dholbachgood morning07:37
dholbachdpm_, on our backlog, I'll create a section for snappy if that's all right09:31
dholbachup until now I shoved everything into developer docs09:31
dpm_sounds good, thanks dholbach09:31
dholbachdpm_, I marked candidates for one of the next sprints with pink (one of the obvious colours which were still free ;-))09:42
dholbachand added "needs review" (purple)09:42
dholbachhey czajkowski09:42
czajkowskidholbach: good morning how are things?09:44
dholbachgood good... just starting to get a bit organised again after UOS :)09:45
dpm_dholbach, cool, thanks09:45
czajkowskiit seemed to go well last week09:46
czajkowskia lot of new people online and engaging which is good to see09:46
czajkowskipopey: gift in dm for you :)13:32
popeyta :)13:32
czajkowskiany thoughts folks - has to be more than timezones :) https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LauraCzajkowski/posts/HQTKw9wZ9Mu13:36
balloonsgood morning13:55
czajkowskidholbach: popey dpm_ local to you (ish) confernece looking for community talks http://www.boosterconf.no/15:41
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popeyjose, balloons ping16:53
popeyAdmins have disappeared?16:53
popeyI got a thing at the bottom which said "new version of code-in available"16:53
popeywhich is probably why16:53
jose"This user is already assigned to this organization"16:53
popeythey updated the dashboard and it lost our admins16:53
balloonsyea, I see that as well16:53
popeystupid google16:53
joseI'll email Stephanie just in case16:54
popeyit says I am the only one16:54
popeyer, also, someone mis-typed my email...16:54
joseyes, me, sorry16:54
joseStephanie is the lead organizer for the contest16:55
balloonsseems others are having the same issue16:57
balloonsthings seem to be ok though they say16:57
josewat, where did you read?16:57
balloonsstephane says she can read them still16:58
* jose is confused16:58
joseis there a ML where I'm supposed to be but I'm not?16:58
balloonsjose, #fsoc17:01
joseah bah17:01
joseI left that channel loooong ago17:02
popeylooks fixed now17:02
joseI'm still seeing alan.pop@canonical.com only17:03
mhall119popey: do you have a blog post report for OggCamp?21:30
popeymhall119, no, I haven't written one yet21:46
popeywill set aside some time to do so though, thanks for the reminder21:46
mhall119thanks popey21:47
mhall119jcastro: can you link me to your blog about the GPU drivers PPA and hardware you got for it?21:47
* popey needs to butter up a US co-worker. I want this T-shirt so badly. https://teespring.com/angelodeath?utm_swu=507822:46
wxlwhat's with the take 2 on the poll?22:46
wxlis the original poll invalid?22:48
czajkowskipopey: can get it sent to my office in MV and I';;l be over next month or January to collect22:49
czajkowskior there will be someone coming over berfore then22:49
wxljust saw email22:49
popeyheh, you jet setter22:49
popeythanks for the offer.22:49
czajkowskipopey: starts in london in january speaking then FOSDEM, 2 confernes in Feb and then maybe late march speaking and then our event in april followed by wedding honeymoon then OSCON22:51
mhall119czajkowski: don't forget SCaLE and the big UbuCon in Januart22:54
czajkowskimhall119: trying to get to Ubuncon but it's the week before sales kick off and whre I am mean to onboard new staff and present the roadmap for the community. and it;s also my 5 year anniversary22:56
mhall119czajkowski: so....what's one more thing? :)23:00
mhall119at least I'll see you at least once next spring23:00
popeymhall119, if you have 5 mins could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/ubuntu-terminal-app/fix-1514519/+merge/277240 ?23:23
popeyIt's a "one line" change to fix the font problem, I could do with it being reviewed - I have tested as as dave and ogra, just need someone to +1 it so I can land it23:23

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