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bzoltan_mcphail:  please remove the click chroot and recreate it. Tools -> Options ... -> Ubuntu -> Click -> Delete button04:27
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dholbachgood morning07:37
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Mirvfaenil: can you join #ubuntu-ci-eng and give jibel an example of where the crash happens10:15
mcphailbzoltan_: I'll try that tonight, but it was a new chroot in the first place10:19
bzoltan_mcphail:  how new?10:21
mcphailbzoltan_: brand spanking new10:22
mcphailbzoltan_: created at command line, rather than SDK, though10:22
mcphaildon't know if that makes a difference10:23
bzoltan_mcphail:  it should not matter10:23
bzoltan_mcphail:  it was a known problem.. but got fixed recently. Do you mind to try out the new IDE?10:23
mcphailbzoltan_: I'm on 15.10 without any PPAs. Should I install something?10:24
mcphailbzoltan_: I'd been told I didn't need the SDK PPA for 15.1010:24
bzoltan_mcphail:  Yes, you need a fixed click package set - click - 0.4.40+15.10.20151012-0ubuntu110:25
bzoltan_mcphail:  and that is from the SDK PPA10:25
mcphailbzoltan_: OK, I'll install that this evening. Thanks!10:25
bzoltan_mcphail:  the story is that click by default creates a stock archive chroot... vivid one. What is waaaaaay outdated compare to the Overlay PPA what is the archive for the phone images.10:26
bzoltan_mcphail:  But once you play around, I suggest you to use the new IDE10:26
mcphailbzoltan_: what's the new IDE?10:26
bzoltan_mcphail:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/tools-development && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get udate && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk ubuntu-sdk-dev10:27
bzoltan_mcphail:  It is a brand new idea, we have fixed lots of things and it is decoupled from the archive Qt. Safer, cleaner, more dry feeling10:28
mcphailbzoltan_: ha! Sounds system-breaking... :) I'll try it.10:28
bzoltan_mcphail: One point is that it can not break your system :) the new SDK is totally decoupled from the system... no conflicts, less dependencies, isolated  and stuff.. better10:30
bzoltan_mcphail: we are testing it for weeks now, it is complete and ready to land...10:30
mcphailbzoltan_: nice. I'll give it a try10:31
mcphailbzoltan_: I don't use the IDE much, but thought I'd be dilligent and use a template for translations etc10:31
bzoltan_mcphail:  thank you, please ping me or zbenjamin in case any problem comes up10:31
mcphailwill do10:31
bzoltan_mcphail:  This IDE rocks.. we use it for development... I do not use IDE either otherwise, I am happy on vi + bash, but for Qt an QML development this IDE is so native10:32
mcphailbzoltan_: can we use the GUI for UI design yet?10:32
mcphailbzoltan_: that would be a good feature for me10:33
mcphailI'm terrible at design10:35
bzoltan_mcphail: no and I serioulsy doubt that it will ever happen... the UI designer of the IDE can not and will not render custom components. And our UITK is all about custom component. If you would be happy with an abstract and non very visual UI designer then we can make that.10:35
mcphailbzoltan_: if it isn't going to work, I think your talents would be better spent on other things :)10:36
mcphailbzoltan_: That is really something for QtC upstream to fix10:36
bzoltan_mcphail:  it is more about implementing a very big feature...and well :) they are there to be hired for job like that :) if somebody folds out the money then sure they will do that.10:38
mcphailbzoltan_: shame they don't still have someone like Nokia waving cheques around10:38
bzoltan_mcphail: Yes, that was a big stepback for Qt project indeed. Shame, really shame. In other hand... Qt was not in the best hands of Nokia... and Trolls never really liked to be part of Nokia.10:44
mcphailFrom an outside perspective, Qt seemed healthiest when Nokia controlled it. Docs were up to date and project was getting pushed in interesting directions. I realise it might have been hell internally10:46
mcphailanyway, I'm going a bit OT :)10:47
popeymcphail, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the new ide / click / chroots etc11:30
mcphailpopey: I'll ping you later and let you know11:35
popeymy worry is that it will mess with my carefully crafted chroots11:35
mcphailpopey: my 15.10 install is fresh, so I don't have old chroots to be destroyed11:35
popeylast time I tried they all got destroyed and I had to restore them11:36
mcphailpopey: it is quite refreshing, as I think i had about 1500 when this machine was on 15.0411:36
mcphailpopey: I might experiment with setting up a build environment with lxd as well11:37
mcphailpopey: DanChapman runs one in a docker container, so it should be possible11:38
DanChapmanpopey: So far i've had a pleasent experience with the new IDE and had no problems using my existing chroots.11:38
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Guest76117i need help with my qml code. how can i include png files into my qml app?12:29
Guest76117wie funktioniert dieses irc ?12:32
Guest76117wie kann ich es beenden ?12:32
kalikianaGuest76117: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-image.html12:32
kalikianalauf nicht weg, sonst wird Dir auch keiner helfen können ;-)12:32
kalikianasomething like Image { source: Qt.resolvedUrl('myImage.png') }12:33
kalikianathe resolvedUrl is important so it will find it within your project12:33
Guest76117super dankeschön12:34
mcphailbzoltan_: can I use the new IDE on 14.04 if I install those PPAs?12:39
bzoltan_mcphail:  Yes, you can.12:45
mcphailbzoltan_: great. thanks12:45
bzoltan_mcphail:  we spin off two new minor release candidate builds in the following 10-12 hours. So be tuned for updates :)12:46
mcphailha! - the joy of the bleeding edge12:46
hasselmmis it possible to use the ubuntu SDK plugins with qtcreator from git?14:53
hasselmmmixing qtcreator from git and from SDK permanently kills all my kits14:54
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kalikianahasselmm: you'll want to talk to zbenjamin17:37
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hasselmmkalikiana: 'k18:08
mcphailbzoltan_: still can't get the qml/qmake template to build a .click on the latest SDK19:57
mcphailpopey: the new SDK installed fine on my 15.10 box. I have recreated my chroots from scratch, though, so don't know how well a chroot would migrate20:00
popeythink i might move my chroots over to another machine and try the new sdk there20:00
mcphailpopey: had to give up on lxd for now as it was very buggy20:01
mcphaildefinitely seems to be some races in the lxc/lxd stack20:02
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