bazhanglimcore descendant I see00:19
k1llordtux (~androirc@ hat #ubuntu verlassen (requested by k1l (you are still banned tux38))00:19
k1lthat user got a new nick now since i banned the old one00:19
bazhang'another day, another ubuntu fail'00:20
Jordan_Uk1l: Any reason you're still opped in #ubuntu?01:11
k1lDJones: just waited for tux38/lordtux to come back. but my 24h disconnect will deop me anyway :)01:13
phunyguyk1l: I banned tux in #u-ot with *!*Andro*@107.77.160.*01:25
phunyguywould probably work for the short term in #u as well01:25
k1li already set a dynip ban onto that range, too01:25
phunyguyk1l: good deal02:45
phunyguyso, TheEmperor is back with
phunyguyban on sight03:13
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bazhang<sruli> anyone know how to set sudoers to "runaspw"?12:55
bazhangthats sounding super secure12:55
ikoniawhat's runaspw ?14:07
ikoniaahh, I see what it is, I normally just do that through pam14:07
Piciman 5 sudoers14:07
ikoniagot it14:08
PiciAlso, kind of weird to ask about a somewhat obsucre option and not know how to set it.14:08
ikoniathink he'd see it mentioned, but not really researched how to actually use it14:09
ikoniadoesn't look too hard from reading the man page14:09
ikoniabut you can do it with pam too14:09
ikoniavery rare thing to need though14:09
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k1l_uh, didnt think irc can be that difficult.21:57
geniik1l_: epinky?21:58
k1l_no, welshman21:58
bazhangwhats wrong with the welsh!22:03
bazhang@random cymrru emacs HURD22:03
bazhangwhy you ...22:03
Unit193chu hacked it.22:03
bazhanggod bless you22:03
bazhanglast time the bot went bonkers, chu came in and rubbed in the salt and lemon22:17
JediMasterhi guys, I'm getting spam about adult websites from Jorge68 as I join #ubuntu22:22
geniiJediMaster: They have now been removed. thanks for reporting the issue22:24
genii@comment 69869 Spam in PM to users entering the channel22:26
ubottuComment added.22:26
xhoch3Please see my private conversation with user "retlered":<retlered> you sniveling ass kissing faggot. I've a ubuntu phone and it's great. You fucking liar22:27
xhoch3<retlered> I wouldn't take one if it had pussy22:27
xhoch3<xhoch3> ?22:27
xhoch3<xhoch3> what you're talking about?22:27
xhoch3<retlered> You jackass and your ubuntu phone22:27
xhoch3<xhoch3> keep cool I really like it, not quite as good as an Android phone, but way better than Windows Phone22:27
xhoch3<xhoch3> I can compare all devices at work (test devices)22:27
xhoch3<retlered> You nigger. Everybody online says it sucks and so do u22:27
k1l_xhoch3: ok, i will have a look at it and talk to him.22:30
xhoch3ok, np, just for the record22:30
JediMastergenii, thanks22:34
k1l_xhoch3: ok, that user is an issue but left the ubuntu channels. if he keps beeing an issue please report to #freenode since we cant do anything because he left.22:34
xhoch3ok, thank you22:34
geniiJediMaster: You're welcome. If you have no more issues which require a moderator to resolve, it would be good etiquette not to idle here now :)22:36
k1l_@mark #ubuntu alteregoa trolling again23:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:27

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