nemithI am trying to patch network-manager in wily for a couple of crippling mtu bugs.  They are fixed upstream but i would like to repackage.  When i try to clone network manager via bzr branch lp:ubuntu/wily/network-manager I get a OUT-OF-DATE branch from 0.9.305:22
dholbachgood morning07:37
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robskihello all14:17
robskianyone I can ask a question about building the CUPS package ?14:18
Pici(er, I have no comment on CUPS, just a keyboard/finger malfunction)14:26
robskiPici, it's my first time visiting this chat-room, so forgive me for being ignorant about the scope of what's being discussed here14:29
robskiBut I would like to get into contact with people that potentially are packaging packages for Ubuntu, such as the CUPS package.14:29
Picirobski: you might have better luck asking in #ubuntu-packaging, but I fear that it might be as quiet as this channel at this time.14:29
Laneyrobski: What are you after in particular?14:29
robskiThere seems to be a long-lasting (= since 2014) bug in CUPS, introduced in CUPS somewhere around version 1.714:30
robskiUbuntu 14.04 currently bundles CUPS 1.7.2 package14:31
robskiI have been trying to understand the status of this CUPS bug, and it would have been resolved since a while, not sure since which CUPS version.14:31
robskiThe comments for Ubuntu are that people are waiting for a new CUPS package to be created for Ubuntu with the latest CUPS version (= 2.1.0)14:31
Laneyrobski: Okay, try to talk to tkamppeter in #ubuntu-desktop maybe - he looks after cups14:32
robskiok, sounds super cool as feedback. Thx, Laney14:32
Rhonda"Your privacy will not be violated by voting.  The voting service has already destroyed the record of your email address"19:06
RhondaReading that in an unencrypted mail (where launchpad has a key for every person who signed the CoC) with a link to an unencrypted vote system is pretty … brave?19:07
Rhondabold, that was the word I was looking for. :)19:07
RhondaI can see that it's about the intention of it, and the implementation that is used for the vote system itself.  But mailing this all unencrypted through the net and also having people to vote unencrypted doesn't really emphasise on that point.19:08
Rhonda(and the vote server doesn't offer https, even if one would tweak the URL on the end part)19:09
ogra_are you scared about manipulation or about redhat spying on the vote ?19:10
RhondaIt's not so much about scared of, it's just about the statement which is wrong in that respect …19:11
rbasakI suppose it depends on who you consider to be your adversaries.19:12
rbasakCertainly it seems unlikely that your vote will be accessible to anyone involved with Ubuntu.19:12
rbasakMaybe an exception is if you live in an Ubuntu-loving household and someone has compromised your end of your connection.19:13
rbasakHTTPS would certainly be nice.19:13
rbasakBut I don't know how feasbile that is.19:13
Rhondarbasak: It's not "my end of connection".  It's every. single. network. point. in. between.19:13
RhondaIncluding all the mailservers used in the transport of the mail.19:14
rbasakRhonda: "I suppose it depends on who you consider to be your adversaries."19:14
RhondaSo is this a "nothing to hide" style discussion?  Why claim in the first place then that the privacy won't be violated if no precautions have been made about that, whatsoever?=19:14
RhondaI wouldn't have expected such responses about that topic, to be honest.19:15
rbasakI'm not saying that you don't have a point.19:16
rbasakSo yes, you do have a point, and yes, it would be nice if it were over HTTPS.19:16
rbasakBut Ubuntu doesn't run that service.19:16
rbasakAnd in practice, for Ubuntu's needs, it's probably OK right now. We don't have anything better.19:16
Rhondahttps isn't the only thing.19:17
rbasakYeah, fair enough. Encrypted email is needed too.19:18
rbasakRhonda: looks like they have a suggestion box: http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/vote.pl?id=E_ebac27388e6f0a6d19:20
rbasakRhonda: maybe add HTTPS and PGP to their wishlist?19:20
Rhondahttps would be about the 19 hops I have from my home to the vote server. Let alone the hops in between that don't unguise themself in a traceroute.19:20
rbasakI'd like to see this sort of thing be Free Software and easily deployable by eithers.19:21
RhondaIt's though much more about the way the mail took to reach me, where the connection between the email address and the vote hash is clearly visible to anyone on the route.19:21
rbasakOh, it is.19:21
RhondaSo is this your vote ID? :)19:22
RhondaAh, wait, had to wait for the website to build.19:23
rbasakI think it's the poll ID. For the suggestion box :)19:23

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