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hikikohello :)05:23
pittiGood morning06:13
hikikoTrevinho, thanks for the review, I've fixed it: https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.fixed-tests-wwarnings/+merge/275801 could you get another look? :)07:29
hikiko+good morning pitti :)07:29
pittihey hikiko!07:29
happyaronmorning hikiko and pitti, :)07:31
hikikomorning happyaron :)07:31
Trevinhohikiko: sure08:09
hikikohello willcooke08:52
darkxsthey willcooke, hikiko08:52
hikikohi darkxst08:52
willcookefrench holiday today08:53
darkxstIve had a holiday all week with my bung leg ;(08:53
darkxstyeh, more like detention, can't really even walk08:54
willcookeoh man, that sucks08:55
willcookehope you're feeling better soon08:56
pittidarkxst: erk, what happened? get well soon!08:56
hikikoget well soon darkxst08:56
darkxstpitti, though it was a strained calf muscle but doctors decided it was a blood clot in my08:57
darkxst^my leg08:57
darkxstatleast that is what the ultrasound said08:58
darkxstnow waiting on like 20 blood tests, because they don't know what caused it09:01
pittidarkxst: argh, thrombosis? my wife had that twice, it's rather rangerous09:01
hikikohi Laney09:02
darkxstpitti, yes, dad died from it09:02
pittihey Laney, how are you?09:03
darkxstpitti, though the dr's arent so concerned about the existing clot, but more, why its seemingly unprovacoted09:03
pittidarkxst: yeah, it's really hard to find the cause, this is usually just guesswork; can't blame it on the pill for you either09:04
darkxstpitti, I suppose I will find out from the blood tests if it was hereditary09:06
darkxstLaney, larsu, any more progress on gtk?09:09
Laneywhat kind of progress are you after?09:11
Laneyhey hikiko pitti darkxst!09:11
* Laney is going good, got coffee AND tea :)09:11
Laneypitti: how are you?09:11
pittiLaney: quite fine, thanks! I'm getting better and better fighting jetlag in this direction :)09:12
pittiLaney: btw, yesterday I worked a bit on better tmpfail handling09:12
Laneyyou already had a quite effective method, I recall09:12
pittiLaney: if a worker now gets a tmpfail three times in a row, it kills itself, mails us, and the request gets back into the queue09:13
pittiLaney: this will (1) avoid tests actually failing with tmpfail permanently and thus us having to rm pending.txt09:13
pittiLaney: (2) automatically dial down the number of workers if we keep hitting quota issues09:14
pittiand finally, (3) tell us immediately if some cloud has gone bonkers again, as the mailed log should now have reasonably sufficient information what went wrong09:14
pittiLaney: i. e. the test log for the third tmpfail now goes into the worker log (as it's not on swift any more anywhere)09:15
pittiLaney: i. e. over night we saw three workers die with "no machine available", so the other 5 just happily went on09:15
pittiLaney: I also taught the worker to stop on SIGTERM (upstart job won't auto-restart) and restart on SIGHUP (through upstart job); I'll document that on the wiki09:16
darkxstLaney, like landing? needed for gnome-session \09:17
Laneydarkxst: have you tried rmadison -s xenial libgtk-3-0 lately?09:18
Laneypitti: Ah nice, I like the auto re-queuing09:18
Laneyshame the cloud is a bit wobbly still for this workload09:19
pittiLaney: yeah, was a bit pointless having to manually requeue them, but it made sense in the beginning to better see what goes wrong instead of silently papering over it09:19
pittiLaney: lcy01 is dead, lgw01 acted up on Monday (but sent an RT, got fixed)09:20
pittilgw01 and bos01 seem to behave, except that on bos01 I often get these "not enough available machines" thingy09:20
darkxstLaney, no, Ive been incapictated most of the week ;(09:20
Laneypitti: I learned about "nova absolute-limits" the other day - I wonder if we could use that to dynamically scale the number of workers09:21
pittiLaney: but let's hope the worker is now robust enough to deal with this; so we now mainly need to react to workers going down, and restart them to get back to full capacity (unless the cloud is permanently broken)09:21
LaneyNot sure if there's a corresponding thing for available instances09:21
pittiLaney: absolute-limits shows curr/max instances too09:21
pittiyes, it's rather useful09:21
Laneyavailable -> cloud capacity09:21
Laneynot my quota09:21
pittiLaney: yeah, that'd be useful09:21
pittioh, right09:21
Laneyboth things would be good probably09:22
pittiLaney: ATM the autopkgtest-worker-launch upstart job just launches 8, and I manually launch ppc64el instances 9 to 1509:22
pittiusing quota/absolute-limits for that would be much better indeed09:22
pittialthough that won't help on bos0109:22
pittiwhile we have 25 instances, we must split them between ppc64el (max 15) and i386/amd64 (max 10)09:23
pittiit doesn't show us the instances per arch09:23
pittiLaney: so I guess starting $lots workers and let the right number of them auto-die on quota limit works reasonably well ATM09:24
pittiperhaps we could give them some "try auto-respawning after 6 hours" gimmick09:25
pittithe badge of reincarnation09:25
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Laneythe phoenix award09:28
pitti"I'm not quite dead yet!" ♩ ♪09:29
pittiok, retries for last night's flood of uninstallability failures are looking good09:29
darkxstpitti, is there a branch for the autopkgtest instances somewhere? we eventually want to be able to run them against the ppa09:30
pittidarkxst: we actually can run tests against a PPA now; the main issue is that someone/something needs to trigger them, and there's currently no results browser for those09:31
* Laney wades into the libgsl swamp again09:31
pittidarkxst: all the code is public, yes; what do you mean in particular with "instance"?09:31
Laneyseb128: can we do some demote-to-proposed for this later maybe?09:31
darkxstpitti,  the bit that runs all the tests09:32
seb128Laney, sure, give me a list and I can do it09:32
Laneyseb128: thanks, don't have it yet but I think there will be some09:32
seb128Laney, I'm having a look at libimobiledevice and glew09:32
Laneymore transitions?09:32
Laneyoh also, hi ;-)09:32
seb128hey ;-)09:32
darkxstpitti, I know I can use adt-run and craft some scripts, but apparently that is already done!09:32
pittidarkxst: so what can be done today is "run test for package gnome-foo against this PPA", and results will appear in swift (publically accessible)09:33
pittidarkxst: the worker and juju charms are on https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+git/autopkgtest-cloud?h=master ; debci is its own repo (http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/debci.git), and autopkgtest is http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git09:34
pittidarkxst: and docs of the whole thing are on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure09:35
darkxstpitti, what09:36
darkxstLaney, new keyboard is retarded09:37
pittidarkxst: I'm happy to point you to more specific bits if you have more specific questions09:37
pittidarkxst, Laney: so for robru's CI train or more generally for PPAs we'll eventually need to install custom britney instances09:38
darkxstpitti, so i just want the autopkgtests running against gnome3-staging ppa, to warn of test failures, because right now, we don't find those out until upload most of the time\09:39
pittidarkxst: i. e. essentially you want/need http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html running against the PPA09:40
darkxstpitti, well more or less, but definately non-blocking though09:41
darkxstalthough actually it would be pretty sweet to have the -proposed migration on the ppa09:42
pittidarkxst: it can't be blocking anyway, as PPAs don't have a concept of "-proposed" themselves; it'd be advisory09:42
pittidarkxst: i. e. it would run your PPA as "unstable" and consider either devel or devel+devel-proposed as "testing"09:43
pittidarkxst: depending on whether your PPA builds against devel or devel-proposed09:43
pitti(there's an option for which pockets to use in the PPA config)09:43
darkxstpitti, -proposed09:44
pittidarkxst: right, so you'd want a britney instance which tries to land the PPA ("unstable") onto devel-proposed ("testing")09:44
pittidarkxst: robru, slangasek, and I started discussing how we could make it easy to set up per-PPA britneys, as we need it for the CI tarin09:45
pittidarkxst: once that's done, it should be simple to create another instance for the gnome PPA09:45
darkxstpitti, not ecactly more just want autopkgtests running againts the ppa09:50
pittidarkxst: right, and britney would trigger the right ones and show you the results09:51
pittidarkxst: it wouldn't actually promote packages for you09:51
pittidarkxst: i. e. it would work like for stable releases (e. g. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/trusty/update_excuses.html)09:51
pittiwhere it runs installability and autopkgtests, but not move packages09:52
darkxstpitti, yes that is fine, if want packages to actually be promoted into the archives we need a seperate ppa for that09:52
darkxstbut then could just use the ci train, one day09:54
darkxstwhen the ci train supports git, and we actually have packaging branches09:55
seb128hey andyrock09:56
willcookehey andyrock, seb128.  Is Trevinho online yet?09:56
seb128hey willcooke09:57
seb128no idea09:57
andyrockwillcooke yup09:57
willcookesorry, that was a question for Trevinho, I shouldn't have tagged it on the hello line :)09:57
andyrockit was online one hour ago09:57
andyrockcan you give me 5 more min?09:57
willcookesure, no hurry09:58
willcookeandyrock, are you able to go a HO this morning>09:58
andyrockat university09:58
andyrockbut I'll find a spot somewhere09:59
andyrockyup :D09:59
willcookeoki, then we can try and keep it short09:59
willcookehikiko, are you free for a HO in about 10 mins?09:59
willcookeTrevinho, you free as well? ^09:59
seb128in 10min wfm, let me make some coffee10:00
darkxstpitti, eventually we will have git branches on alioth, but its taking forever10:00
* willcooke <--- tea10:02
darkxstpitti, well I could push them now, but doesnt make a whole lot of sense until pkg-gnome team switch over10:03
darkxstprobably still beter than having no packaging branches though I guess10:04
larsugood morning! (later today because I was at the gym)10:05
Trevinhowillcooke: oh yeah sorry10:05
Laneylarsu: gym!!!!10:06
LaneyI had you as a "the world is my gym" person :P10:06
larsuLaney: did you? I noticed I go running less and less due to the weather. But need to move10:07
larsuactually feel quite nice now10:07
* larsu wonders if he should become a member10:07
* larsu wonders if Laney is sarcastic10:08
Laney(climb not gym) (climb not gym) (climb not gym)10:08
larsuyou know they call it a climbing gym as well ;)10:09
Laneynot here :P10:10
Laneywe usually call it a "climbing centre"10:10
larsuof course10:10
Laneybut actually they often have some training equipment10:11
Laneylike olympic rings and stuff10:11
seb128hey larsu10:11
larsumorning seb12810:11
Laneysometimes even their own gym10:11
larsuça va?10:11
seb128oui, et toi ? ;-)10:11
andyrockHO link?10:11
willcookeandyrock, just sent an invite10:11
larsuseb128: bien, merci10:12
willcookeseb128, andyrock, Trevinho - just waiting for hikiko to confirm she can make it and then we can start.  Just a few more minutes....10:13
willcookeoki, seb128 Trevinho andyrock hikiko:  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/sprint-kickoff?authuser=010:18
willcookeanyone who wants to see how our Agile sprints are going to work, feel free to join ^^^10:18
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willcookeoops, sorry andyrock - I dropped but I heard you speaking...10:48
willcookeTrello import tool now added to:  https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/+junk/bugtools10:53
seb128Laney, so calligra depends on glew gsl and poppler11:26
seb128transition combo validated!11:26
Laneyoh god!11:27
Laneybut it actually built11:27
* Laney is in gsl hell11:28
seb128should we hint britney to try those together?11:28
Laneyisn't it already?11:29
seb128Trying easy from autohinter: boomaga/0.7.1-1build1 cups-filters/1.1.0-1 gdal/1.11.2+dfsg-3ubuntu4 ipe-tools/20150406-3build1 libreoffice/1:5.0.2-0ubuntu4 pdf2djvu/0.9.2-3build1 pdf2htmlex/0.14.6+ds-1build1 poppler/0.37.0-0ubuntu1 popplerkit.framework/0.0.20051227svn-7.1build7 texlive-bin/2015.20150524.37493-7build1 xpdf/3.03-17ubuntu311:29
seb128is the most bottom poppler mention11:29
Laneyyou probably want the first one11:29
seb128but maybe I still don't grasp that log :p11:29
seb128k, I though the most bottom one was the one to look at11:29
Laneyi think it starts with the biggest11:30
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flexiondotorgLaney, I'd like to reintroduce gir1.2-wnck-1.0 into libwnck because there is a new MATE component that requires it.13:00
flexiondotorgLaney, Shall I just provide a debdiff for libwnck in Ubuntu?13:01
flexiondotorgAnd file a sponsorship request?13:01
LaneyIs this component going to go into Debian?13:01
flexiondotorgI have to do it in Debian also.13:01
LaneyYou know the answer. :P13:01
flexiondotorgBut libwnck doesn't sync from Debian does it?13:02
LaneyIt probably could/should do13:02
LaneyI guess there was just no benefit or motivation13:02
flexiondotorgBenefit or motivation for what?13:02
flexiondotorgOK, I'll do the work in Debian and request a sync/merge.13:03
LaneyBasically, get it reintroduced there and then we can merge the package13:03
flexiondotorgLaney, Thanks.13:03
LaneyCan help you sponsor it if you need that (e.g. if sunweaver doesn't want to)13:03
flexiondotorgsunweaver will upload the mate-dock-applet but isn't able to help with libwnck.13:03
Laneyor whoever13:04
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qenghohowdy, y'all.13:27
pittiLaney: epic worker breakage> oops, I think that was me sending in a broken package name, I'll fix that and restart13:29
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willcookeanother theme fix:  http://imgur.com/a4dTPWw14:00
willcookein the works14:00
willcookebut notice that the close icons don't have a light background when the Gedit window isn't focused anymore14:01
willcookelike they do in the terminal window14:01
willcookeI found the :backdrop selector after a lot of searching14:01
Laneyhey qengho14:18
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robskitkamppeter, I was given your name by Laney in #ubuntu-motu14:34
robskiYou would be the person looking after the CUPS package for Ubuntu ?14:34
robskihi all15:04
robskianyone here who is somehow dealing with the CUPS package in Ubuntu ?15:04
willcookerobski, tkamppeter is your man, looks like he's just timed out.  He'll be back15:04
Laneyrobski: You could email him if you don't manage to get on at the same time too (till.kamppeter@gmail.com it seems to be)15:06
robskithx again Laney ;-)15:07
willcookelarsu, how can I start the inspector in gnome-terminal?15:12
willcookelarsu, actually, ignore.  I'm going to install X on my test machine where i expect it will just work because terminal is newer15:26
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willcookeCan someone on X do:  In Terminal: Edit -> Preferences -> Profiles -> Highlight Unnamed -> Edit15:41
willcookeclick on, make sure it's selected15:44
willcookeit should be anyway15:44
willcookebut before you do15:44
pittiin which tab is this?15:44
* pitti tries to find it in the German translation15:44
willcookeif it's the same as mine it will crash15:44
willcookeI guess Edit any one will do the same15:45
pittiin Colors?15:45
willcookeFor me Edit -> Prefs -> Edit crashes the termianl15:45
pittiI have Profiles → {Unnamed, profile settings}15:45
pittiunnamed is already selected, profile settings brings up a dialog which works15:45
LaneyThis works on 3.1615:45
LaneyMaybe it broke in the update15:46
pittiwillcooke: do I need two profiles for this?15:46
pittiI only have one "Unnamed" one15:46
willcookepitti, same here, only one.  But its opening the edit window which causes the crash15:46
pittiah, I have gtk 3.18, but presumably I haven't restarted my session yet today15:47
LaneyI mean gnome-terminal 3.1815:47
* Laney is upgrading to check15:47
* pitti tries in a guest session15:47
pitti2015-11-05 06:25:15 status installed gnome-terminal:amd64 3.18.1-1ubuntu115:47
pittinah, that's ancient, over a week old already15:48
pittiso that's not it15:48
* Laney isn't on it15:48
pittiI thought you meant gtk15:48
Laneyand I am on gtk 3.18, been running that since october already :P15:48
pittieh, guest session crashes15:48
willcookesame here, guest session crashes15:48
Laneyyeah seb128 said that15:48
Laneyassuming he is looking into it ... :)15:49
* Laney runs15:49
* willcooke looks to see if there is already a bug15:49
pittithere, freshly booted with xenial dist-upgraded 5 mins ago15:49
pittiwith gtk 3.1815:49
pittiwillcooke: so, I can't reproduce your terminal edit bug; in the "Profiles" menu there's a selector for the profile which is completely inert (as there's only one profile), and the "Profile settings"15:50
larsuwillcooke: you can also always start an app with GTK_DEBUG=interactive set, which pops up the inspector immediately15:50
* Laney feeds dpkg some hamsters15:50
larsuwillcooke: (sorry for the long time to reply, had no net)15:51
Laneylarsu: not for gnome-terminal15:51
willcookeerk, now my terminal menu has vanished :)15:51
larsuLaney: not even for gnome-terminal-server15:51
Laneyyes I mean I assume that works15:51
willcookelarsu, yeah I tried that, as laney said didn't work15:51
Laneybut the instruction to just start an app is misleading in this case15:52
larsucan't even start it from the preferences window15:52
Laney[1]    25554 segmentation fault (core dumped)  /usr/lib/gnome-terminal/gnome-terminal-server --app-id=com.foo15:52
larsuis g-t doing something speciual again???15:53
larsuwhat crashes?15:53
willcookeIf I click Edit there it crashes terminal15:54
LaneyI'll look15:54
pittiwow, how do you get there15:54
Laneythis definitely broke in the 3.18 update15:54
willcookeShall I open a bug?15:55
pittigreat, now I have two "unnamed" profiles15:56
pittihow do I get the profile editor?15:56
LaneyEdit -> Preferences -> Profiles15:56
pittioh, in the menu15:57
pittiyep, got it15:58
* pitti waves good evening15:58
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willcookelarsu, those theme changes are nasty on X16:19
robskihi tkamppeter, I did sent you an email regarding CUPS package , could you pls have a glimpse ?16:19
Laneygnome-terminal is uploaded16:24
larsuI think we do have found a new maintainer for the theme :D16:25
willcookeit's making me sad now16:26
willcookeI guess I'll get faster as I learn more, but right now it's taking me a looooong time to find the right selectors16:27
willcookePresumably I only need to make sure it works on 16.04 right?  Like, if it breaks 15.10 then we just don't include it there?16:27
tkamppeterrobski, found it, will have a look.16:27
Laneyseb128: I think this is the list of stuff to remove/demote http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13228592/16:42
Laneysome of the things are in xenial-proposed already and FTBFS... I guess in that case just remove from xenial release?16:43
Laneythat's packages which ftbfs and reverse-depends src:pkg ; reverse-depends -b src:pkg16:43
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Laneybut please do check I didn't mess it up16:46
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seb128Laney, k, going to have a look tomorrow morning17:40
Laneygoing to get this one done17:41
Laneyif it kills me >:|17:41
czajkowskiLaney: awww we don't want that to ever happen17:48
LaneyI was imagining a scene in 70 years time (!!!)17:48
Laneyme on my death bed17:48
Laneyphone goes off17:48
Laney[ubuntu/85.04] gsl 2.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)17:49
* Laney dies happy17:50
czajkowskiLaney: we need to work on your death bed scene!17:52
czajkowskiif that;s the final think you think of you need to ge tout more17:52
LaneyMake sure you get my number of uploads engraved on my headstone17:53
czajkowskiam sure many of you are going to FOSDEM, just a reminder a lot of the CFPs close this month17:53
LaneyHere lies Laney, core-dev, DD, <tiny> father, husband </tiny>17:53
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czajkowskiLaney: lost for words!17:54
Laneyoh and include my GPG key on a USB stick17:55
Laneyneed to upload from the next world17:55
czajkowskiLaney: burried with laptop bike and usb stick, sorted17:56
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* ogra_ would have expected Laney to be the type of guy who puts "HTTP: 410" on his headstone18:58
willcookeARGH!!!!!!  Gtk's css is driving me up the wall.  CSS which works in the inspector then stops working when loaded from the theme19:02
willcookeIt must be some specificity thing19:02
* Laney has dodged it so far, mostly19:03
willcookegedit on X crashes quite a lot when I poke at it with the inspector as well which isn't helping19:03
willcookehey ho, it's all good fun19:03
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* Laney is off now, ttyl19:04
willcookecya Laney19:04
Laneyhave fun willcooke19:04
willcookeLaney, fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!one six19:05
willcookeson of a....19:55
willcooke*now* I've fixed i19:55
willcooke /* XXX temporary */  <--- who was this?!??!20:03
willcookedesrt, attente - are you guys off today as well?20:06
attentei'm here20:06
willcookeIsn't it a public holiday for you too?20:06
attentei don't believe so20:06
desrtno holiday for me20:06
willcookeah,  I see now.. except ON - which is what you guys are right?20:07
desrtthere was some talk of it last year around this time, i think20:07
desrtsome provinces have it, but it's not a federal thing20:07
willcookeThat seems awfully unfair20:07
desrtit's actually OK with me20:07
attentei think it evens out in the end20:08
desrtall of the green-team ingress players who work at the government buildings around here have the day off20:08
desrtso the neighbourhood is nice and blue for a change20:08
attenteexcept they're out in the rest of the city changing other things green20:08
desrtnot my concern :)20:08
desrtduring the normal 9-5 weekdays, i swear these people never actually work20:09
willcookeIngress hasn't really caught my attention.  I think because I live in the sticks there is no action around me20:09
desrtya.  it's tough if there is nothing to do20:09
desrtbut i have the opposite problem20:09
desrti live in a constant war zone.  it sucks.20:10
willcookeDo you guys have any ideas as to why the CSS I put in the inspector works fine but when I load it from the theme is doesnt work at all20:10
willcookeSo I should try and load it as late as possible?20:11
desrtthe inspector has very high precedence20:11
willcookeCan I help that with being more selective in my selectors?20:11
attentedoes the theme need to be re-compiled?20:11
desrtare you doing it via a custom-loaded .css file or the theme, proper?20:11
* desrt isn't super-familiar with css rules on this stuff20:12
willcookeI'm copying it in to the theme's gedit.css file and then reloading gedit20:12
desrtgedit.css is a resource, right?20:12
willcookeyeah, it gets included20:12
willcookelemme see where20:12
willcookegtk-main.css imports it20:13
desrtgtk-main.css imports gedit.css?20:13
willcookeI could try and move gedit to the end, see if that helps...20:13
* desrt raises eyebrow20:13
willcookeline 6120:13
* desrt feels ill20:14
willcookehold on20:15
willcookeoh, no ignore20:15
willcookeI had to use a very long selector but now it works20:49
willcookeAlright - I am fairly victorious21:55
willcookebut now I'm not happy with the colour scheme21:55
TheMusoOh hey willcooke. :)21:55
willcookehey TheMuso!21:55
willcookeI'm learnding21:55
willcookeI'm going to call it a day now and carry on playing in the morning21:56
willcooketa ta21:56

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