Walaryneany one here?00:32
rican-linuxanyone testing xenial on powerpc? I am running it on my iBook G407:59
ianorlinrican-linux: not yet but please use the iso tracker08:00
ianorlinrican-linux: do you have problems?08:01
rican-linuxI already posted my results on the tracker08:01
rican-linuxso far it is running pretty well08:01
rican-linuxthe splash screen on boot has off colors but that was the only thing08:02
rican-linuxthe only thing I was hoping would be resolved was mesa 3D acceleration. the release notes for the 11.3 version states the r300 bug was fixed. However it is not.08:06
rican-linuxhowever this is an upstream issue and not lubuntu related08:06
ianorlinrican-linux: not sure I can do much about that08:28
rican-linuxianorlin: I understand I plan on reporting upstream08:29
rican-linuxright now I am just using it seeing what works and what does not08:31
JohnDoe_71Rushi. i use lubuntu 14.04. I dont know is it pcmanfm false. i have *.sh script. I open folder with script in pcmanfm, double click to script file, than click "run" button in dialog. Now if i moму the mouse i get "select file mouse mode" with border08:38
lubuhello everybody!10:21
lubuNeed some help please! anyone?10:22
lubuI get this when I try to start Firefox from terminal:10:24
lubuImpossible de créer le répertoire de raccourcis clavier GNOME « /home/lubuntu/.gnome2/accels » : Permission non accordée10:24
lubuStarted happening just after I installed Xampp10:25
user_Hi, I just thought i might give some feedback on installing wily warewolf usb minimal network boot installer, both grub and lilo refuse to install to mbr of hdd cos it convinced it want to look at sda - which is the usb installer drive.14:21
user_instead of sdb14:22
user_should i stick this in a ticket?14:22
Ubik_do suspend/resume is supposed to work well? seems to bug with my system15:26
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Ubik_anybody here?17:19
hhernandezdoes anyone know if there is a US based company that offers comerical support for Lubuntu?17:39
tachibanalol yeah right17:48
hhernandezhey I thought I ask17:48
hhernandezkinda curious17:48
epictetushhernandez: like for business users?17:50
epictetusthere are a bunch of smaller IT companies that have linux expertise that would do it I'm sure but it's not gonna be cheap and probably not 24/7 coverage17:51
hhernandezif you had a business that some older machines that wanted to get off XP and wanted to solid OS17:51
epictetuswhat kind of business uses lubuntu anyways17:51
epictetusoh no that's a terrible idea17:51
hhernandezreally you think so?17:52
hhernandezwhy would you say that?17:52
epictetusold shitty machines are more trouble than they're worth to begin with, then you're talking about investing hundreds/thousands of dollars worth of technical expertise into setting up / maintaining PCs that are worth $2017:52
hhernandezok I see your point17:53
hhernandezin that17:53
epictetusalso the sad truth of it is that for most businesses Windows just makes a lot more sense (depending on what they're doing), in terms of (1) cheaply available trained IT force (2) somewhat relatively unified platform compared to the 918234892 different custom linux distros available (3) Line of Business applications in specific industries tend to be Windows based (4) documents looking the same / printers working (easily) etc.   There's a reason linux owns 17:55
epictetusunless all they need is a web browser / thin client or something in which case linux might be fine but start introducing printers/scanners/apps/word documents / attachments / websites with special plugins etc17:57
epictetusand supporting anything other than Windows becomes a nightmare unless the users are like, linux programmers17:57
user_Windows isshit!18:14
user_linear architecture - inherently flawed.18:14
eipi10I'm taking an INtro to C class and was wondering what's a IDE for gcc?19:14
eipi10or any other c compiler19:15
epictetusthere's a zillion of them but you're better off just using a text editor / commandline for a class like that19:21
epictetusunless there is one the class recommends19:21
epictetus(i.e. Eclipse)19:21
ianorlinI recommend maybe an eidtor with syntax highlighting19:21
epictetusI like to use a text editor with syntax highlighting, yeah19:21
epictetusi use vim19:21
ianorlinyeah I would not like to do lots of homework assingments for programing in leafpad it does use littel memory and can be fine if you say paste something like a link of phone number you want to save in a phone number19:23
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eipi10you're right.  Eclipse looks nice, but it's for 'developers'.19:36
eipi10Someone taking an intro to c class isn't a developer19:36
ianorlinyeah I really don't like IDE's in class provide bunch of options you never use in my C++ classes19:38
epictetusthere are some things ides do that are whiz-bang cool -- (like being able to mouseover a function name and have the parameters automatically displayed / right click and look up the manual if it's a standard library function / the source of the function if it's not )19:40
eipi10well that kinda thing, epictetus, might be nice for someone like me who doesn't know anything.19:54
epictetusbut when I took a C class in college, the people who used IDEs / non-unix envs for developing never got As -- they ended up spending a ton of time trying to figure out why the code that worked on their dev environment/IDE didn't build properly / look exactly like what the professor wanted / failed the professor's automated tests when built on the school server you were supposed to use19:56
TheSchafi like sublime as a text editor19:58
TheSchafor code editor19:58
eipi10thanks a lot for your advice.20:00
wxlkrytarik: i'm going to try and see if i can't get mario to relinquish the domains.20:08
krytarikwxl: Hah, wrong channel again. :)20:09
wxloh sheesh20:09
eipi10Higgs didn't use a computer.20:10
Jakey3Hi I'm using lub 14.04, sometimes i get a double mouse cursor after using firefox. I know this is reported bug. Is there someway to refresh the desktop to get back 1 cursor?20:41
ihufCome here, niglets.22:18
geniiihuf: Racial charged phrases are not welcome in this channel.22:42

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