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apwinfinity, it looks like somehting might be off in adt testing, cirtianly affecting all dkms tests, not sure if anything else triggers the "late install" section, but that seems to be only using the -release pocket17:07
infinityapw: That's intentional, see ubuntu-devel@lists ... But maybe it's a bit broken in some use cases?17:12
apwinfinity, hmmm, but ... the auto-dep8 bits that it is installing dkms for arn't in there17:12
* apw goes read17:12
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ponycornHey guys, are there any plans to update the gpg iso signing keys? To my knowledge, 1024 bit DSA keys are not considered safe anymore?19:36
cjwatsonponycorn: we have a 4096-bit key ready for use, I think we may just have neglected to actually switch over to it19:57
cjwatsonwe wanted to sign with both keys for a while, I remember19:57
ponycornthank you cjwatson, so will you start using it now? :)20:07
cjwatsonit is on its way20:09
cjwatsoneverything new will be signed with that now; I'll go back round a bit later and re-sign existing files20:10
cjwatsonneed to update a bunch of documentation as well I guess :-/20:12
ponycornCooool, thanks a lot for your effort!20:14
cjwatsonthanks for the reminder, this was rather belated configuration as you can tell from the key comment20:15
ponycorndoes that mean you have the key since 2012?20:17
UkikieLike LP 1331914? :D20:18
UkikieHrm, no bot.20:18
ponycornwell better late than never! I really appreciate the change :)20:24
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robruAnybody around that knows how to trigger a touch image build? The option seems to have disappeared (at least for me) from iso.qa.u.c22:09
cyphermoxrobru: still need the rebuild? I can try to kick one off in a minute22:30
robrucyphermox: I'm not sure if it's ready right now22:31
robrucyphermox: but we still do need it shortly, yeah22:31
cyphermoxok. I used to have some access for this, I can try to see if it still works ;)22:31
robrucyphermox: I think it is ready, yeah. just needed that libphonenumber in the overlay.22:32
robrucyphermox: go for it22:33
robruif you can22:33
yofelcould someone please try to refresh the kubuntu packageset? I added a large list of packages to supported to cover the kde sources22:55
yofelthat's for xenial for now22:56
Laneyyofel: DMB manages that, and it's re-run periodically23:03
yofeloh, that's periodic now? nice23:04
yofelguess I'll wait then23:04
Laneythat's code for manual :(23:05
Laneybut I'm going to do it soon23:05
cyphermoxrobru: ack23:35
robrucyphermox: oh did you do it?23:37
cyphermoxrobru: trying to23:38
robrucyphermox: thanks23:38
cyphermoxno joy, what should it look like?23:38
cyphermoxI think I may have only had access to touch the ubuntu-rtm images back then23:39
robrucyphermox: last time I had to build an image, iso.qa had "vivid" listed and you could click through to request ubuntu touch be built, but it's not there now: http://i.imgur.com/tvYrSWc.jpg so I have no idea how to do it23:44
cyphermoxI was able to find an old Ubuntu Touch image from 20151016 under Vivid Daily, but I don't seem to have the requisite access.23:47
cyphermoxstgraber: around? if you can help with spinning a Touch image for robru?23:48
robruit's for pmcgowan actually23:49
cyphermoxfor pmcgowan then, but he's not around here anyway23:50
robrucyphermox: just trying to make it clear the request is coming from higher up than me ;-)23:52
cyphermoxsure, np :)23:52
cyphermoxI certainly would help if I could, but I think we need someone with higher powers, like infinity or stgraber for this.23:53
robrucyphermox: yeah, I definitely used to be able to do this but something changed an it's not something I do regularly so I have no idea how long ago it changed23:54
cyphermoxwell, I suppose it might be useful sometimes for me to be able to do respins sometimes, so I'll need to see about applying to the release team, I think.23:55
cyphermoxI can't type grammatically correct sentences apparently correct moo moo, right?23:56
robrucyphermox: sometimes23:56

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