dholbachgood morning07:37
Kiloshi dholbach svij and all others07:41
dholbachhi Kilos07:41
svijhi Kilos and dholbach 07:46
dholbachhi svij07:46
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dpm_nhaines, ubucon call?18:01
dpm_nhaines, nm, Richard could make it, so all good18:37
dpm_talk to you soon!18:37
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mhall119nhandler: ping22:00
nhandlerHi mhall119 22:00
mhall119nhandler: hey, do you have a blog post from your release party I can attach to the community funding report?22:01
nhandlermhall119: It is the top post on blog.nhandler.com . For some reason, the direct link doesn't appear to be working right now. I'll sort that out after work today for you.22:02
mhall119nhandler: thanks22:05

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