hazamonzoHey folks. Whats the best desktop recording software for KDE these days?00:06
sithlord48i have used krecordmydesktop00:06
hazamonzosithlord48: oddly enough i just installed the recordmydesktop (without the k at the begining) and i can't seem to find it in my laucher menu00:08
sithlord48iirc its a terminal program w/ a qt or gtk front end00:08
hazamonzosithlord48: oh right00:09
hazamonzojust ran it and it was recording from the commandline00:09
hazamonzoknow... thats cool but i remember a better applications that allowed me to have a UI with options... :s00:09
sithlord48 the options can be set via the front end.00:10
sithlord48perhaps it was one of them00:10
hazamonzosithlord48: hmmm... maybe thats the different between krecordmydesktop and recordmydesktop00:10
hazamonzoI can't seem to find krecordmydesktop in the repo00:11
sithlord48or maybe it was record it now00:11
hazamonzohmmm that sounds familiar00:12
sithlord48record it now "a plugin based desktop recorder for KDE SC4"00:12
hazamonzoI can't seem to find that in the repo either00:12
sithlord48im on arch atm . iirc on kubuntu i had to add a ppa00:13
hazamonzoI'll do a bit of googling then00:13
hazamonzoThanks sithlord48!00:13
sithlord48there is also on arch a qt-recordmydesktop package ( a qt front end for record my desktop)00:14
sithlord48so you can try that also if you can't find record it now00:14
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excalibrIs it possible to set specific display to use for a particular Activity?01:50
excalibrSimonious, hazamonzo01:51
finetundra_hey folks, how do I set a static IP?03:13
finetundra_I'm using XFCE if that helps03:13
finetundra_oh god, wrong channel03:15
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MelRayAnyone know of a how to on setting up a live web server? I have a domain and dons is setup. all the articles I see use local host instead of a domain05:06
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yossarianukhey - does this KDE update fix the slow login problem with 15.10 ? -> https://dot.kde.org/2015/11/10/kde-ships-plasma-543-bugfix-release-november09:21
yossarianuki.e the main issue with 15.10 now is it takes ages to login to KDE - during which time (about 20 -30 secs) the desktop is unusable and the taskbar icons are not correctly positioned...09:27
yossarianukif anyone aware if plasma 5.4.3 fixes this ?09:27
yossarianukOpenSuse 42.1 (leap) doesn't have the issue btw (I thought it was the same version of plasma shipped with 15.1009:29
kdefanno6yossarianuk: you mean this one:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-nm/+bug/1509334 ?09:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509334 in plasma-nm "[sru] plasma-nm blocks temporarily on startup w/o bluetooth device – KDE/Plasma very slow to launch (Kubuntu 15.10)" [Medium,Fix released]09:33
younes_pourquoi le son coupe tres souvent dans mon kubuntu je dois a chaque fois redemmarer mon pc pour qui remarche09:38
younes_svp aider moi09:39
yossarianukkdefanno6: possibly09:45
yossarianukkdefanno6: It sounds like it09:45
yossarianukkdefanno6: Its a terrible impression for new users....09:45
yossarianukthe task bar is garbled until it fully loads ... Looks like KDE is broken.09:45
yossarianukcool - I see update is out today09:46
yossarianukWill test !09:46
younes_il y a pas quelqu'un qui peut me parler en français?09:47
hateball!fr | younes_09:48
ubottuyounes_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:48
lordievaderGood morning.09:49
jonahhi I just wondered if anyone could please help with a broken system. I upgraded from 14.10 and now get a kernel panic. I can boot from the older 4.0 kernel just not the new 4.2... I've tried repair mode in grub and also dpkg reconfigure but so far no luck...10:13
s_20yossarianuk: as in the fix will be in kubuntu today or upstream fixed it?10:14
s_20i don't have problems like that on my machines at home running on debian unstable :\10:14
akrami have questione pls10:15
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Guest45185how many versions in kubuntu?10:15
yossarianuks_20: it seemed to be introduced just before 15.10 release10:16
yossarianukI had been running 15.10 for about 2 months before release with no issues until about a week before release date.10:16
yossarianukGuest45185: Can you confirm what you mean ?10:16
Guest45185i wanna knew about all the versions10:17
Guest45185can you help me please10:18
yossarianukGuest45185: versions of what ?10:24
yossarianukGuest45185: do you mean support version of Kubuntu?10:24
Guest45185yes sir10:30
Guest45185can i knew about that10:30
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)10:32
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily10:32
hateballThat's it10:32
yossarianuk15.04 is support for about 3 months also10:33
yossarianukno point installing it though. use 15.1010:33
Guest45185so kubuntu and ubuntu are the same ?10:42
hateballGuest45185: Just different default packages10:43
Guest45185okay . so , kubuntu has more the 12 suppoet   versions ?10:45
yossarianukGuest45185: no11:07
yossarianukGuest45185: the supported versions as of now are 15.04, 15.10 and 14.04 LTS11:07
songfellow1« /msg nickserv register chaos3 songfellow1@yahoo.com11:24
rom1504songfellow1: try again11:26
songfellow1 /msg nickserv register chaos3 songfellow1@yahoo.com11:44
dv_in kubuntu 14.10 , I had gcr-prompter installed, and whenever I pulled something with git, its graphical prompter came up, asking me for the ssh key passphrase. it loaded that key into the resident ssh-agent.12:12
dv_in kubuntu 15.10, this doesn't work anymore. I tried setting SSH_ASKPASS, GIT_ASKPASS, core.askpass in gitconfig, nothing works. it still asks me every time the passphrase, and does _not_ automatically insert the key into the ssh-agent.12:13
dv_any ideas?12:13
jonahany body around that can help fix an unbootable system? Well it boots from an old kernel, but can't get it to update properly or boot from the newest. also dist-upgrade hasn't finished properly but dpkg reconfigure gives an error.12:45
kdefanno6jonah: remove the newest then, and use the old one.12:47
jonahkdefanno6: Hi thanks, but it's also stopping other updates happening...12:49
rvkhi all12:50
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Wiz-TDDhi there13:48
Wiz-TDDI just installed kubuntu 15.10 and I see a few problems : xchat does not appear in the miniature zone when minimised13:48
Wiz-TDDI installed hexchat, same result13:49
Wiz-TDDskype appears13:49
s_20Wiz-TDD: by "minituare zone" you mean the systray?13:49
s_20if that's the case, it's up to each program to do that or not, nothing happens automatically13:50
jubo2Got a 14.04 that's been out of the game for half an year13:50
jubo2what's the best procedure to get it to latest13:50
jubo2I mean do I run 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade' before the dist-upgrade ?13:51
Wiz-TDDsorry had to kill hexchat as I minimized it :(13:51
s_2013:49 < s_20> Wiz-TDD: by "minituare zone" you mean the systray?13:51
s_2013:50 < s_20> if that's the case, it's up to each program to do that or not, nothing happens automatically13:51
Wiz-TDDs_20 not sure I need to check, I am using it in French,13:52
s_20oh boy.13:52
kdefanno6Wiz-TDD: probably related to this: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/ and potential solution in the future: http://blog.davidedmundson.co.uk/blog/xembed_back13:53
s_20kdefanno6: if his minimised programs are *gone* he might have removed the task manager widget accidentally13:54
Wiz-TDDkdefanno6, looking at the links, thank you, i'll let you know after i read13:54
Wiz-TDDs_20, the processes are still running once "gone" from the systray, but can't have them appearing again13:55
Wiz-TDDso i kill them and restart :s13:55
s_20Wiz-TDD: well, *do* you still ahve the task manager widget?13:55
Wiz-TDDs_20, as I'm using it in french, I'm not sure what you call the task manager widget : I have all the widgets from the "standard" installation13:57
Wiz-TDDon the bottom right, sound/network/powermgmt/instant msg/etc13:57
Wiz-TDDs_20, main part of the bottom bar, the applications "icons"13:58
Wiz-TDD(clicking on them shows or minimises the application window13:59
s_20Wiz-TDD: well, soundsl ike you still have the task manager14:00
s_20but as pointed out in the link from kdefanno6, you probably don't have libappindicator1 and libappindicator3-1 installed14:01
s_20as (he)xchat uses gtk and not qt, like skype does, that might be a problem14:01
Wiz-TDDI'm looking at it14:02
hateballjubo2: there is no way from 14.04 to 15.10, if that is what you are asking14:04
hateballjubo2: wait for 16.04, then you can upgrade straight to that14:04
s_20hateball: what do you mean 'there is no way'?14:04
jubo2I think I can choose to update to non-LTS somewhere14:04
hateballs_20: No supported way14:05
hateballYou'd need to upgrade to 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.10, and 14.10 is EOL so the repos will not work14:05
jubo2maybe this is 14.1014:05
jubo2where do I check14:06
hateballjubo2: "lsb_release -a"14:06
hateballThe least painful option is to wait for next april14:07
wuschLORcan somebody help me with some pgp and thunderbird problems can't decrypt mails anymore14:08
melrayOk so why doesn't find locate httpd.conf? find: `name=httpd.conf': No such file or directory14:08
s_20hateball: that does seem like a major design flaw14:09
BluesKajHiyas all14:10
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Wiz-TDDs_20: konversation, available in kubuntu baseline seem to work for me... so I guess I will just use that one14:11
s_20Wiz-TDD: did you try to install these packages?14:12
Wiz-TDDs_20: nope, but I do not see the interest as this icr app looks as good as xchat/hexchat14:13
GamayunwuschLOR: Since when are you unable to decrypt mails?14:16
Simoniousexcalibr: specific screen..?  what?  is this a #screen question?14:16
hateballs_20: It's just to do with being able to support various versions14:17
s_20hateball: well it wouldn't hurt anyone to leave old repistory's as-is14:18
hateball!eolupgrade | s_2014:19
ubottus_20: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:19
s_20hateball: i get that14:19
s_20it just leaves people who have an outdated machine and want to re-activate it hanging high and dry14:20
s_20which, for lack of a better word, seems kind of un-linux-y14:20
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jubo2How do I enable that I see what the system is loading when it is stating up?14:35
jubo2Call me oldfashioned but I like GNU/Linukka that way14:36
hateballjubo2: edit out "quiet splash" in grub14:36
jubo2/etc/grub or something thereabouts..14:37
jubo2thanks hateball14:37
hateballjubo2: /etc/defaults/grub and then rebuild the grub config14:39
hateballerr, /etc/default/grub14:39
jubo2ok commented it out14:41
jubo2hateball: how do I "rebuild" the config?14:41
hateballjubo2: sudo update-grub14:41
hateballyou dont want to comment the whole line out iirc14:41
hateballI think it expects: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""14:42
hateballbut I may be wrong !14:42
hateball(thats what I am using tho)14:43
jubo2I reboot14:43
regeditso how is the new release?14:46
regediti'm still on 15.04 for now, until i hear stability14:46
jubo2I need to make reports of httpd logs15:11
jubo2once upon a time I used analog15:11
jubo2but that is too hassle to configure15:11
jubo2any suggestions?15:11
jubo2lordievader: doesn't appear in Muon discoverer15:15
lordievaderNo, it is a package. Not an application, for as far as Muon is concerned.15:16
lordievaderjubo2: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-use-logwatch-log-analyzer-and-reporter-on-a-vps15:16
jubo2lordievader: I think I want an offline tool15:19
jubo2another issue15:19
lordievaderLogwatch is an offline tool.15:19
jubo2Got a 32-bit 14.04 that holds nothing of value. I think I want to install 64-bit 15.10 on it15:20
jubo2the problem is that it has a maximum of 2GB RAM15:21
jubo2will it run satisfactorily?15:21
jubo2I gather I cannot upgrade 32-bit to 64-bit15:21
jubo2without installing clean15:21
lordievaderYou won't notice a difference.15:21
jubo2in the mem usage lordievader?15:21
lordievaderjubo2: There is a slight difference, but, in general, unnoticable.15:22
jubo2I think I installfest tonite15:22
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jubo2something borked my kmail15:51
jubo2I didn't touch it15:51
jubo2It no longer lists messages by date even if I instruct it to15:51
jubo2rather the messages are grouped by sender15:52
jubo2yeah.. really handy if you want to view all messages by sender X but I'd really rather just see my mail sorted by arrival time15:52
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jubo2I'm not seeing a wifi station in 32-bit Kubuntu14.04 that other OS see quite well16:28
jubo2Could this be an issue with some drivers or firmware not being up-to-date in the 32-bit ?16:28
lolmausHi! On 15.10 and ThinkPad T430 (top CPU, GPU Intel 4000, SSD, 16GB RAM, no swap), my Google Chrome is extremely laggy, suffers from jerky scrolling and fails to redraw when scrolling or switching between taps. What can I do to resolve the issue?16:38
jubo2I'm pretty sure the Atom processor I have in the netbook is 64-bit but not 100% sure. How do I check?16:39
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aramiscdi believe, there are no 32bit atom processors.  wikipedia knows for sure.17:20
lordievaderWeren't the older ones (first gen) 32 bit?17:29
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mparilloIt might be something I am doing wrong, but I know my netbook with an Atom N550 seems unable to boot a 64-bit distro.17:58
melrayHi running kubuntu 15.10 when I use alt+F2 and issue the command kdesudo dolphin I get the password prompt and enter it...then nothing happens..i.e. doesn't start dolphin. Anyone know why this might be?18:10
mparilloIt works for me on the daily build, but none of the icons load. And when I picked the detailed tree view, the icons to expand the directories looked different.18:16
josharensonwhat is the best way to install kde along side unity? I installed (via apt-get) kubuntu-desktop, but now the two greeters are literally fighting each other18:22
jaafarhey peeps18:23
jaafaranyone experimented much with webcams and chat apps?18:23
jaafarSkype recognizes my webcam but HipChat does not18:23
jaafarjosharenson: I believe the "greeters" (if you mean things like kdm, lightdm etc.) are supposed to be able to launch the desktop system of your choice, i.e., but at least somewhat agnostic18:24
jaafarnot sure about config18:24
jaafarI use lightdm18:24
jaafarI remember there being a little menu at login18:24
josharensonjaafar: yeah I'm actually developing a new greeter which is why I wanted to install multiple DEs in the first place... whats happening now is that I see the unity greeter for a few frames, and then the kde greeter for a few frames18:25
jaafaroh nice18:25
jaafarOh that's cuckoo18:25
* jaafar has never seen that18:25
josharensonjaafar: I'll check that the display manager is set to something reasonable though...18:25
josharensongood starting point18:26
josharensonjaafar: its in a VM, but I saw it on my real machine as well18:26
jubo2Hiya.. Trying to install Kubuntu15.10 64-bit on a system with an Atom CPU and installation hangs in the "prepare" stage. Red-blue circly thing just rotates for minutes and minutes18:31
jubo2What could be wrong?18:31
jubo2I'm almost sure it is a 64-bit CPU but not quite certain18:32
jubo2ahh.. now it passed on to next stage. cancel all questions18:32
mparillojubo2: Good luck. As I said, my Atom N550 will not boot a 64-bit distro for me, but many Atoms can. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Atom_(CPU)#Intel_64_software_support18:37
jubo2now it stopped and complained of either corrupt installation media or corrupt installation target18:39
jubo2I change stick and try again18:39
jubo2for weird reasons I have 2 sticks with the Kubuntu15.10 installer18:40
jubo2forgot to plug in my external sound card at install time18:59
jubo2is there way to detect and add it after installation is over18:59
jubo2or do I just open another beer and install again, this time with the sound card plugged in?19:00
geniiIf it's USB should just recognize it19:00
genii( when you plug it in)19:01
jubo2it is USB19:01
jubo2genii: so it seems19:16
jubo2the card works fine when I plug it in19:16
jubo2I want to copy the settings from this fully configured Kubuntu to the newly installed Kubuntu19:18
jubo2if that is sane19:18
jubo2I grab ~/.local/ ?19:19
geniiand probablt ~/.kde19:21
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encolpe_I want to know how to refresh KDE menu icons19:57
encolpe_I still have icons dating from the installtion, 2 years ago19:58
denza252which kubu version?19:58
denza252encolpe_: is it using Plasma workspaces or Plasma 519:59
encolpe_denza252: good question20:01
denza252encolpe_: you mentioned that it was installed 2 years ago20:02
denza252so I'm assuming you updated it from like, 13.something20:02
encolpe_from 13.10, yes20:02
encolpe_plasma desktop 5.420:03
denza252whoa, good job first of all20:04
denza252whenever I try updating my system breaks :x20:04
encolpe_I'm trying to check20:04
denza252second, encolpe_, is it just your menu which has old icons?20:04
encolpe_I took me one week to repair cryptsetup20:04
jubo2denza252: I managed to 15.04 -> 15.10 with only couple of days of swearing20:06
encolpe_firefox has loose its icon, too20:06
encolpe_For the history, i'm migrating debian systems since 1996 (10 years with sid before coming on ubuntu)20:07
denza252encolpe_: try  kbuildsycoca5--noincremental20:08
denza252encolpe_: er, there should be a space between kbuildsycoa5 and --noincremental20:11
encolpe_yes :)20:11
svend-evGood morning20:12
jubo2g'moring svend-ev20:12
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encolpe_denza252: All icons that are in /usr/share/pixmaps are not shown in the menu20:39
encolpe_is there  place where an icon path is set ?20:46
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schestowitzHi, I've searched youtube, google etc. for this but was unable to find an answer. Are stopped activities still a functionality in Plasma 5? I've just upgraded to the latest kf5 (been using it for 8 months) and all I see next to activities is an "X", no "stop" button, and clicking the X gets everything buddy and I need to restart plasma-desktop as a whole21:37
schestowitz /s/buddy/buggy/21:37
schestowitzIs the "X" the way to stop an activity at all? Some online forums suggested so, and the global keyboard shortcut, meta+S, does nothing21:41
Gamayunschestowitz: The X is to stop the activities. Once they are stopped they'll get a trashcan icon instead, if you want to delete them. Dunno about the buggyness.21:41
schestowitzMaybe it's just me, I'm not even sure how to describe such a bug21:42
GamayunWhat happens when you click the X? Crashing, freezing?21:43
schestowitzto reproduce it I guess it takes my setup, which isn't unique. the activities thing showing vertically is just hanging, or become transparent and permanently covering everything. it has been like this since April when I first moved to kf5 (upgraded many time since, to no avail)21:43
schestowitztechnically, nothing happens when suggests that the activity got stopped, and then the "Activities" thing (along the side) just gets stuck, I wonder if I'm only among few experienceing and if so, what we have in common21:44
schestowitzas it hasn't been fixed since April at the latest21:44
schestowitzis meta+S supposed to work?21:45
schestowitzIt has absolutely no effect when I click it, even when I set up an alternative keyboard shortcut and use that21:45
schestowitzI use the just-released KDE/Plasma... from backported repo... which behaves the same way every plasma built prior to this behaved.21:46
GamayunHm, might be worthwile putting up a bug report for it. Activities are working pretty smoothly here. Except the meta-s shortcut, but it might be enough to change the shortcut.21:47
schestowitzI've just reproduced this again. In this build, the whole of plasma becomes unresponsive, clicking even the panel has no effect21:47
schestowitzand Activities freezed where it was when "X" was clicked.21:48
schestowitzI tried submitting a bug report, but not sure what to submit that will help reproduce it21:49
schestowitzDo you use activity icon? Might this have anything to do with causing the bug?21:50
schestowitzI'll see if I can come up with a useful report. All I can say for now is, always buggy for me, necessitating restart of the whole of plasma.. :-(21:51
MichaelTunhow do you install the latest version of Plasma? I mean 5.4.3 is brand new almost, I am just curious if Kubuntu 15.10 will get it normally or would I need a PPA for it?23:33
MichaelTunI still have a few minor bugs with plasma 5.4 so hopefully the latest version squashes those.23:34
clivejoMichaelTun: See this blog - http://scarlettgatelyclark.com/2015/kubuntu-kde-5-4-3-bugfix-release-available-now-in-wily-backports/23:42

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