear to have access to ubottu.com anymore15:09
yofelaah, drat15:10
sitteror maybe I am just doing it wrong xd15:10
sitterdoesn't like me15:10
sitterperhaps that server imploded at some point?15:10
sitterwould also epxlain why kubotu is not here considering I setup a cron to bring it up on startup15:10
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ahoneybunyofel: the feedback was from Kubuntu Promo for the website15:16
joseMamarok: ping!15:37
yofelahoneybun: does that still need it's own column? If it's just untriaged todo items then put them into the backlog15:41
ahoneybunit was for feedback that people left about the website during its dev15:42
yofelriiight, can't that just be tagged as "website, feedback"  or so?15:44
yofelwe have the backlog column for stuff where we don't know if it makes sense or whether we really want to do it, so the extra column feels out of place to me15:45
yofelBut if you consider it important then leave it15:45
ahoneybunI think we can just use tags15:45
ahoneybunto keep it a bit more clean15:46
josesgclark: hey, have a min for a quick PM?15:47
sgclarkjose: sure thing15:47
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santa_yofel: what's going on with debian merges?16:55
yofelsanta_: just the regular we-started-a-new-release-cycle-and-need-to-sync-with-debian merge16:56
yofelsanta_: https://trello.com/c/TCAk2U9J/71-debian-merges16:56
yofelsanta_: do you have a place where you track TODO's for the automation stuff?16:59
santa_yofel: nope, but right now I think it already has the minimal functionality to work decently17:00
santa_ftr I have just used it for siduction/plasma5.4.3 and works17:02
yofelok, then we can maybe try to generate the wily SRU packages using that17:03
santa_hmm, not sure it will work out of the box for that but I could tweak whatever has to be changed17:03
santa_I think right now it could be used for xenial + staging, but it's untested17:04
yofelnot sure as I haven't checked how scarlett generated the first set. But at least the versions and changelog need fixing for that17:04
yofelxenial wasn't done either, but that's stuck on a broken packageset for now17:05
sgclarkI just used the old scripts hacked to use backports branch.17:05
sgclarkhave not touched xenial due to we need to do merges17:06
yofelaah ok17:06
yofelso if wily_archive wasn't touched this should be fairly easy17:06
sgclarknope was not touched17:06
santa_ok, may I work with clivejo on xenial?17:07
yofelwell sure, but nobody will be able to upload it17:07
sgclarkwork with what?17:07
santa_getting plasma 5.4.3 and apps .3 on xenial17:08
sgclarkthough I HAVE to work with my KDE hat on a bit today, that to do list is mounting.17:08
yofela lot of packages are missing from our packageset, so nobody here currently has full upload permissions for plasma17:08
yofeland fixing that is non-trivial because of germinate17:08
sgclarkI was under the impression we were going to work on the beta releases there...17:08
sgclarkwhat is the point of doing a point release on xenial?17:08
yofelyes, but for the .3 SRU to be uploaded to wily it first has to be in xenial17:08
yofelthat's policy17:09
sgclarkI see17:09
santa_hmm, let me check the current versions then17:09
sgclarknm santa_ seems I have some policy reading to do. 5.4.3 on xenial it is17:09
yofelhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure point 117:10
sgclarkthanks yofel17:10
yofelit's simple: never upload something to -updates that has a higher version than the one in the dev release17:11
santa_ok, so what to do now?17:12
yofelbut also note: never upload something to -updates that contains changes meant for the dev release (which is why the packages currently in backports only qualify for backports)17:12
yofelalthough, you might not have done that17:12
santa_one thing we could do is merging the current kubuntu_wily_backports branches into kubuntu_xenial_archive and work from there17:13
yofel*sigh* didn't someone want to get new hardware for moszumanska? :/17:15
santa_I can help patching broken merges if that's needed, and I have the impression that clive is also available to do that17:15
yofelwould be an idea, I hope to have the packageset fixed until the weekend17:16
yofelyou will have to merge stuff as there are already xenail changes in the repo17:17
santa_no prob, I will try to have a look soon17:18
sgclarkyofel: afaik I did not upload anythinng meant for dev release.17:19
yofelok, I just assumed so because that's what "backports" usually means17:20
yofelworkflow chaos XD17:20
sgclarksorry. I really have much to learn.17:21
yofelwell, that's normal. I think the last time we did proper SRUs was trusty, and you weren't around much back then17:22
yofel(hence why staging-upload has a huge commented-out code block that nobody ever bothered to finish)17:22
yofelthe complicated part is that the SRU team doesn't like no-change rebuilds, and a large part of that code is the detection for that17:23
sgclarkthat makes sense. think debian is the same in that17:25
sgclarkand yeah trusty is when I first started on this adventure17:25
sgclarkso really xenial will be my first LTS17:26
sgclarkfun fun17:26
yofeloooooh, scarlett for CC. voted :D17:34
sgclarklol the secret is out. That is reason I could not KC17:34
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soeesgclark: how is the apps building going ?21:07
sgclarkready to test! soee21:08
soeealeady  ? :)21:08
sgclarklol just hit the publish on blog post21:08
sgclarkyep, bugfix releases usually do not have tons of major changes21:08
sgclarkmy kmail works once again. woot21:09
ahoneybunin the backport or staging?21:09
ahoneybunsgclark: 21:10
sgclarkstaging, needs testing first21:10
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information21:10
soeesgclark: installing21:10
ahoneybununless staging disabled for me I dont have them yet21:11
ahoneybunor the chance to upgrade21:11
ahoneybunI have the plasma one21:11
sgclarkyeah it is best practice to add and remove those ppas as needed or things can explode21:12
sgclarkof course I love exploding desktops21:12
mparilloKDE Apps in staging for Wily?21:12
sgclarklearn lots getting it functional again lol21:12
ahoneybunI don't lol21:12
sgclarkmparillo: correct21:12
* ahoneybun removes staging plasma21:13
sgclarkI dont really either haha21:13
sgclarkmakes it difficult to work21:13
ahoneybunI don't like rebuilding tomuch21:13
BluesKajahoneybun, is this for 15.10?21:14
soeeafter release we shoudl mentioned to teh users taht they can install extra package with plasma wallpapers21:14
soeesgclark: download/upgrade fine, rebooting21:14
soeesgclark: back, all seems to be fine21:16
sgclarkcool, now go use some of the apps you normally use and make sure they do not go boom! lol21:17
yofelthe wallpapers sounds like something for a kubuntu docs section21:17
sgclarklike for instance I am finding ktp is not liking google application passwords21:17
yofeloh, you have that asking for a password all the time too?21:17
sgclarkit will not even let me change it. I am rather confused, it used to work21:19
ahoneybunyes BluesKaj21:19
sgclarktelegram account adding barfs too21:20
yofelI'm more annoyed that ktp-auth-handler is asking me for a password for an account that doesn't exist21:20
yofelprobably some old config file still has the account and there's like no "normal" way to delete it21:20
sgclarkI think I am missing something21:20
sgclarksounds likely yofel21:21
ahoneybunsgclark: there is no backend for telegram I thin21:21
ahoneybunno konsole update?21:21
ahoneybunstill at 15.08.021:21
ahoneybunI have not rebooted yet but21:21
sgclarklet me look ahoneybun21:21
ahoneybundolphin says 15.08.321:21
soeeyup it shows 15.08.021:22
sgclarkmm I can no longer click new tab on top of firefox, omg how annoying21:22
* ahoneybun heads out21:23
soeesgclark: new tab click (+) works fine here21:24
sgclarkheh yes seems konsole was not in application list. Here is where yofel s handy work will come in handy I expect.21:24
yofelwhich? ^^21:24
sgclarkkeeping current list of applications?21:24
yofelweird, the package list file has konsole21:25
sgclarkhmm probably my fault then. Using an older rev to hack the backports bit.21:26
sgclarknope, this is weird, it did get run. Just not uploaded. very strange21:29
yofelhm, I git-clone-all doesn't work for me21:31
* yofel goes patching21:31
sgclarkerr it did get uploaded  konsole - 4:15.08.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 21:31
clivejosick_rimmit: whats up with your internet?!?21:33
mamarleysgclark: Working great here, thanks for your work! :)21:36
mparillosgclark: I am upgrading 164 packages21:37
yofelsanta_: what the hell is git-ssh-kubuntu?21:42
yofelah, I'm blind21:45
* clivejo whistles21:46
yofellets try this21:46
geniiIf muon does not progress under new maintainer, what will become the default package manager?21:46
yofelapt I guess?21:46
yofelcli is awesome21:47
yofelor well, people can go back to synaptic I guess21:47
geniiyofel: I generally use apt/dpkg myself, but I am thinking of the GUI people21:47
yofelhence synaptic. The use case for a *package* manager is so small that one application in the archive is probably enough21:48
geniiyofel: OK, thanks21:48
yofelmuon was great, but qapt had and has too many problems21:48
yofeloh, git-clone-all also adds the remotes, nice21:49
yofelsanta_: please merge our automation-ng branch, thanks21:50
yofelwhat did you do? ^^21:52
clivejosorry, wrong window21:53
clivejometeor app21:53
clivejowas trying to run gulp21:53
soeeyofel: ping22:04
soeeyofel: system booted with nvidia profile .. After i changed it through nvidia-settings and tried to logout it freezed with some bbswitch command, but after reboot i'm on nvidia22:06
yofelhaven't tried that lately, my uptime is 24 days ^^22:06
mparillosgclark: I re-booted and Dolphin 15.08.3, Konsole, Muon Update Manager, Rekonq, and Kinfocenter show no obvious breakage.22:07
sgclarkgreat :)22:07
mhall119ximion: shadeslayer: do either of you have a blog about your trip to akademy I can link to from the community donations report?22:09
santa_yofel: ok, will do after dinner if I stay awake22:10
ximionmhall119: I only have http://blog.tenstral.net/2015/08/akademy-2015.html , no detailed report though22:11
clivejointeresting blog ximion!22:12
mhall119thanks ximion 22:17
clivejomhall119: is that link working for you?22:18
mhall119nope, just checked it22:18
clivejoI just get "wat?"22:18
mhall119ximion: ^^22:18
ximionare you on IPv4-only?22:18
ximionokay, then I know the cause - stupid Nginx22:19
keithzggenii: I was under the impression that Muon Discover and Muon Updater are being maintained, and I think Muon-"proper" hasn't shipped by default in a while? So for CLI-phobic folks or just ease of quick use there'd still be GUI methods shipping with Kubuntu.22:21
* keithzg isn't quite sure he's qualified, but has thrown his hat into the ring as possible help for maintaining Muon22:21
keithzgI've grown to rather prefer it to Synaptic and I'd hate to see it go, although yeah, with Discover+Updater on one end and good ol' apt on the other it wouldn't be the end of the world.22:22
ximionmhall119, clivejo: should be fixed now, can you please verify?22:23
yofelximion: fixed22:23
clivejowat he said!22:23
ximiongenii: if Muon does not progress, it will simply stay :P22:24
ximiononly if it doesn't get ported to Frameworks6 it will vanish22:24
ximionbut I am pretty sure it will find a new maintainer - I am still wondering if I could find someone to help with Apper for all the !Debian-based distros22:25
keithzgximion: Apper's the PackageKit frontend, eh?22:26
ximionneeds some bugfixing and finish of the KF5 port - but so far nobody did the work, and there are just numerous requests from Arch and Fedora to update it22:28
ximionin that regard, Debian and Kubuntu are much better off ;-)22:28
keithzgWell, we have better package management anyways ;)22:28
keithzgAlthough looking at the git repo commit messages at least it looks like it wasn't *that* long ago that the last work on porting to KF5 was done, just back in July, and some build fixes were done late-October.22:31
sick_rimmitAh ha keithzg Hi Riddell mentioned you in respect to Muon-installer22:35
keithzgsick_rimmit: Heya. Yeah, I saw Riddell's blog post and had commented there.22:37
sgclarkyofel: didn't we used to be able to create those new packages bugs via IRC? is that still possible?22:42
yofelno, which is why I asked about kubotu. The script the bot was running is in kubuntu-dev-tools22:42
sgclarkah, oki22:42
yofelok, git-clone-all + some random shell scripting and we hopefully have a working packageset22:51
clivejoyofel: where is it up to?22:58
yofelclivejo: what?22:58
clivejothe tools22:59
yofelclivejo: when do you plan to apply for membership btw? ^^23:05
clivejomembership of what?23:05
clivejois it a requirement?23:06
yofelto contribute, no. It's a requirement for ~kubuntu-dev eventually and some of our stuff is owned by ~kubuntu-members on LP23:07
yofeland has some additional benefits together with ubuntu membership23:07
yofelwas just curious as you're past the 6 month mark around now23:08
sgclarkhmm I dont seem to have access to that, oh wait it is git. guess I have to fiddle with config somewhere.23:08
yofelsgclark: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git23:09
yofeland I forgot to fix kwin again. Let me do that before going to bed...23:21
VeryBewitchingovidiu-florin: This is faster than emailing, re: Polylang23:46
sgclarkmm kwallet does not seem to want to do anything.23:52

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