wavishtc is apparently giving 20% off the nexus 9 today http://www.htc.com/us/tablets/nexus-9/01:22
wavisI would get one, but I'm not sure if I could get Ubuntu on it. You folks confident it would be less than 8 hours work for a typical linux user?01:23
mcphailwavis: pretty confident you are at least an order of magnitude out on that one01:24
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices01:25
wavismcphail: in which direction?01:25
mcphailwavis: that bad direction :/01:26
mcphailwavis: you'd have to create the full port yourself01:26
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Harioanyone knows how to get wakelocks?01:56
Hariousing /sys/power/wake_lock doesn't work01:56
Harioi get a permission denied error01:57
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alexforsaleunity-system-co: page allocation failure: order:0, mode:0xd005:11
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dholbachgood morning07:37
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Armistice Day! 😃10:09
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vishnudevHi guys12:23
vishnudevI've built ubuntu touch for my device12:23
vishnudevHow to make a zip out of it ?12:23
vishnudevso that i can try the rom in my mobile12:23
morphisjgdx: pushed some fixes which should also remove those warnings you mentioned12:23
jgdxmorphis, ty, will look in a bit12:24
morphisjgdx: still have to test it a bit more when the silo is updated12:25
jgdxmorphis, okay12:28
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pmcgowanbarry, can you help look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/system-image/+bug/150808112:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1508081 in Canonical System Image "Fails to receive OTA updates [mako]" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:55
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jgdxfaenil, question, if I set ListItemLayout.title to undefined, is the label created?13:27
jgdxfaenil, s/undefined/an empty string13:28
mardytvoss: hi! Do we inject the location we get from other providers (such as HERE) into the GPS?13:35
tvossmardy, yup13:35
tvossmardy, well, at least into the driver, it is up to the impl to make use of that information13:35
mardytvoss: I'm studying the code a bit, and I was a bit lost. I think I found it now: it all starts in Engine::add_provider(), where the provider's on_reference_location_changed() method is connected to the location update signal, right?13:38
tvossmardy, yup13:39
mardytvoss: and saving the location and almanac across reboots, is it something that we should be doing explicitly, or do GPS chips always store this info internally in some non-volatile memory?13:40
tvossmardy, it is up to the chipset/driver to store that information13:41
mardytvoss: how convenient :-)13:41
tvossmardy, yup, we can request the chipset to forget previous data, but that's it13:42
mardytvoss: AFAIR in wikipedia, the almanac data is valid up to 180 days; wouldn't it make sense to fetch it from some online server, instead than slowly get it from the satellites?13:43
tvossmardy, we already do13:43
mardytvoss: ah; where is this?13:44
tvossmardy, the gps chipset driver requests a so-called XTRA download from us13:44
tvossmardy, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/location-service/15.04/view/head:/src/location_service/com/ubuntu/location/providers/gps/android_hardware_abstraction_layer.cpp#L14313:44
pmcgowantvoss, did silo2 not make the image last night?13:44
tvosspmcgowan, it did as far as I know13:44
tvosspmcgowan, why?13:44
pmcgowancant find your location13:44
mardytvoss: cool, I saw that download interface, and that was going to be my next question. :-) Now it's clear, thanks13:44
tvossmardy, cool13:45
pmcgowantvoss, Here is still busted for me13:45
tvossmardy, please note that the xtra data is gps/chipset/vendor/soc specific13:45
tvosspmcgowan, hmmm, let me see13:45
pmcgowanI saw there were problems landing it13:45
tvosspmcgowan, let me wipe and try again13:45
pmcgowanbut thought it got into the second image13:45
tvosspmcgowan, hmm, no one pinged me13:45
tvosspmcgowan, pinging sil13:46
pmcgowantvoss, from jibel The silo was misconfigured and it didn't migrate to the archive. This is fixed but won't be on next build.13:46
tvosspmcgowan, ah okay13:46
pmcgowantvoss, yeah it didnt make it13:47
pmcgowanbut tis landed now13:47
tvosspmcgowan, very good13:47
faeniljgdx: yes, if you don't want any label, you want to use SlotsLayout13:51
faeniljgdx: but if you give me more details I can give you a better answer13:52
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faeniljgdx: the labels are created inside their getters, so if you never try to access the title property it won't be created13:59
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jgdxfaenil, that answers it, thanks14:08
mardytvoss: where is the source code of the Qt module which implements location using the platform api?14:10
tvossmardy, lp:qtubuntu-sensors14:10
mardytvoss: thanks14:10
faeniljgdx: I'm still curious...14:12
jgdxfaenil, most of the ListItemLayout usage in USS uses the title label, but a few uses the subtitle and summary.14:13
jgdxfaenil, and I want to create a component that can be used in all cases (title/title+subtitle/title+summary), but not if there e.g. the subtitle label is created, always.14:14
faeniljgdx: why not just set title or subtitle accordingly?14:21
jgdxfaenil, I could, but we have dividers (a line beneath the ListItemLayout). And I like a reusable component that provides that, but not necessarily ListItem.14:22
faeniljgdx: what about dividers?14:25
faenilare you using a custom divider to avoid using ListItem? :P14:26
jgdxfaenil, essentially, I just need a ListItemLayout and a divider, so shouldn't I, for speed, not use ListItem? :p14:28
faeniljgdx: yeah, as long as the disadvantages don't outweigh the advantages...plus we don't have a ListItemDivider component which can be used from QML, so you're going to have to update the divider when its colour is finalize14:29
faenil(and I'm not sure it is finalized)14:29
jgdxwhat about U.C.ListItems.ThinDivider?14:30
faeniljgdx: that's from the old module14:30
faenilit's ListItems, the old module14:31
faenilListItem is using an internal divider item14:31
faenilzsombi: is ListItem's divider type exposed to QML?14:31
faenilif not, is there any plan to do that?14:32
jgdxfaenil, it is ListItem.divider14:32
faeniljgdx: that's the instance14:32
zsombifaenil: there is one ThinDivider in teh U.C.ListItems14:32
faenilzsombi: yeah, from the old module14:32
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faenilzsombi: is there any decision about that? should we encourage people to use ThinDivider if they just need ListItemLayout + a divider?14:33
zsombifaenil: we have to move that under U.C so it is marked as kept14:33
faenilzsombi: yep14:33
labsinHi, I did a bugreport/feature request on qtubuntu for touch. I've addached a branch and proposed it for merging. Is there more I should do?14:33
jgdxfaenil, okay, I'll use the listitem for the divider for the time being, is that what you're saying?14:34
faenilzsombi: at that point though ListItem should start using that instead of the internal one, for consistency14:34
zsombifaenil: ehm... ListItem si a cpp component ThinDivider is QML...14:34
faeniljgdx: I don't know, I'm trying to understand the situation about dividers myself, remember I'm crossteams, I'm not sdk :D14:35
zsombifaenil: do you volunteer to make ThinDivider as cpp?14:35
faenilzsombi: no, but you already have ListItemDivider...14:35
faenilzsombi: either you expose that, or you move ListItem to ThinDivider, that's what I mean14:35
zsombifaenil: ListItemDivider14:36
faenilzsombi: yes?14:36
faeniljgdx: so, since it seems there's no plan about that, I don't know what to tell you, sorry14:41
faeniljgdx: I'll write a quick benchmark and see if it's worth saving time by not using ListItem14:42
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jgdxfaenil, don't worry, thanks looking into it14:45
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faeniljgdx: I have some news for you :D (cc zsombi)14:51
faenilzsombi: jgdx http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13227631/14:52
jgdxfaenil, well that's great! Thanks14:53
faeniljgdx: np :)14:53
faenilzsombi: have a look :)14:54
faeniljgdx: the difference is probably because ThinDivider uses 4 GradientStops14:54
zsombifaenil: what should I look at?14:54
faenilzsombi: the pastebin,14:55
zsombifaenil: ListItem also uses that method14:55
faenilzsombi: it has 2 gradient stops, not 4, or am I wrong?14:55
faenilzsombi: ah no, it has 4 gradientstops as well14:56
faenilzsombi: then I wonder why so much difference :D14:57
zsombifaenil: I don't...14:58
faenilzsombi: ? XD14:58
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faenilstop giving cryptic answers :D15:00
faenilzsombi: I thought you'd be happy after looking at the benchmark. Screw you :D15:08
zsombifaenil: happy? I am... especially that the ThinDivider is slower :D15:09
faenilzsombi: good, now I hear you :P15:09
zsombifaenil: I'm ina meeting, so I'm shorter in answering than usually15:09
faenilzsombi: I see...enjoy :P15:09
zsombifaenil: *(^(^&$%*&(*)(*15:10
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mac__Hello there. I have few questions about porting ubuntu touch to an android device. Am I at the right irc channel?17:40
k1l_mac__: yes17:41
k1l_mac__: there is a porting guide. and porting is not an easy task. you need advanced knowhow to do that.17:42
mac__Currently I have manage to port android 4.4 and android 5.1 to my device. My device is an old device and has few mtd partitions which is small so cannot be used.17:43
mac__we use the sdcard instead by have two partition sd-ext and sd-ext2 assigned as system and data in rom. however in recovery we do not mount system and data on sd-ext partition. Instead our installer zip takes care of mounting system and data.17:45
mac__I have compile ubuntu touch but am stuck with installation.17:45
mac__since in recovery we do  not have system and data partition, but have sd-ext and sd-ext2 instead, so the installation fails17:46
mac__My question. where does ubuntu get install if we install as per ubuntu wiki's website. I beleieve it is data partition. Am I correct?17:48
k1l_mac__: most devs are europe based and might have already went home. if no one is answering here you might want to mail to the mailinglist, where people can read it when they get online again.17:56
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MohamedAnyone There19:02
MohamedRespond Please19:02
MohamedNeed To Ask Some varity of doubt about new port19:02
Mohamedno One????19:03
k1l_just ask19:04
pmcgowanMohamed, you can try to just ask, but couple of holidays today and europe almost done19:04
* genii ponders what "varity of doubt about new port" translates to19:05
MohamedAs i planned to port ubuntu to new device19:05
Mohamedif i wanna revert back to android means shall i use odin to flash ROM bcoz its Samsung Device19:06
MohamedNow Im Downloading Sources19:06
MohamedWhat Happen Mates???19:07
pmcgowanI dont think anyone is here who knows right now19:07
pmcgowanyou can also try the mailing list which always works19:08
MohamedWhich Mailing List Will You Specify..19:08
pmcgowanone sec19:10
pmcgowanMohamed, at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone19:11
pmcgowanthe folks with porting experience are on there19:11
Mohamedok Thank You I Will Try To Contact19:12
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ramsesHDHi all. Is there an English page for the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu? I can't read Chinese.21:44
pmcgowanramsesHD, its not for sale any longer if thats your interest21:45
ramsesHDpmcgowan: yes, that was my interest. :-(21:45
mcphailramsesHD: http://www.meizu.com/en/ubuntu/features.html21:46
pmcgowanramsesHD, unless you can find a used one, the BQ phones are still available21:46
ramsesHDpmcgowan: too middleclass.21:46
pmcgowanyeah I use the mx4 its nice21:47
ramsesHDpmcgowan: How do updates work if it's out of sale?21:49
pmcgowanwe keep making them available, not sure what you mean21:50
pmcgowanwe will support it for a long time21:50
ramsesHDpmcgowan: Well, on Android phones, the availability of updates depends on the phone. Older phones don't get updates anymore.21:54
pmcgowanramsesHD, we are trying to provide many more frequent updates and consistent across all models21:55
ramsesHDOk, thanks.21:55
pmcgowanso while they are no loner selling we will continue updates for them every 6 weeks as we have21:56
pmcgowanif you can get one :)21:56
* popey spies one on ebay :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meizu-mx4-gold-4g-16-smartphone-ubuntu-edition-unlocked-boxed-/2720399923621:57
ramsesHDpopey: nice. :-) There is one on the German eBay as well, but it's much more expensive.22:02
xhoch3hey there, any developers around here? It really annoys me the convergence feature is taking so long, so instead of moaning I thought I could probably help out22:10
davmor2xhoch3: possibly not most of the world seems to be on holiday22:10
xhoch3I thought maybe there is someone involved who could just point me to the current development situation, so I don't have to grind all the generic guides about how to help the community22:11
pmcgowanxhoch3, there is a channel which supports the nexus 4 and nexus 7 for pocket desktop mode22:11
xhoch3I own a Meizu MX422:11
pmcgowanif you have one of those devices you can join in22:11
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davmor2xhoch3: there is a video from Ubuntu Online Summit that might help you, let me see if I can find it22:12
pmcgowanso mx4 has no video out and we do not yet have wireless working22:12
stakewinner00_why es meizu only available in the european union¿22:12
pmcgowanthat was meizu's decision, it works in other locations just check the radios22:13
davmor2xhoch3: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22633/developing-unity-8/  that one I think22:13
xhoch3I'll have a look thx22:15
mortzI'm porting ubuntu touch to my Lg l70 phone. ubuntu boots up. but keys (power, volume, back ,..) not working at all.23:24
mortzanyone knows how to fix this?23:24
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Harioso, anyone knows how to aquire wakelocks?23:54
Hariothe usual /sys/power/wake_lock method doesn't work23:55

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