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j33p33i managed to get a perfect 15.04 setup which i cant upgrade15:26
j33p33worked first time, but i had no apps installed15:26
j33p33now i cant upgrade for some weird reason15:26
j33p33anyone willing to help me out figuring what<s conflicting15:27
j33p33and i have a camera issue as well15:27
j33p33hardware: orangepi plus15:27
j33p33anyone willing to help out with my issue?15:32
j33p33willing to wily15:32
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orangepi_i have a smart question here.17:54
orangepi_is anyone ready?17:55
orangepi_do anyone knows how to turn off verbose mode since unbuntu-arm isnt using grub?17:55
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orangepi_this channel is nearly death or what?19:44
geniiIt has days of inactivity interspersed with hours of frenzy19:45
k1l_orangepi_: "hi, i am using ubuntu XX.YY on device <device> and have an issue with <issue>. it brings up that errormessages and logs: pastebin.com/xxxxxx19:45
k1l_orangepi_: maybe people are waiting for specific questions?19:46
orangepi_kll: well my language pack simply does not want to install properly19:53
orangepi_kll: linux ubuntu xenial19:53
orangepi_kll: i tried some command lines too.19:53
orangepi_kll: and gnome-language-selector19:53
k1l_on xenial, there are many alpha state packages now, since its in alpha state19:54
orangepi_kll: you want me to pastebin the output?19:54
orangepi_kll: it's the same since i installed vivid vervet image.19:54
orangepi_kll: it came it english, and since it's arm i dunno, im more used to x86, x64, and PPC19:55
orangepi_it's an img which i burn to an emmc19:57
k1l_see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale19:59
orangepi_no success20:15
epinkydoes the driver for raspberry pi2 supports muticast traffic?21:26
geniiepinky: Now the waiting begins! ... this channel is normally fairly quiet, but if someone knows they will eventually answer.21:28
k1l_might ask in a raspberry pi channel about that.21:29
epinkyk1l_: what is the rpi channel?21:34
epinkydon't worry I got it #raspberrypi21:34
k1l_epinky: fine :)21:35
epinkynobody answers there, if this is dristro concerned, maybe you can guide me better21:48
epinkyk1l_: I know raspberry pi2 uses an SMSC95xx, according to the code http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/net/usb/smsc95xx.c only supports multicast when in promiscuous mode. I need some driver that can do this possible, or maybe another USB I can get easily that supports all multicast operations21:51
k1l_epinky: i dont know about rpi2 or multicast traffic.22:00

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