mark0hey guys01:47
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jak2000i want clone a hard disk to other how to do? i try download ubuntu64.iso and with unebotin install on a usb, start from the usb, but not give me the option of try or start ubuntu from usb. any advice?02:04
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MACscrAny ideas my bond isnt working correctly? host is ubuntu 14.04 lts. http://pastie.org/10549923. Traffic on the bond stops working if mlx2 has no physical connection07:43
MACscrbond should be a bit more resilient than that i would hope07:43
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lordievaderGood morning.09:49
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jgjlHi, the "isolcpus" boot parameter does not seem to have any effect in Ubuntu 15.04 server.11:56
jgjlI set isolcpus=4-23,28-47 in the kernel, but cat "/proc/$$/status|tail -6" still gives me "Cpus_allowed_list: 0-47"11:57
jgjlAny ideas?11:57
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jgjlFound the cause of the issue, "/proc/$$/status|tail -6" is not the right approach to check if "isolcpus" works, "sysctl -a | grep sched" does the trick12:56
jgjlhowever, isolcpus still does not work12:59
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mark0morning all15:02
mark0do you guys do burn-in for new file server drives? I'm looking at running SMART long test then badblocks but it sounds like badblocks could take two full days or longer to run on 4tb drives15:03
ikoniaburn in ?15:09
ikoniajust plug them in and use them15:09
mark0I had read a few different guides that advised running burn-in tests to make sure the HDDs don't fail right off the bat15:10
ikoniajust plug them in and use them15:10
The_Shade  hi15:50
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jimmy51v_hello, i'm trying to install ubuntu server 14.04 under qemu.  installer errors with ""failed to load installer component" loading apt-cdrom-setup failed for unknown reasons" after a while.  is there some log i can look at to figure out why?18:32
jimmy51v_nothing in /var/log18:34
jimmy51v_other than syslog18:34
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arcskyquestion guys, ist possible that sudo apt-get install gnome. reboots after its finished? if not can ubuntu reboot its self like windows updates do sometimes?18:43
bekksarcsky: No. No.18:43
jimmy51v_you can make it reboot if you want, i guess18:45
jimmy51v_something like sudo apt-get install gnome && sudo reboot or whatever18:45
dave4925set a timer to reboot after 5 hours ;)18:45
jimmy51v_bekks: why not?18:45
dave4925I think you can cron it18:45
arcskypossible to check why machine got rebooted?18:46
bekksjimmy51v_: && is onvoking a second command after finishing apt-get. so no, there is no way to tell apt-get to reboot after installing updates. sudo reboot is a second command. :)18:46
dave4925it's just not developed to do that but it sounds like a good idea for the desktop environment18:46
bekksarcsky: Take a look at the logs.18:46
bekksdave4925: It sounds like a pretty pointless idea. No reboot is necessary except for kernel updates.18:46
dave4925bekks some apps really need a reboot but don't tell you.  If I'm on desktop I just reboot and I see the difference18:48
bekksdave4925: There is not a single app that requires a reboot in linux.18:48
bekksNot one.18:48
dave4925yeah that's what they say18:49
bekksThats a fact.18:49
dave4925but guess what there are many devs and they don't all document each interaction18:49
bekksWhich app does require a reboot for you, besides the kernel?18:49
dave4925it's just what I've noticed on desktop18:49
bekksNAme the particular app please :)18:49
dave4925I don't remember the particular ones there are thousands and I just told you my general experience.  It's been on desktop and not server18:50
bekksThere is not a single app which requires a reboot. Only the kernel cannot be updated while it is loaded.18:51
tarpmansome libraries i.e. openssl trigger update-notifier to recommend a reboot, to be 100% sure no running process still has the old image18:51
tarpmanthat's different from "requiring" a reboot, of course18:51
dave4925sometimes you just have to reload the UI to get things working proper18:51
bekksdave4925: Reloading the UI does not require a reboot.18:51
bekksRAM what? :)18:52
jimmy51v_my issue was RAM.  i needed to specify 512MB of RAM for my VM.18:52
jimmy51v_the installer crapped out with whatever the qemu/kvm default was18:53
dave4925I know rebooting is a major thing on a server but on a single user desktop whats the deal18:54
bekksNothing's the deal. There is just nothing besides the kernel requiring an update.18:55
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tewardrbasak: still around/alive?22:07
tewardrbasak: regarding the dpkg-divert and the nginx package, Appendix G is restated in Debian Package Policy 10.7.4 - diversions are not appropriate.  So, I've "Won't Fix"'d it on that point, and because the bug poster agrees it should be handled in Debian first.  Though, what they're trying to do appears to be policy violation.22:27
teward(no more actions from me on this)22:30
tewardrbasak: you also can't isolate nginx-full, etc. from nginx-common - that would break everything.  They'd have to spin their own packages at that point to really make it work the way they need.22:31
arcskymy Vnc is just grey when i try to connect to it.  i did started it with sudo tightvncserver :1 -geometry 800x600 -depth 2422:40
bekksarcsky: what did you expect?22:42
arcskyi got it to work. http://broderick-tech.com/vncxstartup-files-ubuntu-14-04/22:48
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