alexlistpgquiles_: thats what we end up doing until the upstream 3rd pty software vendor comes up with a version compiled with gcc 5.2 ...00:32
pgquiles_alexlist: then move your application to C++11 ABI too :-)00:36
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psusidoes anyone have experience with IP multicast?  I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with mediatomb... it currently has its .service file run route add -n netmask eth0, and ifconfig eth0 allmulti... but shouldn't these be entirely unneeded if it were programmed right?02:12
psusithat is to say, shouldn't it be using the sockets api to subscribe to the multicast group and send packets to the right interfaces, without the startup script running these commands?02:13
hallynpitti: mbiebl: is there a way (rm some stampfile) to get just the fakeroot debian/rules binary part of a systemd package build to be re-done?  (I changed one file, want just that rebuilt)03:42
pittiGood morning06:13
pittihallyn: it heavily depends on the packaging, but try debuild/dpkg-buildpackge with -nc ?06:13
hallynpitti: was specifically asking about sytemd :)  but will try that next time, thx06:14
hallyngood night :)06:15
* hallyn out06:15
pittihallyn: I suggest building with CFLAGS="-O0 -g", it's muuuch faster06:17
pittihallyn: good night!06:17
pittislangasek: cantor> ah, so that's a case where test-simulated-installing the individual debs from -proposed works, but several of them as a whole; I'll have a closer look at that, and either robustify our fallback to un-pinned, or maybe infinity's suggestion works even better06:24
pittislangasek: curious that it did find that "uninstallable with partial -proposed" on i386/amd6406:25
pittislangasek: It can be reproduced locally rather easily, I just need to do an autopkgtest release; doing that now06:25
pittislangasek: err, "soon" -- after looking at the trigger prio thing06:25
pitti(giving this some field testing is the reason why I didn't release it yet)06:26
slangasekpitti: "trigger prio thing"?06:27
pittislangasek: sorry, I meant changing the apt pinning the way Adam suggested06:27
slangasekpitti: but ok, thanks for the clarification on cantor06:27
slangasekah right on06:27
pittiI actually thought I tried with higher prios already, but maybe not high enough06:27
slangasekI think the threshold is 50006:28
slangasekand I guess I read the manpage wrong06:28
pittiyeah, I remembered right -- merely bumping 100 to 800 for -proposed still doesn't fix my test case06:30
slangasekpitti: ok you and infinity get to scratch your heads together then :)06:32
pittibut I'll try this on cantor and lxd, if it makes things any better06:32
pittislangasek: and in any case I have cantor and lxd (and possibly others) to at least fix the regressing tests :)06:34
slangasekright ;)06:34
slangasekmeanwhile I'm overriding for octave so we can make progress on the transition06:34
pittislangasek: that won't actually propagate yet as it seems, so I can still look at it while it's in proposed, yes06:36
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pittislangasek, stgraber: ooh, I know what's wrong -- we still dist-upgrade the whole testbed to -proposed (things like sqlite or kernel, which are in the default install), which then conflicts with the apt pinning that we set up07:02
pitti(unrelated to that apt pinning not working in every case, but explaining the test regressions)07:03
pittiin fact, in the new regime we don't actually *want* to upgrade the whole testbed, I think07:03
pittionly the packages we are testing07:03
pittiit gives us better coverage for testing low-level packages, but it's incompatible with that new pinning isolation approach07:04
dkesselgood morning07:23
dholbachgood morning07:37
ginggs_Logan, doko: can i go ahead and sync openblas? you had a "build everywhere" patch and now the new version builds on all the ubuntu archs https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=openblas&suite=unstable07:48
pittislangasek: removed your hint again, octave is green again (and it's stuck on the graphicsmagick transition)08:53
maprerican somebody help me make some sense of these failures?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sigil/0.9.0+dfsg-109:01
pittiinfinity, Laney: FYI, I documented the improved tmpfail handling and also added the SIGHUP vs. SIGTERM bits to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure#Administration10:09
decciHello Developers10:25
decciI am trying to build multiple .deb packages. One .DEB package worked fine but while I am trying to use the same rule file for multiple packages it throws dh_builddeb: -P was specified, but multiple packages would be acted on10:26
cjwatsondecci: this will probably be easier to debug if you pastebin your rules file10:28
deccicjwatson: Sure10:29
deccicjwatson: http://pastebin.com/CKx62rB410:34
deccicjwatson: While I tried creating .DEB with 1 package entry in control file, it worked. But while I added two more package entries into control file, it complained10:34
deccidh_builddeb: -P was specified, but multiple packages would be acted on10:36
cjwatsondecci: ok, that has a number of flaws10:37
deccicjwatson: like?10:38
cjwatsonyou shouldn't be calling so many dh_* commands in override_dh_install, to start with - that should only be modifying the behaviour of dh_install10:38
cjwatsonand you probably have no real need to pass --tmpdir to dh_builddeb10:38
deccicjwatson: I skipped dh $@ --with autotools-dev --with autoreconf --parallel --builddirectory=_build10:38
cjwatsonyou would be better off installing files to the right place rather than overriding tmpdir10:39
deccicjwatson: What is the right way?10:39
cjwatsonwhich probably simply means setting buildroot = debian/dang (assuming that that's your package name)10:39
deccicjwatson: I usually do is dh_make >> !cmake >> debian/rules build >> debian/rules binary10:39
cjwatsonbut it depends on what delta.mk does10:39
deccicjwatson: It just has variables for lib, opt and etc placement10:40
cjwatsondecci: debian/rules should be the entry point and should take care of calling cmake or whatever10:40
deccicjwatson: Few queries I have10:41
xnoxhallyn: i has no internets at home yet =)10:41
xnoxhallyn: when i haz internets i'll be happy to do things.10:41
deccicjwatson: Say I have precompiled source code10:41
deccicjwatson: I went to source directory10:42
cjwatsonprecompiled source code makes no difference, if that's the case you just have debian/rules not do the build pass, it usually actually simplifies things10:42
deccicjwatson: Ran dh_make -f ../delta.tar.gz -p delta_6.2.010:42
deccicjwatson: okay10:42
deccicjwatson: then debian/rules build10:43
cjwatsonok, seriously, don't10:43
cjwatsondebian/rules should be the thing that calls cmake10:43
deccicjwatson: :(10:44
cjwatson(possibly via helpers)10:44
cjwatsonand for sensibly-laid-out cmake packages, dh will do most of the hard work for you10:44
deccicjwatson: you mean I can skip cmake..but DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX refers to /tmp/INST/620/6410:44
cjwatsondh will set a more sensible CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX10:45
deccicjwatson: where my required directories and files are stored to be picked up10:45
cjwatson/usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/cmake.pm:  -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr10:45
cjwatsonbut you can override that in override_dh_auto_build if you need to10:45
cjwatson/tmp/INST/620/64 is a seriously weird place for files to end up in the built package10:46
deccicjwatson: Looks like I have been doing things wrongly10:46
deccicjwatson: though I was able to create a single package10:47
deccicjwatson: Any reference which can help me with example how to proceed when one has precompiled source and cmake ready10:47
cjwatsondecci: so, my starting point for what you're describing would be something roughly like http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226226/10:47
deccicjwatson: let me go through10:47
cjwatsonyou can add more stuff to the dh_auto_build line if you need to, to pass other cmake options10:47
cjwatsonand I might have got some of the paths a bit wrong because I don't know all the detials10:48
deccicjwatson: So dont we need dh_install, dh_builddeb10:48
cjwatsondecci: dh will call those automatically10:48
cjwatsonthat's its purpose10:48
deccicjwatson: not even dh_install10:48
cjwatsondh calls that10:49
deccicjwatson: okay10:49
cjwatsonsee "man dh"10:49
cjwatsonthe point of these override rules is that you can have a rules file that says "just do the sensible thing" and then override it for the bits where you need non-default behaviour10:49
deccicjwatson: and where shall I put my directory which I want to install like /opt /etc10:49
cjwatsondebian/dang in my example should be replaced with debian/<package-name> where <package-name> is the binary package you want to install that stuff into10:50
cjwatsonoh, in fact my example probably wants to be http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226240/ so that you can still use debian/*.install files10:50
cjwatson(i.e. override_dh_install changed to be "dh_install + more stuff" rather than just the custom stuff)10:50
cjwatsondecci: ^-10:51
deccicjwatson: Do I need to simply dump all my diretory udner debian/<package-name>.dirs10:52
deccicjwatson: What about buildroot?10:53
deccicjwatson: Let me try following your rules file and see if that works10:53
cjwatsonI would strongly recommend reading the debhelper docs - the .dirs file is documented in "man dh_installdirs"10:53
cjwatsonfor buildroot, well, that depends what that actually does10:54
cjwatsonbut normally, the way this works when you have multiple binaries is that you install your stuff to debian/tmp (or more usually let debhelper sort that out for you) and then you have .install files that select which bits of the upstream-installed tree to put into which binaries10:55
cjwatsonyou should make sure that it's actually worth multiple binary packages, since it's somewhat inevitably more work to keep track of what goes where10:55
deccicjwatson: I am trying that now..rules file ready..just need to dump .dir10:56
deccicjwatson: 2 min10:56
deccicjwatson: but normally, the way this works when you have multiple binaries is that you install your stuff to debian/tmp (or more usually let debhelper sort that out for you) and then you have .install files that select which bits of the upstream-installed tree to put into which binaries10:56
deccicjwatson: The above recommendation is what I tried too..let me show what I actually did..10:57
aracjwatson, tjaalton: hello! This bug has been verified for some days in trusty-proposed and it is quite critical to have it in updates, can any of you review it, please?10:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1480217 in nautilus (Ubuntu Trusty) "Nautilus background handling screwed when changing scaling factor." [High,Fix committed]10:59
araor pitti ^11:00
pittiara: it's been 5 days, and we normally require 711:01
arapitti, ah, great, good to know :)11:01
pittiara: as an explanation why it hasn't been moved yet11:01
pittiara: if that's super-urgent, we can expedite of course11:01
arathis one is a bit urgent, yes, but it is good to know the 7-day rule11:02
tjaaltonand works around a crasher in the intel X driver, giving more time to bisect it..11:06
rbasakIs there a known bug in lintian in Wily? I'm getting a false positive on postinst-must-call-ldconfig but can't reproduce with lintian on sid.11:06
* rbasak ignores the error11:08
deccicjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226314/11:08
pittiara: released11:09
arapitti, fantastic, thanks a lot11:09
deccicjwatson: I tried specifying .install file where I have added entries for files..but where shall I actually add those directories to ..will debian/tmp the right directory to put?11:09
deccicjwatson: Does the pastebin looks good11:10
dokoginggs_, sure11:15
deccicjwatson: tried running it lets see how it goes11:16
cjwatsondecci: so, "delta-dang" is not one of the package names you've listed in debian/control, so that won't work11:17
cjwatsondecci: nor will the "Depends: delta-dang (>= blah)" in a couple of places in debian/control11:18
cjwatsondecci: also, debian/dang in debian/rules should be replaced with debian/delta-eng or debian/delta-dang-snmp or debian/delta-dang-dev or something, depending on which package you want those ld.so.conf.d files to go in11:18
deccicjwatson: That I am going to correct..just an example ...11:19
deccicjwatson: One thing to ask - how will debian/rules binary know to pick up all directory under debian/tmp11:19
deccicjwatson: is what buildroot enough to help it11:19
cjwatsondecci: dh_install will expect to be able to copy those files from under debian/tmp; normally you shouldn't need to hardcode that though, because dh_auto_install will run "make install DESTDIR=$(pwd)/debian/tmp" or equivalent for you11:20
cjwatsonany vaguely well-written upstream build system should honour that11:20
deccicjwatson: Great info11:20
cjwatsondecci: buildroot is entirely your stuff, debhelper doesn't know or care about it11:21
deccicjwatson: What about Depends section in control file, say for a package if I mention Depends: (foo1), (foo2) and that is not current built..will the .DEB packaging proceed11:22
cjwatsonin general most variables that you set in debian/rules are up to you, unless specifically documented otherwise11:22
cjwatsondecci: an unsatisfiable Depends won't prevent the build from completing, but you might end up with a .deb you can't install11:23
deccicjwatson: So it means if I install it on ubuntu machine, it will throw error saying it is dependend upon foo2 wwhich has to be installed11:23
deccicjwatson: correct11:23
cjwatsondecci: right11:23
deccicjwatson: So it is suggested to install the foo2 first and then install this package11:24
deccicjwatson: got your point11:24
cjwatsonwell, most people will use apt which handles that automatically, but yes, if you install with dpkg -i then you have to deal with that yourself11:24
deccicjwatson: it was great info..I am going to start from fresh with correct pkg name which u suggest and see if that helps11:24
cjwatsonthis is entirely necessary behaviour of course, since you're typically depending on all sorts of things that aren't part of your source package11:24
deccicjwatson: I wonder if there would be more easy way..I loved checkinstall but it lacks rules part right11:25
deccicjwatson: debreate is GUI based but quite slow11:25
cjwatsondecci: well, I'm the wrong person to ask about that11:25
deccicjwatson:I understand...an official way is debian doc11:26
ginggs_thanks doko11:28
deccicjwatson: One question - delta-dang.install under http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226314/...does it install those directory12:14
deccicjwatson: sbin doesnt occur under opt/dang/dang12:15
deccicjwatson: so wonder what this file actually does12:15
cjwatsondecci: if it doesn't occur there, why did you write the file that way?12:17
cjwatsondecci: "man dh_install" explains what *.install files do12:17
cjwatsonplease do read it12:17
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deccicjwatson: Look in my rules I specify mkdir, touch and mv to copy , create files..here and there which is required..so I wanted to understand what actually entries under .install doing12:18
deccicjwatson: ok will read it12:18
cjwatsondecci: you can always do things by hand, but where possible it's more robust, simpler, and clearer to use declarative forms rather than big piles of shell12:19
deccicjwatson: The rules went fine.During dh_install part , http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226669/12:27
cjwatsondecci: you should only be putting something in *.install if the upstream build system installs it12:28
cjwatsonotherwise, I don't have enough context of this build system to advise12:29
deccicjwatson: Do I need .dir directory which u suggested to dump all the directories to12:30
deccicjwatson: I was mistakenly dumping everything under /tmp...i think debian/tmp is being created while rule is run12:31
deccicjwatson: So I would need .dir directory too12:31
deccicjwatson: correct?12:31
cjwatsonthe purpose of debian/*.dirs (which is "dirs", not "dir", and is a file, not a directory) is to declare that you need a bunch of mkdir commands run by dh_installdirs; nothing else12:32
cjwatsoninstalling to /tmp is a serious mistake, fix that first12:32
cjwatsonthe upstream build system ought to be installing to where DESTDIR says, and creating directories as needed12:33
deccicjwatson: Can you help me with an example..little confusing12:35
deccicjwatson: you can take http://paste.ubuntu.com/13226669/ as an example12:35
cjwatsonnot at the moment, I'm sorry, run out of time for this12:35
deccicjwatson: Just need to udnerstand dh_install12:35
pgquiles_decci: you may need to run dh_instal with --sourcedir=debian/tmp/12:43
pgquiles_and that's assuming you are actually installing to debian/tmp, by default .dirs creates directores under debian/packagename12:43
cjwatsonor 'echo 9 >debian/compat' so that it uses more modern behaviour by default12:46
cjwatson(assuming that's currently missing or set to something less than 7)12:46
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deccicjwatson: compat is set to 713:10
deccipgquiles_: but debian/tmp is something which is being created as it is buildroot.13:13
deccicjwatson: where do I need to dump the directories which I want to push to debian/tmp13:16
deccipgquiles_: where do I need to dump the directories which I want to push to debian/tmp13:18
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hallynxnox: is that scheduled soon or are you like waiting for fiber to be laid down in february or something? :)13:53
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xnoxhallyn: i'm awaiting for a fibre modem to arrive.14:02
xnoxhallyn: the fibre is in place.14:02
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cyphermoxgood morning!14:07
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roadmrhey folks! I need to make the checkbox source package produce only dummiy binaries for upgrading purposes. Is it ok if the source package contains only a debian directory?14:17
Laneyroadmr: you could also make the new package provide the old binaries14:19
cjwatsonyeah, the latter approach would be more usual, although the former is OK14:19
roadmroh good idea... let me ask the new package folks14:20
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hallynxnox: swanky :)  for me, high bw is reserved for my servers, sadly14:46
pittisitter: ah, I see some kde tests got fixed for the "command line option ‘-std=c++11’ is valid for C++/ObjC++ but not for C15:12
pitti" thingy15:12
pittisil2100: AFAICS, kcoreaddons, kio, and kde-runtime are still left15:12
pittierr, sitter ^15:12
pittigreyback, sil2100: FYI, seems qtmir FTBFS on armhf now: https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/armhf/q/qtmir/20151111_122235@/log.gz15:14
sitteryofel: ^15:15
sil2100pitti: you pinging me again!15:16
greybackCLOCK_MONOTONIC undeclared??15:16
pittigreyback: yeah, that's what the log says; not sure, might be a change/regression in new kernel?15:17
yofelpitti: I fixed all of that as far as I know, but as 35 of my uploads were rejected, I first need to develop a way to keep the kubuntu packageset in sync with reality. Then I'll upload the rest.15:17
yofel(regarding kde tests)15:18
pittiyofel: oh cool, thank you!15:19
greybackpitti: that's coming in via lttng headers that qtmir includes. Looking to see where that symbol might have gone15:22
pittidoko: the python{2.7,3.4,3.5} regressions actually do look related to the new openssl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13227864/15:23
pittidoko: does that magic "options" number need to be adjusted for the new openssl, or is that actually a bug in openssl?15:23
pittiyofel: FYI, kwin (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kwin/4:5.4.2-0ubuntu2) FTBFS on symbols mismatches15:24
roaksoax_pitti: so, I'm running into an issue where the tests seems to be failing, even though all the tests have run successfully. Anychance you can take a look? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13227887/15:27
roaksoax_my guess is that it is: adt-run: DBG: / tests-tree rmtree /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/maas-trusty-trunk-manual/results/tests-tree15:28
roaksoax_Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure15:28
pittiroaksoax_: what prints that ^, a Jenkins job?15:31
mdeslaurpitti, doko: python tests need to be fixed to match how I've disabled sslv315:38
yofelpitti: I know, I'll patch that later today (there was some upstream discussion involved)15:38
pittimdeslaur: ah, that's the missing 0x2000000?15:40
mdeslaurpitti: yeah...it's making some assumptions there....there also seems to be sslv3 tests later on too which probably will fail15:41
mdeslaurpitti, doko: I'll fix them15:41
pittimdeslaur: thanks for the heads-up; does that apply to Debian's openssl too?15:42
pittidoko usually keeps the python* in sync15:42
pittior perhaps the test should just be loosened15:42
mdeslaurdebian broke abi with their change, so a lot of things will be breaking there15:42
pittiso at worst, "options in [2164261887, 2197816319]"15:43
mdeslauryeah, I'll try and make it work both ways15:43
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dholbachcan somebody moderate my mail to u-d-a?16:56
cjwatsondholbach: done17:14
dholbachthanks cjwatson17:14
maprerithe sigil builds on xenial are failing due to apt failures that don't make sense to me, can some of you take a look at them? (they are all the same) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/225723080/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.sigil_0.9.0%2Bdfsg-1_BUILDING.txt.gz17:15
Laneymapreri: Looks like libjs-jquery-scrollto isn't installable because we don't have jquery >= 1.817:17
cjwatson libjs-jquery-scrollto : Depends: libjs-jquery (>= 1.8) but 1.7.2+dfsg-3ubuntu2 is to be installed17:18
cjwatsonbah, too slow17:18
maprerioh, right :\17:19
mapreriLaney: cjwatson: but shouldn't LP figure this out *before* trying to build it?17:19
mapreriand put the package in depwait17:19
mapreriand also, xenial/release contains an installable version of libjs-jquery-scrollto that does not need libjs-jquery (>= 1.8), why not trying that17:20
cjwatsonmapreri: the problem is that that depwait could be resolved in multiple different ways17:22
cjwatsonmapreri: it wouldn't be accurate to set a depwait on libjs-jquery (>= 1.8), because libjs-jquery-scrollto might stop depending on it17:22
cjwatsonmapreri: and beyond that this gets combinatorial-explody17:22
mapreri(it won't)17:22
cjwatsonyeah but LP doesn't know that17:23
cjwatsonmapreri: so we don't set depwaits more than one level down17:23
cjwatsonto avoid the situation where there's an outdated depwait that will never clear by itself17:23
maprericjwatson: any reason why apt can't figure out to use an outdated version of libjs-jquery-scrollto which is installable?17:24
cjwatsonno idea17:24
cjwatsonpossibly just trying to avoid having to do exponential backtracking17:25
maprerii'll just ignore it, hopefully somebody will merge a newer version of jquery and everything will fix by itself17:28
greybackpitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/xenial-armhf-fix/+merge/277282 fixes that qtmir issue here. How to land? Make a silo?18:56
elbruspitti: my latest upload of dbconfig-common fails to pass the autopkgtests on armhf only, everytime for another reason which all look unrelated to dbconfig-commoon... what is the best way forward?19:21
slangasekpitti: it appears britney is waiting for a test result from libpdl-stats-perl on amd64 triggered by gsl/2.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1, but the request looks like it was lost because there was another libpdl-stats-perl test running at the same time with a different trigger19:29
slangasekpitti: (manually triggered now)19:30
ponycornHey guys, are there any plans to update the gpg iso signing keys? To my knowledge, 1024 bit DSA keys are not considered safe anymore?19:35
mdeslaurponycorn: bug 136348219:50
ubottubug 1363482 in ubuntu-keyring (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-keyring includes 1024D keys" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136348219:50
cjwatson(answered on #ubuntu-release, too)19:59
ponycornAwesome, thank you mdeslaur and ubottu, and sorry for posting this in multiple channels20:07
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robert_ancellslangasek, infinity, could someone have a look at the lightdm 1.14.3 SRU for vivid? It's got a feature that's important for the phone.20:54
mbieblhallyn: not sure if your question was answered, but I think this is standard dh7 behaviour22:03
mbieblI assume dh keeps stamp files in debian/, but I actually dunno if you can remove one of those to trigger a new make run22:03
mbieblwhat you can do, to speed up the build, is to not run the test-suite and skip the udeb build22:04
mbieblexport DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nocheck noudeb"22:04
pittielbrus: indeed; it either fails with "hostname: Temporary failure in name resolution22:06
pittielbrus: or22:06
pittiERROR: encoding "UTF8" does not match locale "en_US" DETAIL: The chosen LC_CTYPE22:06
pittielbrus: ^ not sure if that's intended and part of the test case?22:07
pittielbrus: anyway, I'll have closer look tomorrow morning and reproduce; I might just set it to "always failed" (then it'll promote), but at least figure out some details22:07
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pittislangasek: libpdl-stats-perl> hm, we shouldn't "lose" results, and britney also tracks them by-trigger; looking at log files22:08
pittislangasek: I see two runs for ADT_TEST_TRIGGERS=gsl/2.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1 now -- if you manually triggered once, the other was from britney itself?22:21
pittislangasek: could it just have been busy queues?22:21
pitticapacity and cloud breakage is continuing problem..22:22
pittislangasek: actually there's three results22:22
pitti2015-11-11 20:09:45, 2015-11-11 19:34:21, and 2015-11-11 19:27:4822:23
pittislangasek: so at least the latter was finished before your manual one22:23
leezer3Looking for a little help here; I appear to have taken over development of an abandoned game, which is available in the Ubuntu repositories, but has a couple of critical bugs, which means it no longer works full-stop for most users.22:35
leezer3I'm rather unclear as to what/ who I should be talking to to get a patch into the repositories; I've tried mailing the package maintainer, who appears to be MIA, and I've discovered the patch pilot page on the wiki, which has kinda sent me here :)22:36
leezer3my source is on Github at the minute, and the version that the repos have was behind what I started modifying, so there's a lot of code differences.22:37
leezer3I don't claim my source is ready for primetime, but I'm looking for help on the process so that when it is, this can be sorted out :)22:38
slangasekpitti: oh.  yes it could have been busy queues; the fact that scheduled tests don't show up on autopkgtest.u.c is rather inconvenient...23:26
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