linuxhow are you00:35
linuxI have problems in sound on my linux ubuntu studio00:36
linuxhow can I solwe it00:36
linuxI solwe it00:37
linuxnow is working00:38
adam_Good Evening from ModMan Entertainment Studios, Las Vegas07:04
adam_This is my first use of US07:05
zequenceadam_: Hello ther :)08:02
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professor_Hi eveyybody, I've just installed Ubuntu Studio  15.10 on my Easynote sj51 laptop.15:30
professor_in fact I've completely removed my Windows 7 as I found everything I need in the Ubuntu OS15:32
professor_Anybody out there trying the same experience please?15:32
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AkernHi guys, I read you need contributors, I don't know if I can help you the way you'd like, but I'd like to!23:40

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