TJ-what does the raw data on the drive look like for the first 8 sectors?00:09
daftykinsi've just managed to obtain the program and convert it, it's appearing as "GPT protected" to my windows 10 PC00:13
daftykinsfiring up a Linux machine now00:13
daftykinsperhaps MS have changed their methodology since this program was made00:16
daftykinsxubuntu claims the GPT tables are corrupted00:17
TJ-look at the raw data, ignore the tools00:18
daftykinsyeah i'll revert it to stock first00:19
daftykinshrmm not used to using dd in this context; is "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=file bs=1M count=1 ok to grab the first 1MB? :) seems not based on the data i saw00:22
* daftykins puts another " up there00:22
daftykinshrmm hexdump00:24
TJ-daftykins: yes that works00:24
TJ-then you can "hexdump -C file"00:25
daftykinshehe, i guess 1MB is a lot... it's going for some time.00:25
daftykinsah there we go, man page to the rescue00:26
TJ-well, it should be 512 x 35 sectors to get primary GPT00:26
TJ-so about 20KB is all that is needed00:27
daftykinsi can't work out what value or unit hexdump -n requires for 'length'00:27
daftykinsthe manpage is rubbish00:28
daftykinsor i could just host the file XD00:28
daftykinsthat appears to have a download function00:29
daftykinsah yeah i see some strings using "hexdump -C file -n 1024"00:29
TJ-dropbox doesn't work for me, not even with allowing its Javascript00:35
daftykinsok lemme throw it on a webserver00:36
daftykinsthat should be good :>00:37
TJ-oooo! 000001f0  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 99 cc  |................|00:39
TJ-those last 2 signature bytes are usually 55 AA so it looks like 99 CC is the 'locked' signature00:40
TJ-I bet if you change those it'd be read by the tools00:40
daftykinsooh :D what'd be the easiest way to action that change?00:42
TJ-fdisk -l /dev/loop100:43
TJ-GPT PMBR size mismatch (976773165 != 2047) will be corrected by w(rite).00:43
TJ-Disk /dev/loop1: 1 MiB, 1048576 bytes, 2048 sectors00:43
TJ-Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes00:43
TJ-Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:43
TJ-I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:43
TJ-Disklabel type: dos00:43
TJ-Disk identifier: 0x7856341200:43
TJ-Device       Boot Start       End   Sectors   Size Id Type00:43
TJ-/dev/loop1p1          1 976773165 976773165 465.8G ee GPT00:43
TJ-oops! pastebin silly :D00:43
TJ-"hexedit" ... type-over with the correct values at offset 0x1FE, then Ctrl+X to save (answer Yes)00:43
daftykinsooh ty00:43
TJ-BUT... don't do it on the device itself!!00:43
TJ-the EFI-SP starts where the primary GPT should start00:44
daftykinsah just on the file, then dd to and fro?00:44
TJ-No, don't alter the disk. There's something special in where it has put the GPT primary tables.00:44
daftykinsah ok so i'll have to image the whole disk >8\/00:45
TJ-The primary GPT header should be in sector 1-3400:45
TJ-the secondary is at the very end of the device00:45
daftykinsannoyingly the Linux laptop i'm working from doesn't have enough storage to image up this 500GB disk in its' entirety00:47
daftykinsi could put it on a network drive though00:47
TJ-What was the original problem?00:48
daftykinsi've got two SATA to USB 3.0 adapters for use with my xbox, today... neither one will show up to the xbox at all00:48
daftykinsplugging the drives into my desktop PC shows the drives are definitely there and talking, just seems like they've had a falling out with the xbox :D00:49
daftykinsi'm tempted to contact their support about it; but i don't imagine getting too far00:49
daftykinsall it is is a storage drive of installed games, so not the end of the world, just means a big re-download00:49
TJ-correction. GPT primary header is at Sector 1. I was mis-reading00:51
TJ-so, temporarily altering 0x1FE from 99 CC to 55 AA should be safe.00:52
daftykinsi'm a tad puzzled on the way to attack this then, do you think i should make a full image?00:53
TJ-OK, going back  a bit00:53
TJ-USB3<>SATA adapters. Are you using those on the PC, too00:54
TJ-Can we rule them out as the problem?00:54
daftykinsi took a second drive and used one of the two to connect it to the xbox and it came up right away00:54
TJ-it does sound like something specific to the XBox then00:54
daftykinsjust found their FAQ page on diagnosing storage and i've tried all their golden advice already00:55
daftykins"turn the xbox off and on again"00:55
daftykins"try another USB port"00:55
TJ-look at the 'new' drive it does see; does it's sector 0 have that same signature 99 CC00:55
daftykinsi'll go grab it and bring it up00:55
TJ-maybe the fix is to put it back to 55 AA :)00:55
TJ-no idea what would change that though!00:55
daftykinsunless that program i just used to change between 'xbox' and 'PC' mode killed it00:56
TJ-maybe it does that to the drives deliberately in order to 'hide' the drives?00:56
daftykinsi think so yeah, stops folk copying the content so freely00:56
daftykinsit'd be a good step to stripping DRM and spreading games00:57
wileeeheh !list00:57
OerHekswileee, all torrents are here http://torrents.linuxmint.com/00:58
TJ-daftykins: Aha. The Primary GPT's CRC is incorrect00:58
TJ-So yes, I think the tool has altered key bytes and not regenerated the CRC of the header00:59
* OerHeks hides behind a glass bacardi-cola00:59
wileeeI knew this was not exactly the stuff in whatever the list holds, the drm strip was the trigger00:59
OerHeksdid you install that budu script thingy ?00:59
* daftykins shakes a fist01:00
daftykinsTJ-: hmm, should i still do a dump of the other disk? maybe less than 1MB this time?01:00
wileeefunny how linux has so many derivatives of something, everyone or some anyway want individuality I suppose01:02
TJ-daftykins: offset 0x5C in the GPT header should have a 4-byte CRC32. In the image it's 0x001:02
daftykinsit kind of annoys me, if they could work together it'd be a de-duplication of effort and more work could be done on the fewer :)01:02
TJ-daftykins: that's offset 0x25C in image file01:02
TJ-I'd have thought they've jsut moved the CRC32 somewhere else, lets find it :D01:03
* TJ- dons his Sherlock Holmes cape and picks up the magnifying glass01:03
wileeefair assessment is they are more a like than different across the board at least from a armchair view01:03
TJ-daftykins: Grrr, I'm tired. the CRC32 is at 0x58 (0x258 in the image) and its there! My memory is failing me01:04
daftykinsTJ-: ooh this other one came up showing me the NTFS partition once i let it use the primary table01:06
daftykinsit said the backup was corrupt01:06
TJ-daftykins: That's interesting. maybe there is no backup on these drives. use dd to look at the last 34 sectors01:07
daftykinsi've no idea how to do that XD01:07
TJ-daftykins: I noticed in the primary header, offset 0x28 (0x228) first usable LBA for partitions - is set to 2, when it ought to be 0x22 (34)01:09
daftykinsi've grabbed the first 1MB again on this second disk; http://techblo.gg/stuff/dd_image201:09
TJ-daftykins: HAHA! that was it. I changed it to 0x22 at offset 0x228 and the tools recognise the GPT01:10
daftykinsi've reconnected the original disk01:11
TJ-I've had to use 'cgdisk' on the partial disk image because the other tools won't ignore there not being a complete disk01:11
daftykinscan i hexedit the 1MB image then write it back?01:12
TJ-it'd be easier to just hexedit the disk device directly01:12
TJ-hexedit /dev/sdX01:12
daftykinstrue, just heeded your earlier warning :> nothing to lose here though01:12
TJ-well, you have an image of that area of the disk so you could just put the original back with dd01:13
daftykinsok i'm in the hexedit view01:13
TJ-As long as you take an image of the original first, you're covered (as long as you don't make changes outside the range covered by the backup image). Right now you're working with just the 1st 2 sectors.01:13
TJ-navigate to offset 0x22801:14
TJ-you should see 0x0201:14
TJ-change to 0x2201:14
TJ-also, make sure you changed the signature at 0x1FE to 55 AA01:14
TJ-that's the protective MBR signature01:15
daftykinsok first change done01:16
daftykinsat 0x22801:16
TJ-tip: "hexedit -s ..." will give you a sector-based display which is often easier to work with when working on disk images01:17
daftykinsso we have 99 at 0x1FE01:18
daftykinsah yes that made it far easier to see XD01:18
TJ-so change from 99 CC to 55 AA01:18
daftykinsalrighty, that's all finished01:19
daftykinsparted still claims both GPTs are corrupt01:19
daftykinsshall i take it to the xbox to test anyway?01:20
TJ-forget parted, use cgdisk01:22
TJ-when it opens, choose Verify and see the text it reports01:22
TJ-It may be you've got to edit the Secondary GPT header too01:23
daftykinsCRC invalid for both01:23
TJ-you've got the same header there that I have :s01:23
daftykinsperhaps i did something wrong? i only made two edits01:23
daftykinshrmm the disk looks totally different now, standby01:24
daftykinsno, 0x228 definitely has "22"01:24
daftykinsand "FF" in 0x1FE and "AA" in 0x1FF01:25
TJ-55, not FF01:26
TJ-55 AA01:26
daftykinsoops yeah that was meant to be 55, not sure what my brain did.01:27
TJ-the reason is they bit patterns help detect flipped bits: 01010101 1010101001:27
TJ-hmmm, I've not done anything else01:27
daftykinsperhaps i need to reconnect? cached reads maybe?01:27
TJ-it looks like the disk is presenting 1024 byte sectors01:29
daftykinsi think both of these are advanced format01:29
daftykinsoh cgdisk's output differed btw01:30
TJ-the reason for saying that is that the first actual partition-table entry starts in the first sector following the header, and the header sector must be all-zeros from its end (its 92 bytes long) to the end of the sector. In the image here its all zeros until 0x60001:30
TJ-the primary table seems only to use 20 sectors, because 0x2800 looks to be partition/file-system/file data01:34
TJ-I change 0x22 back to 0x02 and I see that too01:35
daftykinsweird that your edits did a different thing to mine01:36
TJ-tha value is the starting usable sector (34 decimal, 0x22 ) so if the header is shorter maybe it should be a smaller number01:37
TJ-so try making the original 0x02 0x16 instead of 0x2201:38
daftykinssame output as the above pastebin, from cgdisk01:39
TJ-it could also be affected by my loop device using 512 byte sectors, and your using advanced format that looks to be 1KB sectors, in which case the number would be  decimal 10, 0x0A01:40
TJ-however, that doesn't explain why I don't get the CRC32 error when using 0x22 and you do, since the CRC's are the same01:40
TJ-what are the 4 bytes starting from 0x210 ?01:41
daftykinsshould i change the 0x228 "16" to anything else yet?01:41
TJ-I have 00000210   92 BC A5 6301:41
TJ-no, lets figure out if we have differences first.01:42
daftykinsyep that matches01:42
TJ-right, that's the CRC32 of the header itself01:42
TJ-there's another CRC32 at 0x58 (0x258) of the partitions themselves, and I think that is the one that might be hiting you01:42
daftykins36 78 8D B0 is there01:43
TJ-I do a verify with cgdisk:01:43
TJ- cgdisk /dev/loop101:43
TJ-No problems found. 1981 free sectors (990.5 KiB) available in 101:43
TJ-segments, the largest of which is 1981 (990.5 KiB) in size.01:43
TJ-that's with 0x228 = 0x2201:43
TJ-00000250   01 00 00 00 80 00 00 00  36 78 8D B001:44
daftykinsyep, same :S01:44
TJ-very strange! I can understand you seeing a problem with the backup table01:45
TJ-just check sgdisk reports the same as cgdisk (its the same back-end)01:46
TJ-"sgdisk --verify /dev/sdX"01:46
daftykinsyep - with 16 in place at 0x228 still01:47
TJ-put 0x22 there and try again01:49
TJ-here's additional stuff I see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13222375/01:49
daftykinsno change, both still with a bad CRC01:49
TJ-hmmm, makes no sense. Try doing the same changes and tests on (a copy of) that file you sent me.01:50
TJ-it seems like when addressing the hardware something to do with translation is changing things01:50
daftykinswill i need to use loop mounting?01:51
TJ-yes "losetup /dev/loop1 /path/to/file"01:52
TJ-then "sgdisk --verify /dev/loop1" and "hexedit -s /dev/loop1"01:52
daftykinsidentical result to yours after making the two edits :(01:54
daftykinssgdisk reads it fine01:54
TJ-so it's something to do with the advanced format disk01:54
TJ-This is where GPT breaks, so its interesting01:54
daftykinsi wonder if the xbox has any preference between AF or non01:56
daftykinsyou'd have thought not, because it's bound to encounter both these days01:56
TJ-the header is supposed to be in LBA1 of the disk. So depending on the sector size of the disk that could be 512, 1024, or 4096 bytes into the disk. This image has it at 512 bytes, which suggests the original controller uses 512 byte logical sectors. If Linux is using a different logical sector size that might explain it01:56
daftykinsi'm used to seeing the physical and logical sector size in parted's output, but we're not going to see that without a readable GPT i guess01:57
daftykinsmaybe i need to take this drive out of its' enclosure and put it directly into a Linux PC tomorrow - that might change something?01:58
TJ-hmmm, not sure. What does this report?01:58
TJ-sgdisk --print  /dev/sda01:58
TJ-Disk /dev/sda: 976773168 sectors, 465.8 GiB01:58
TJ-Logical sector size: 512 bytes01:58
TJ-well, change /dev/sda obviously, for the real sdX of the disk01:58
TJ-see what the Logical sector size reports01:58
daftykins512 bytes01:59
TJ-ok, not that either!01:59
daftykinsi'll need to pop it out to double check if it was an AF drive01:59
daftykinsyep definitely has the AF logo02:00
TJ-what does "cat /sys/block/<sdX>/device/model" report?02:02
daftykinsFE2005 - that'll be the model of the inateck enclosure i bought that it's in right now02:02
daftykinsit uses a jmicron UASP capable USB 3.0 controller02:03
TJ-OK, so maybe its the translation causing the issue02:05
TJ-Despite the warning, I wonder if the disk will be 'seen' if you return it to the xbox02:06
* daftykins pops it downstairs02:06
daftykinsit noticed it this time, but it offered to format it instead of just use it02:08
daftykinsso even it knows something is wrong02:08
daftykinsperhaps all this work has been invalidated by the Windows program i ran first :(02:09
daftykinsbut i did tell it to switch it back, so any process should have been reversed02:09
TJ-you put in a new disk earlier, and it formatted it? maybe we should look at the header that created?02:10
daftykinsdid you happen to see the second 1MB image i posted? http://techblo.gg/stuff/dd_image202:11
daftykinsthat's the working one02:11
TJ-i must have missed it, let me look02:11
daftykinsthat one is also advanced format, *but* used the other bridge chip to access it02:14
TJ-changing the MBR signature to 55 AA fixes that one, it just complains about missing baclkup GPT.02:14
TJ-0x226 = 0x0402:14
daftykinsparted was able to see the NTFS partition on that one as-is02:14
daftykinsbut tools wouldn't mount it, naturally02:15
daftykinsi guess the kernel reads the primary only02:15
TJ-these are weird; Trust MS to be non-standard02:20
daftykinswell i think they want to stop people readily reading and copying installed content02:21
TJ-this is your 2nd, good, disk image: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13222960/02:23
TJ-hexedit shows that Parition GUID at 0x600 (it's byte-reversed as little-endian)02:25
TJ-notce "First sector: 4"02:25
TJ-so the GPT header is very minimal, not storing the usual 128 entries (34 sectors)02:25
daftykinsi could read the first disk again with the same bridge chip, see if it was a quirk?02:25
TJ-so that explains something about the CRC32 / first LBA 0x02/0x22 changes. That makes me think that the 0x228 on the faulty disk should be 0x0402:26
daftykinsvalid backup! :D02:28
TJ-did you fix it?02:28
daftykinsthat's weird, cgdisk still errors to both tables02:29
daftykinssgdisk started to regenerate the main header from the backup02:29
daftykinsmaybe i should go try the xbox again02:29
daftykinsoh it doesn't spot the microsoft basic data part, so maybe it's not happy still02:31
TJ-i just figured out using sgdisk here re-write the GPT header without warning when using --verify, so BE CAREFUL02:32
daftykinsshould i run sgdisk on the disk with --verify?02:33
daftykinsyour pastebin was very different, stating "First sector: 4 (at 2.0 KiB)" whilst mine "First usable sector is 2,"02:34
TJ-right, LBA '2' suggests the logical sector size is 102402:40
TJ-I'm running 'sgdisk' always with --pretend (-P) so it only does changes in-memory02:40
daftykinsah har02:41
daftykinsi gave it another check on the xbox, naturally it tried to offer to format it again02:41
daftykins -!- daftykins changed the topic of #ubuntu-love to: What is love? Baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no02:43
daftykins          more.02:43
daftykinscurious channel :)02:43
wileeesounds more like #ubuntu-tweens02:45
wileeewhere for where art though ubuntu mod02:46
daftykinsTJ-: crikey look at the time :S i think this one deserves a nights sleep02:47
* daftykins wonders if TJ- has been dragged away by the hounds02:56
TJ-I just tried testdisk; even it can't deal with the non-standard GPT header with only 1 partition entry it assumes 34 sectors02:56
daftykinswell, i could just give up and wipe it i guess02:57
TJ-this reminds me of all the things that made me walk away from Microsoft software02:57
TJ-You could try using testdisk to scan the disk and suggest a partition table for use on Linux at least02:57
daftykinsthe good news is the xbox gets a new OS on Thursday, so maybe it'll be all change :D02:58
TJ-then you could backup files to another device, then let the xbox reformat it correctly, change those signature bytes so Linux can see it, and copy the files back02:58
daftykinshmm that could work!02:59
daftykinsi think that'll have to be a task for tomorrow though02:59
TJ-You don't need the partition table if you mount the filesystem directly using "losetup --offset03:02
TJ-"losetup --offset 2048 /dev/loop5 /dev/sdX" then "blkid /dev/loop5" might reveal an NTFS file-system03:03
* daftykins quickly boots back up03:03
TJ-I don't have enough of the data here to test that correctly. testdisk cold also discover the NTFS file-system03:03
TJ-This all assumes the file-system/header/metadata isn't somehow 'changed' like the GPT03:04
daftykinsi could try emailing the guy that wrote the program that was meant to unlock it03:04
TJ-there's certainly an NTFS header starting at 2048 (0x800)03:04
TJ-might be a good idea, and indicate it somehow broke it03:05
daftykinsok i ran the losetup, weirdly parted does nothing with the device03:06
TJ-no, it's a pure file-system now, no PT03:07
TJ-do "blkid /dev/loop5"03:07
daftykinsoh wow that's got the correct name i gave it on the xbox :)03:07
TJ-we're trying to side-step the PT and work on the file-system directly03:07
daftykinsyep ntfs spotted03:08
TJ-right: "mkdir -p /mnt/xbox; mount /dev/loop5 /mnt/xbox"03:08
daftykinsyep content successfully visible!03:08
daftykinsso perhaps as you said, backup the disk... let the xbox convert it... then compare the headers at the start and end of the disk?03:09
TJ-OK, so you can backup correctly now, and then let the Xbox re-format te device, bring it back to Linux, id where the file-system is again, losetup+mount that empty new FS and copy the files back03:09
TJ-I think the trick now is to IGNORE the partition table and work on the file-system(s) directly03:10
daftykinsah yes, that'd be a lot less work03:10
TJ-no point fighting it when the PT is not needed to work with the files03:10
daftykinsthis info is highly useful to point out to xbox owners how to access the data direct03:10
TJ-I've been doing this stuff for so long I generally do avoid PTs, but for some reason with only having these disk images from the 1st 1MB I got fixated on trying to correct the PT03:11
daftykinshehe :D perhaps i should've offered SSH access early on :>03:12
TJ-I could write a simple C program for you that does that03:12
daftykinswould that only be for use on a Linux host?03:12
TJ-It'd be source code, so potentially usable on any POSIX host.03:13
TJ-it would't work on Windows; but I was on about being able to natively mount an XBox disk on Linux without having to fiddle with it03:13
daftykinsah har, could be pretty handy - though i'm certainly not adverse to the losetup method03:13
daftykinsouch 227GB i've got on there :D03:13
TJ-the thing is, to do that, you've got to identify the correct offset, and that could change03:14
daftykinsmmm, i wonder if they'd be that clever03:14
TJ-I mean due to advanced format disks vs 'traditional' - sector sizes make translation a requirement to get it correct for all drives03:14
daftykinsi think there'd definitely be many folks that would appreciate a tool like that :)03:15
daftykinsi think it's our bedtime for sure though :D03:15
TJ-I also, thinking about it, think the MS programmers got their GPT implementation wrong! Those offsets at 0x28 and 0x48 should be Logical Block Address offsets, whatever the LBA sector size is, but I *think* the programmers have assumed an LBA is ALWAYS 512 bytes03:16
TJ-That's explain why the numbers didn't match the geometry03:16
daftykinsoooh this is interesting, remember that 'nonic' string that showed up? there's a file on this FS called 'LastConsole' that contains a few characters then 'nonic'03:16
daftykinshehehe, so could be some other values to try?03:16
TJ-nonic is actually part of the DISK GUID in the GPT header03:18
TJ-at offset 0x38 to 0x4703:19
daftykinshehe i've not got the space on this laptop to copy the content over either03:19
TJ-Well, at least you have access to it. Worry about that tomorrow03:19
TJ-(later today!)03:19
daftykinsindeed :D03:19
daftykinsbig games these days, just one is 55GB03:20
TJ-most of it being texture data03:20
daftykinswell thanks muchly for that sir, it is hugely appreciated :)03:20
TJ-you're welcome03:21
daftykinsvery interesting seeing MS' methods reverse engineered03:21
daftykinsooh my SSD has enough space come to think of it ^_^03:22
TJ-can't you connect the other, GOOD, empty Xbox drive to the PC too, and copy from one to the other?03:23
daftykinscould do, i was using xubuntu on a USB 2.0 only drive - so i've just booted ubuntu from a flash drive on my sandybridge laptop which has a USB 3.0 port03:24
daftykinsthis should be extremely zippy :)03:24
TJ-right, as long as the NTFS doesn't do something special too. I'd recommend writing just a few test files to the empty drive then testing it on the Xbox before going ahead with a full clone03:25
TJ-that of course assumes the Xbox lets you browse the file-system03:25
daftykinshmm i unmounted the mountpoint prior to shutdown but didn't disconnect the loop device, just issued a shutdown03:25
daftykinsthe NTFS partition has this time mounted read only03:26
daftykinsoh think i used the wrong disk, haha03:26
TJ-I've got to go clear spiders from a CCTV camera; they're setting off the motion detector continuously!03:27
daftykinserk! ok :)03:27
daftykinsnow there's a nice USB 3.0 UASP capable enclosure; 98.4MB/sec copying to my laptop's SSD from the 500GB laptop 2.5"03:30
daftykinsyay all copied, why did i stay up for that o004:14
daftykinsalrighty i could go make the xbox format this for use now, then copy it back on (same disk)04:17
daftykinsor i could just sleep since it's 4am >8\04:18
TJ-I forgot to refit the back-plate in the freezer earlier, because still testing the hot-wire, and just realised that stops the fan from being able to force the air up into the fridge! So, waiting up a bit longer to ensure the fridge cools :)04:18
TJ-yeah, I'm thinking of staying up all day, get ultra-tired and have a decent early night04:18
daftykinsi only made it 'til 4am the last time XD04:18
daftykinser 4pm04:19
TJ-i generally find if I started flagging, go for a run and a shower after wakes me up04:21
daftykinsTJ-: what would be interesting to see now from the formatted drive?04:22
daftykinsanother 1MB dd grab?04:22
daftykinssame 2048 offset works :)04:24
daftykinsouch far slower write speed naturally04:25
daftykins2hrs :(04:26
TJ-I suspect the header of the formatted drive will be the same as the 'spare' you used earlier.04:28
daftykinslets give it a go!04:29
daftykinscould i just diff the two files?04:29
TJ-I've been getting annoyed by deficiencies in the GPT tooling we have for some time; I think I'm going to write a tool that can deal with this kind of stuff04:29
TJ-No, CRCs and drive GUID will be different04:29
TJ-you have to compare field-to-field04:29
daftykinsyee-ouch! so no point me showing you this one? :)04:30
TJ-being able to tell a GPT tool only-use primary/backup table; ignore CRC errors, etc, etc04:30
TJ-Not really, no, I've got the idea of what is going on there.04:31
daftykinsouch it's gone down to 23MB/sec write :(04:31
daftykins3hrs it wants now to write that 243GB!04:31
TJ-I've not had many drives with GPT have serious errors so far, so not had to hack too much.04:31
wileeeyou're feeling sleepy04:32
daftykinshow did you know :o04:32
TJ-that's still a good transfer rate04:32
TJ-you're just too spoilt!04:32
TJ-serves you right for buying such large games :D04:32
daftykinsyeah i love my SSDs, gigabit LAN and so forth04:32
TJ-I wish there was a lappy that has a fibre port not copper04:33
daftykinsthey're quite annoying with the "Xbox One"; it has an internal mechanical 500GB which they don't let you upgrade =|04:33
daftykinsthese USB 3.0 enclosures are the only way to add storage04:33
daftykinsi hope there's nothing unique in these files...04:34
daftykinsi think nautilus really sucks for file copy because it's filled the RAM, i see 20% CPU usage on a dual core 2nd gen i5 from mount.ntfs and 14% CPU from usb-storage04:49
TJ-it uses as much free space as possible to cache05:03
TJ-same as us manually using 'dd bs=1G ...'05:03
TJ-I've just tried booting this embedded system with plopkexec from a USB FDD. syslinux boots, plop starts then crashes/hangs the PC with the keyboard lights flashing!05:19
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:06
lordievaderGood morning.09:50
lotus|xenialgood morning guys10:28
EriC^^morning lotus|xenial10:43
lotus|xenialhey EriC^^10:43
lotus|xenialEriC^^: hows the movienight been :p10:43
EriC^^good good10:43
lordievaderPuppet apply --noop is quite nice :D11:39
lotus|xenialafternoon cfhowlett and Ben6412:16
cfhowlettlotus|xenial, greetings12:16
lotus|xenialonce upon a time there was a penguin...12:24
cfhowlettkeep it clean!12:24
lotus|xenialhis name was tux and loved downhill snowraces...12:38
cfhowlett... his best friend was gnu12:39
lotus|xenialcfhowlett: i think we ivented a new type of bedtime storybooks here we can earn big $$$12:40
lotus|xenial!find nvidia-cuda13:07
ubot5Found: boinc-nvidia-cuda, nvidia-cuda-dev, nvidia-cuda-doc, nvidia-cuda-gdb, nvidia-cuda-toolkit13:07
pauljwHi everyone13:10
lotus|xenialhi pauljw :p13:13
BluesKajHiyas all14:10
lotus|xenialhey BluesKaj14:11
BluesKajHi lotus|xenial14:11
lotus|xenialBluesKaj: all working fine here on xenial14:19
BluesKajgood to hear lotus|xenial, had a few graphics glitches yesterday after a small upgrade , but all seems to be fine now on Xenial14:20
lotus|xenialBluesKaj: didnt you say, you went back to trusty yesterday?14:21
BluesKajand plsama 5.4.214:21
BluesKajI do so occasionally when I get fed up14:22
BluesKajI have it on another partition14:23
lotus|xenialah ic14:23
lotus|xenialcheers guys14:42
daftykinsTJ-: o/ huzzah at a working xbox HDD today :) the xbox looked content over before launching it with a displayed message of "hangon, we're just checking..." then all worked just fine \o/21:36
daftykinsmany thanks for that time once again :) hope it wasn't what ruined your sleep schedule once again!21:36
TJ-daftykins: Thank goodness!21:52
TJ-haha no, I've had a 'fun' afternoon reverse-engineering a fridge/freezer microcontroller :)21:53
daftykinsah was that one or two components not enough to sort it out?21:53
wileeeTJ-, Let me know if you get a thaw on those steaks. ;)21:53
daftykinshaha i'm with wileee on this one - we're ready and waiting if the apple pie needs to be taken care of21:55
daftykinsfor the sake of hygiene y'know21:55
wileeeohh yeah mmmm the apple pies21:55
TJ-daftykins: looks like there's some SMD resistors that connect the MC output ports to the triacs, and at least 1 is showing 49K instead of 390 Ohms21:55
daftykinsooh, i sense someone has had their Sherlock hat on21:56
TJ-I left a freezer box on the floor full of pies and turned round to find Pepper licking the ice off :)21:56
TJ-daftykins: so I may have fried some of the outputs of the MC, worst-case.21:57
TJ-daftykins: right now it only looks like the evaporator fan control is not operating correctly, but it could be affecting the 2 heaters too. Hard to get it into a test mode on the bench21:57
wileeeheh, dogs and cats gotta watch em, I have an 18 lb tom with razor claws21:57
TJ-I've hot-wired the fan though, so its working properly in keeping the fridge supplied with cold air21:58
TJ-wileee: Ouch!21:58
wileeemy boss at a laundromat is a journeyman electrician, he fixes all of them, some have very simple circut board as well I think21:59
daftykinsTJ-: i take it with white goods, the circuit diagrams aren't exactly freely shared by the manufacturers, even if a model is discontinued? :)21:59
TJ-Correct, they're not. I have the service manual but there's no PCB circuit diagram, only wiring22:00
TJ-But I can reverse it from the PCB, it's not complicated22:00
TJ-I held the hot air nozzle a little too long in one place at 400C earlier... and it pinged some solder spots around the room. Thought a component had blown again :D22:02
TJ-I think I'm going to hibernate for 3 months... until this unlucky streak is over22:03
wileeeyou're smart enough to do it and recognize mistakes, you would be whom I hire if needed, and trust22:04
* TJ- inspects the trail of 'spares' and grins :D22:04
TJ-well, on the plus side I did repair the blown SSD so it's not all bad. Just need to not blow things up in the first place!22:05
wileeeI've had a SSD lockup a couple of times was a wait time is all with it pulled out and put in a container and powered up for a auto check, lucky to have found that info in my case.22:08
daftykinssometimes you get quirky cables or SSD firmwares i find22:10
wileeehttps://crucial.i.lithium.com/t5/Crucial-SSDs/Why-did-my-SSD-quot-disappear-quot-from-my-system/ta-p/65215       might be common knowledge not sure really22:10
wileeethe power cycle was what I did out of the computer22:11
wileeeIn the end I rarely ask for help, I'm like some who come here, I'm in a hurry to fix and here to proud to ask, lol.22:13
wileeeyour guys help has always been a great place to lurk and learn I will say though, the channel provides a never ending slam on issues so common you can't forget the fixs at times.22:15
TJ-i've been trying to debug why plopkexec locks up this embedded system as soon as it tries to draw its screen. Tried to build it from source with additional debugging, but the damned kernel image comes out about 3.5MB instead of 1.3M so it won't fit on the floppy22:21

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