jimmy_willHowdy all o/00:23
daftykinswell this is rude, my new disk enclosure has started to be ignored by my xbox one00:34
daftykinsdirecthex: you used any external storage with yours?00:34
diddledandaftykins, it's broke - like I said many times, you attract dead disks00:37
zmoylan-piand if you plug the external drive into any other system does it work? or does xbox demand some wacky format that only works on xbox?01:11
* diddledan plugs his in01:18
diddledanoh, wait, disks01:18
diddledanignore me01:18
diddledanthis is why chanops need to sleep so that I can get away with norties01:19
daftykinszmoylan-pi: they use funky modifications to a standard GPT to stop PCs reading them outright01:21
zmoylan-piyou can always use rude words from other languages... sassenach... :-)01:21
daftykinsa helpful UK chap is helping me hexedit the drive based on my disk dumps of the first 1MB :D01:21
diddledandaftykins, I'll bet that weird loonicks thing can read them01:22
daftykinsthat's what i'm using ;) but no it can't01:22
diddledanhexediting is evil at the best of times01:22
zmoylan-pioooooh, using norton disk util to read someones docs from a wonky disk.... that takes me back...01:22
diddledanI helped a dude work out what a long-lost game was that he had a photo of himself playing as a kid earlier: https://twitter.com/diddledan/status/66420331837851648001:23
zmoylan-piif windows can't read it, then it's some wacky half assed ms layer on top of ntfs deliberately to make xbox look super duper01:23
diddledanI wonder if they just have the filesystem without a partition table?01:24
diddledanit might also be ReFS or Storage Spaces which I don't think linux can handle yet01:25
diddledansomethings tweeting outside01:29
diddledanor chirping01:29
daftykinswell i plugged a second disk in and installed halo5 to it, brought it up and my linux lappy read from the backup GPT just fine from it01:29
daftykinsso there's a quirk with my first drive01:29
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diddledanso wily doesn't like my ms surface tablet :-p04:11
diddledanit hangs shortly after booting04:12
diddledanas in hard hang, not a crash04:12
daftykinsthat fellow is cunning, we got it working by mounting the partition with losetup and an offset04:14
daftykinsskipping the partition tables entirely04:14
daftykinsaww no wily surfaces for you sir!04:14
diddledanI guess I should just put my wily away :-(04:14
daftykinsi think it best04:16
daftykinsyou know what the neighbours would say04:16
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:52
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MooDoomorning everyone08:50
diploMorning all09:20
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davmor2Morning all09:35
davmor2bit of 4 non blonds stuck in my head this morning09:49
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Armistice Day! 😃10:09
jimmy_willArmistice Day!10:09
arsenipoh my10:10
arsenipi should definitely remove my 'jimmy' highlight :D10:10
foobarryyou called?10:11
jimmy_willi remember you10:11
foobarryyou do?10:11
foobarryfrom when?10:11
jimmy_willlong long ago10:11
arsenipbefore the delorian came forward.10:12
jimmy_willmaybe years ago10:12
foobarryi change my irc nick each year10:12
jimmy_willmaybe this year then10:12
foobarrylast week?10:12
jimmy_willno i cant remember when10:12
foobarrycould have been my friend foobarbaz?10:12
popeyhe's a dodgy one10:12
jimmy_willbut it is long ago10:13
foobarryi was once mungojerry10:13
popey\o/ new phone has finally arrived in the uk10:13
jimmy_willit was ...10:13
foobarrythe irc stats page is gone10:14
* popey pokes brobostigon 10:15
foobarrythe domain is fone10:15
popeyi still see it10:15
popeybut webserver down10:15
jimmy_willbye guys, supper time in mainland china10:16
* arsenip unremoves his highlight10:17
foobarrytill tomorrow10:18
arsenipstrange chap10:21
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davmor2JamesTait: wrong month for this but I believe the sentiment is still good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN4Uu0OlmTg10:35
RidgewingFound a good spiel on Ubuntu Wallpapers http://ubuntu.ecchi.ca/wallpapers/10:38
RidgewingIs everyone being v. quiet in half an hour for two minutes then ?10:38
* Ridgewing puts on his white pop_ey10:39
davmor2Ridgewing: I will be10:40
RidgewingI shall be too. [I've got a red England Rooney shirt on aswell. He's number 4]10:41
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RidgewingApparently if you touch yur red button after 8pm on Friday on the beeb - you get Mr Isaac's saying " Never befoore, in the field of human conflict, was so ... [it goes on a_bit]"10:44
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:36
davmor2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkrPxHaqKIc   muhahahahahaha :D11:45
davmor2I love the line like singing Ironic when there are no ironies :)11:48
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marshmnhi all; AIUI, within the Ubuntu repositories there are fonts available which are not installed by default. Is there some webpage which shows how all of these fonts look, so that I can decide which to install?13:57
marshmnI'm looking for more fonts suitable for headings and things in DTP work13:57
popeyI dont think we have such a page14:01
davmor2marshmn: there should I guess be a preview in software center in theory14:09
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mappshi all16:31
mappsquiet ere as ever;]16:57
davmor2it's oh so quiet, it's oh so still....17:26
awilkinsYou're all alone. And so peaceful until........17:29
bashrc_is that a Canonical mission statement?17:32
diddledandavmor2, then someone makes a riat17:33
diddledan(she never pronounced that right for some reason)17:34
diddledanmaybe she said it as riet, rather than riat. either way it was not riot17:35
davmor2diddledan: dude you can hardly speak English give the foreigner a break :D17:37
diddledangood point17:37
diddledanbloomin foreigners being foreign17:38
diddledandoing their foreign things with other foreigners17:38
diddledanyou'd think they were just like everyone else the way they behave17:38
diddledanI hold higher standards! only natives are allowed to be eejits17:39
* bashrc_ imagines Shuttleworth announcing spider eyeball convergence story17:39
diddledananywho I'm off17:39
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awilkinsOn the matter of the Icelandic Singing Pixie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A78yTvIY1k18:20
bashrc"for the next generation of ubuntu convergent devices we've made having spiders crawl out of your phone and feasting upon your eyeballs into a simple and elegant user experience. Just swipe down like this, and then..."18:37
awilkinsI'm reading that in Bjork's voice now18:42
awilkinsIt's surprisingly calming18:42
diddledaneep, spiders!20:16
* zmoylan-pi blows on back of diddledan's neck to give the heebie jeebies...20:34
SuperEngineerhave the spiders gone yet?  if not, I've a few chips that20:44
SuperEngineerthey would taste delicious with ;-)20:45
zmoylan-pia drumstick for everyone \o/20:47
* zmoylan-pi is watching terrorform episode of red dwarf with taranshula setting up home in listers underwear...21:27
* diddledan_ bounces21:56
zmoylan-piconnection bouncing before the storm... https://twitter.com/ESBNetworks/status/66448973016432640022:00
daftykinsi did ESB in school ;)22:15
diddledan_I did LSD22:17
davmor2I love LSD it is one of my favourite beatles tracks22:22
ali1234i can't see hashtags on twitter23:09
daftykinssounds ideal23:09
ali1234it's like madlibs23:09
ali1234i do wonder why though23:10
ali1234it's one of my adblock subsriptions23:18
daftykinsublock origin!23:21
daftykinsa finely reasoned argument as always23:23
diddledan_I don't like that adblock has deals with the advertisers to not block everything23:23
ali1234i do23:23
ali1234i also like that adblock is now providing an alternative to mozilla on android23:24
webpigeonI wouldn't even use it if i could browse a page without the content being interupted by javascript popups23:24
webpigeonit's like 1995, web 2.0 style23:24
ali1234daftykins: when i supply reasoned arguments i get accused of being pedantic. so i no longer bother23:27
daftykinsaww diddums23:27
ali1234ah, a sarcastic and dismissive response *as always*23:27
daftykinsdismissing a dismissal is a novel one23:28
diddledan_you're dismissed23:29
diddledan_lol @ mansized electricity (from popey on the linux unplugged show)23:49
diddledan_I like the description of wimpy's roadtrip setup too23:57
popeyit was dead fun23:58
* popey casts a spell of invokation23:59
popeyand he appears23:59
flexiondotorgas if by magic23:59
popey<diddledan_> I like the description of wimpy's roadtrip setup too23:59
flexiondotorgflexiondotorg is Wimpy.23:59

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