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ricotztseliot, hi, is the archive nvidia blob working with the latest xserver upload for you?08:38
ricotz(xserver 2:1.17.3-2ubuntu1)08:40
tjaaltonjust told him to add xserver-xorg-legacy to depends..08:41
tjaaltontry installing that08:41
tjaaltonmy bad, forgot about the blobs :)08:41
ricotztjaalton, ah, I forgot about that08:41
jcristautjaalton: i thought nvidia worked without that?08:41
tjaaltonjcristau: dunno, guess not08:41
tjaaltonmy old card is buried too deep somewhere to test08:42
ricotztjaalton, I assume there were others asking before me?08:43
tjaaltonwell, Sarvatt pointed it out last night08:45
ricotz_tjaalton, alright08:52
ricotz_tjaalton, seems to work08:53
tseliotricotz_: I haven't tested that yet. A new upload is in the plans though ;)08:59
ricotz_tseliot, make sure to update to 352.55 on the way ;)09:00
tseliotricotz_: oh, you'll be surprised ;)09:01
ricotz_tseliot, better just tell :)09:02
tseliotI can't yet. You'll see it soon09:02
tjaaltonricotz_: looks like they're still in proposed, so that's why noone noticed09:11
ricotz_I know, "the early bird catches the bug"09:13
tjaaltonautopkgtest for ofono-phonesim 1.20-1ubuntu3: amd64: Regression09:13
tjaaltonand no useful output09:13

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