cmaloneyWhat's wrong with the audio?00:01
Scary_Guychoppy low qual, same with video.  checked the settings, not my end00:02
Scary_GuyI figure youtube will be higher quality anyway00:02
Scary_Guyso I guess the only down side is I can't live chat about it.  guess I'll go do some actual work, later guys00:04
brouschI'm making a logo for my consulting LLC, Rational Rooster. Opinions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Wp9Akf_CvRcE4zd1o5OHdpTkE01:17
_stink_brousch: maybe add a wattle under the beak?02:43
brouschI tried a couple of times, but it always looked like balls02:44
_stink_yeah i can see02:44
cmaloneyThis is what I see with that logo, brousch14:14
brouschInteresting. Maybe I dredged it up from my subconscious14:33
_stink_haha, cmaloney++15:17
Richard67Is CHC still a go on Wednesday nights?22:35
cmaloneyYeah, it is23:24
cmaloneythough I might not make it23:25
cmaloneyThat's our community23:25
cmaloneyI post the events there23:25
cmaloneyWe're meeting at Bean and Leaf in Royal Oak23:25
cmaloneyAssuming that you didn't already log off.23:26
cmaloneySeriously, more than one minute please23:26

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