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dkesselguys, would you say that gtk3 apps are properly supported in autopilot with version 1.5?16:50
dkesselis there a specific version that the libautopilot-gtk still has version 1.4, but autopilot itself seems to be at 1.5.1 ? (in wily)16:51
balloonshey dkessel!17:38
dkesselhey balloons :)17:39
dkesselballoons: any idea about my questions? ^17:46
balloonsright, right17:46
balloonsso ubiquity is written in gtk3. And there are some helpers DanChapman worked on to make it easier to test; they should be of use for any gtk3 app17:47
balloonsso, yes autopilot has gtk3 support, and there are tests using it17:48
balloonsare you wondering why the libautopilot-gtk is still named 1.4?17:48
balloonsthat I cannot tell you. probably just a naming thing, and worth asking veebers17:48
balloonsif I might ask however, what are you thinking of ?17:49
dkesseli want to try replacing the manual test for mousepad, xubuntu's default editor17:51
balloonsahh brillant. i hope the gtk3 versions of xubuntu apps treat you better than the gtk2 stuff17:53
balloonsdo let me know if you need help or run into issues, etc17:53
dkesselballoons: sure, will do :)17:55
balloonsand do talk to Dan about the helpers for gtk317:55
balloonsif things go well that is; they may be of use17:55
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