dkesselhey guys. i read your thread about having meetings again. sounds good! :)08:23
dkesselat xubuntu, we have a team calender to keep track of meeting dates/times, so people are automatically reminded when the meeting is.08:23
lubuhello everybody!10:28
lubuNeed some help please! anyone?10:28
phillwdkessel: Walter has not quite got that far yet :D16:36
tsimonq2wxl: do we have a lubuntu package set on LP?21:52
phillwtsimonq2: both lubuntu packages are available via lubuntu-core or lubuntu-desktop21:54
tsimonq2phillw: how do I find out what those are from the metapackages?21:55
phillwtsimonq2: look at the minimal installation wiki page, it lists them. They are used for iso building, so the xenial ones are already created but we do not announce them on that page, as they are test versions and not stable.21:56
tsimonq2phillw: k thx21:58
phillwyou can also find them listed as part of tasksel as an option to install onto a base ubuntu system. I've not re-written the minimal install page as the way explained there works fine.21:59
tsimonq2phillw: so this is all the packages(along with base) that are in a default Lubutnu install? http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/lubuntu-desktop21:59
phillwyes, for desktop22:00
phillwwe also ship a core meta-package22:00
tsimonq2ooh thanks22:01
phillwtsimonq2: do not poke the bot too often, he has a short fuse :D22:02

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