dcbanegood evening04:26
pieter2627morning all05:04
theblazehenhi pieter2627 05:32
theblazehensup anton 05:33
pieter2627hi theblazehen05:33
pieter2627hows the studing going?05:33
theblazehenGoing alright, thanks05:33
pieter2627hi thatgraemeguy06:00
dcbanehello again pieter262706:19
pieter2627hi dcbane06:20
pieter2627not much, just hope it wont be so hot today06:22
pieter2627and self06:22
dcbanenot too shabby06:22
inetprooh my, have I said good mornings yet?06:54
inetprohello everybody06:55
theblazehenhi inetpro 06:59
dcbane{ inetpro } oh my, have I said good mornings yet? <-- you just did07:24
inetprodcbane: how're things going there?07:25
Kiloshi superfly inetpro pieter2627 thatgraemeguy theblazehen TinuvaMac skokkk MaNI dcbane dlPhreak danfowler Cryterion  ambo  anton aquarat and whoever i missed07:43
KilosMaaz cffee on07:44
theblazehenhi Kilos 07:44
MaazKilos: *blink*07:44
KilosMaaz coffee on07:44
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:44
pieter2627hi Kilos07:44
pieter2627and morning inetpro07:44
theblazehenBe back later, cheers guys07:45
Kilosok lad07:45
Kilosi sukkeled yesterday07:45
Kilossim in modem forgot how to use data07:46
inetprowb oom Kilos07:46
Kilostelkom says do a sim swop07:46
Kilosty inetpro 07:46
Kilosit seems some thing in xp i have on one drive for doing work that xp does best has a bug in thats now killed 2 sim cards07:47
Kilosso its now wiped07:47
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:48
Kiloshi dupingping hows china?07:48
KilosMaaz ty07:48
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:48
thatgraemeguyhi kilos08:11
SquirmGood morning09:22
SquirmWas wondering if someone here could give me any ideas. We have a dashboard hosted internally, but it's also accessible from the outside. How would I use the same DNS name for both?09:25
thatgraemeguySquirm: so externally the name resolves to an internet ip and internally the same name resolves to an internal ip?09:44
Squirmthatgraemeguy: That's what I want09:44
thatgraemeguywhat do you use for name resolution internally?09:45
SquirmThe problem is our router doesn't route our external IP when I try and connect to it from the inside09:45
thatgraemeguyno, it won't09:45
SquirmWe have a dns server09:45
SquirmMoving to bind soon09:45
thatgraemeguyon your dns server you create a zone with the FQDN of the relevant name and set the A record to the internal ip09:46
SquirmWe do that already09:46
thatgraemeguyum, then it ought to work09:46
SquirmIt does09:47
SquirmBut it's maintaining all of our zones :D09:47
thatgraemeguythen I don't understand the question09:47
Squirmthatgraemeguy: I wondered if it was possible to have one zone, that could manage internal and external addresses09:49
thatgraemeguyyou mean have the answer be different based on the querying client ip?09:50
SquirmYes, something like that09:50
thatgraemeguyhrmmm ok09:51
thatgraemeguysorry, no idea :)09:51
thatgraemeguythe normal solution here is that your internal DNS serves internal people and external DNS serves external people09:51
SquirmHaven't found anything on the Google, so just thought I'd get some ideas :D09:51
Squirmthatgraemeguy: that's what we have09:51
thatgraemeguyyes i know09:51
antonyip u will have to have 2 dns servers running for ur problem09:52
thatgraemeguyI'm just re-iterating that that is the way I've always seen it done :)09:52
SquirmI know09:52
Squirmanton: seems like it09:52
antonour external is hosted with afrihost then our normal bind for internal09:52
Squirmanton: Yeah, we use Amazon's Route5309:53
antonother possible solution is to run a logon script with hosts forced when they are at the office?09:54
Squirmanton: I suppose the goal was to get away from having two DNS servers09:57
* Squirm shrugs09:57
antonnope not for a while i'm afraid09:58
SquirmAll's well09:59
inetproSquirm: you could always update the 1001 internal clients' local hosts file with a static entry to the internal address :-)10:22
inetprothat would not be a very good idea though10:23
inetpromaintaining an internal DNS server is really the way to go and not so difficult at all10:23
Squirminetpro: I know10:29
SquirmBut it's a cool idea :D10:29
pieter2627Squirm: can the internal clients access it using the external address?12:10
Squirmpieter2627: yeah. But not from internally12:50
pieter2627hmm, why?12:51
pieter2627my internal clients can access the home server using its external address...12:52
pieter2627so thought that you might be able to use that... together with some iptables maybe12:52
superflymy trackpad is a bit crazy tonight18:31
grembleHas it tried to kill your cat because you aren't twiddling it often enough?18:39
grembleHey Squirm 19:58

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