Noskcajali1234, What's the command to regenerate the ui.h file in mousepad? It's been about 6 months since i've done anything linux10:02
ali1234Noskcaj: i don't know, sorry10:31
Noskcajall good. Anyone?10:35
flocculantbluesabre: bug 151518411:05
ubottubug 1515184 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "Crash when selecting a category in a new entry" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151518411:05
bluesabreNoskcaj: need to build with --enable-maintainer-mode11:31
bluesabreflocculant: you're finding some crazy bugs these days11:32
bluesabreNoskcaj: so with that, you can build it and grab the update ui.h file to add to your patch11:34
flocculantbluesabre: you told me too :p11:35
bluesabreflocculant: and you're exceeding my expectations ;)11:35
flocculantha ha 11:36
flocculantbluesabre: I can wait till March and report them all at once if you'd prefer :D11:37
flocculantbluesabre: I'm sure this has just turned up - I've done that 'category' stuff before with no problem11:41
flocculantalso - don't know if you looked at the bug - but I confirmed it with daily in vm11:41
flocculantbluesabre: mmm - actually thinking about it - this must be quite recent issue, pretty sure it was last week I was talking to someone in #xubuntu about how to do this11:48
flocculantI'd have double checked I wasn't talking to the moon locally - which would have been xenial :)11:48
bluesabreI'll take a look... it's probably just some crazy gtk thing11:49
flocculantanyway - tagged the bug appropriately :p11:49
flocculantwish I knew how to debug things a bit more than just report them 11:50
bluesabreflocculant: I'm not very good at debugging myself... just keep poking until I find the offending code11:57
flocculantone up on me then :p11:59
knomeagain, it seems like we should have a team-only list for votes and such14:14
knomeflocculant, i pity you for having to figure out the voting...14:14
flocculantknome: well - luckily there are only a handful of mail addresses I need to recognise :)14:18
knomeflocculant, what's your take on the user poll for the slideshow now?14:23
flocculantfor 16? 14:23
knomefor 16 or anything else in the future14:23
flocculantbit ambivalent now - not sure we'd gain anything much 14:24
knomeit's still on the blueprint14:25
flocculantis it?14:25
flocculantjust copied from postpones I guess14:25
knomei suppose so :)14:26
knomei'll drop it14:26
flocculant*if* it ran for the whole of the next pre-LTS cycles there might be some use I suppose14:26
knomethen again... meh14:27
knomewe got pretty much replies from social media and ML's too14:27
flocculantwe could do a 'shall we bring back synaptic' one :D14:27
knomeno point in that... we'd get all "yes" replies14:27
flocculantha ha ha 14:27
knome"i vote for trump"14:28
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knomeok, many things from the wiki are now moved to the contributor docs, including the strategy document with precursory formatting changes16:18
flocculantcool 16:27
flocculantthough perhaps strategy stuff should be at the beginning ?16:28
flocculantsomeone can deal with my mp now perhaps :)16:29
* dkessel tries poking bluesabre again to see if that will get him mousepad gtk3 builds in the -dev ppa :p16:44
flocculantyou didn't use the pointy stick with the anti-forget-me-not powder16:49
dkesselif i knew what to do i would submit a MR or whatever is needed for that... *sigh*16:52
knomeflocculant, dunno, i was also thinking it could be the first appendix..17:19
* knome shrugs17:19
knomedkessel, i can help you with that :)17:19
knomeflocculant, i'll look..17:19
dkesselknome: that would be great17:20
knomedkessel, you have time now or shall we schedule for later today?17:20
dkesseli have time17:20
knomelet me merge flocculant's MP first..17:21
knomeflocculant, done17:22
knomedkessel, where are you looking to do a MP?17:25
dkesselknome: i am not :D  - i really just want the mousepad version from the x-dev ppa to be built against gtk3, just as the normal package is17:25
knomewith that i can't help so much :P17:26
knomebluesabre, POKE17:26
dkesseli guess that might mean modifying some branch or recipe that gets built17:26
flocculantknome: thanks :)17:33
flocculantand yea perhaps appendix 17:35
knomei guess it depends whether the contributor docs will be the primary place for the strategy document17:35
knomei would say it should be the place, because then it's tracked in a branch17:36
knomeotoh, then the old cycle branches aren't updated with that17:36
knomeunless we specifically do that17:36
flocculantI guess once it's all sorted out - then everyone who installs xubuntu will get a copy if it lives with normal docs17:36
flocculantknome: otooh - old cycle branches wouldn't have been brought to life under whatever processes are *now* 17:37
flocculantso why would they need to refer to now :)17:38
knomei don't know17:38
knometo avoid confusion?17:38
knome"hey, i found this strategy document in the 9.10 release that says..."17:38
flocculant'hey, I'd grab something up to date with a new supported install' 17:38
knomebut people17:39
flocculantunless docs can have a this was current at foo date ? 17:39
knomesure can17:39
knomeat least in some wat17:39
flocculantthat's no different than old help files surely? 17:39
knomenot really17:39
flocculantmeetings is wrong btw "The chairing team leader is cycled based on the team name." should be "The chairing team leader is cycled based on random ordering of the team name."17:41
knomeor maybe the order is wrong :P17:42
flocculantI shouldn't be chairing for ages :D17:42
flocculant\o/ 17:42
flocculantI'll give Unit193 the good news :p17:42
flocculantI'll start from the top after I do the one in Dec 17:44
knomethe diff sucks, but http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/xenial/revision/47917:52
knomedkessel, now you can read about doing merge proposals on the contributor docs :P17:52
dkesselMPs are no news to me, knome :p17:53
knomewell i thought they were, so i was motivated to write about them17:53
knomebut of course i figured out earlier they weren't17:53
knomeflocculant, one thing i've been wondering17:54
knomeflocculant, how do we specify the teams in the section titles17:54
knomeflocculant, i mean, currently, it feels a bit weird that we have "common" sections and team sections laid out like htis17:54
flocculantknome: I kind of added mine to the end - then when I did the newer one, it needed to go before the other 217:55
knomeyeah, sure17:55
flocculantknome: possible to have sections? Like docs/qa/dev/web17:56
knomei added some comments to help with the arranging of the pages17:56
flocculantthen chapters in the sections? 17:56
knomeflocculant, testing and bugs could be subsections for the qa section17:56
knomebut i'm not sure if that would be helpful in the long run17:56
flocculantright - not sure either17:57
flocculantthough - it's not as if it's wiki and people can chuck stuff willy nilly 17:57
knomewe'll figure it out at some point...17:57
flocculantshould put my name in credits I guess some time too18:03
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ochosievening all22:01
knomeo hai ochosi 22:04
flocculantevening ochosi 22:11
ochosihey flocculant 22:13
ochosiwait, have you sent that email poll out yet or did i miss it?22:13
flocculantochosi: I did - yesterday :)22:13
ochosihmm, something's wrong with my inbox then22:14
flocculantsent it to -devel22:14
flocculantyou'll find it eventually with votes from not-team :p22:14
ochosihaha, dkessel mentions something and follows it up with "dont reply to this!" - awesome communication technique there dkessel ;)22:16
flocculantknome: is the docs contributor page supposed to look like that now? 22:27
flocculantif they're supposed to link to something they don't 22:27
knomeflocculant, i've been lazy and have not dropped all the links :P22:28
flocculantok - that makes sense then :)22:30
knomebesides, i'm not sure if we want to use the entities file for the website stuff yet22:30
flocculantright - well, imo if that page doesn't do more than what it does now - seems rather pointless as it stands is all :)22:31
knomei'll get it fixed before we push it online22:32
flocculantok - just thought I would ask now :)22:32
knomesure, np :)22:32
bluesabredkessel: yes, I have the tab open, and was going to fix that... will do it tonight :D'22:34
flocculantevening bluesabre :)22:35
bluesabreheya flocculant 22:35
ochosihey bluesabre 22:35
bluesabrehi ochosi 22:35
flocculantbluesabre ochosi - while you're both here a question ... 22:37
flocculanthave xfpm set to ask what I want to do when I press power button22:37
flocculantwhen screen is locked - press power button - shuts down22:37
flocculantis that expected? 22:37
ochosiwell, when the screen is locked i'm not sure whether xfpm is still the one receiving those calls22:38
ochosicause you're at the greeter level22:38
ochosiyou could test that by pushing the button before you log in (after starting up your laptop)22:38
flocculantok - so if it IS a bug - not xfpm? 22:38
ochosimy guess is that it's systemd's default policy for the button22:39
flocculantochosi: mmm - this expected to be different to desktop? 22:39
flocculantin the meantime - trying ^^22:39
ochosinah, i guess it'd be the same on a desktop22:40
bluesabreflocculant: yes, I agree with ochosi there... at the login screen xfpm no longer has control22:40
ochosibut i haven't used one for ages..22:40
flocculantcool - thanks both22:40
bluesabregotta run again, bbabl22:41
flocculantand yes that is what I see if I press at login22:41
flocculantochosi: so to pass this along - if it IS a bug - lightlocker ?22:41
ochosinot really, no22:41
ochosiit's just the fact that systemd doesn't offer a nice way to be configured22:42
flocculantok - I'll tell them systemd :)22:42
ochosiand in order to change this not only on a user-level but on a system level the power manager would have to become root/superuse22:42
ochosiand only the system-level applies at the greeter level22:42
flocculantprobably not actually a bug at all 22:42
ochosiso yeah, i think you won't have much luck with reporting this against systemd22:42
ochosiit's a design decision for them that it's not really configurable22:43
flocculantok - it's not me so much as someone on the forums22:43
knometheoretically... if we want to stop using the wiki, where do we track meetings, meeting agendas and meeting minutes?22:43
flocculanttheoretically I would say either trello or leave some things alone :p22:44
knometrello isn't good or archiving meeting minutes :P22:45
flocculantbest go with B then :p22:45
knomemaybe we need our own wiki for *some* things22:45
knomei guess if we had the team mailing list...22:45
knomeor xubuntu-annonucements or sth22:46
knomewith no typos22:46
flocculantthe meetings, minutes and agendas aren't ours - we just hold the reins22:46
ochosii guess if the meeting stuff remains where it is and we move the rest i'd still be ok with it22:46
knomei haven't seen many non-team people adding agenda items though22:46
flocculantknome: maybe not - that's not the point imnsho :D22:47
knomejust wondering - theoretically, as you probably all can imagine22:47
flocculantI like us moving things like contrib/process/etc to where it's going 22:47
* knome takes the mouse cursor away from the "delete" button on the meetings page22:47
* flocculant reaches over and gently helps move the mouse cursor ... 22:48
flocculantbluesabre ochosi - thanks - passed that along the chain now :)22:51
flocculantslickyma1ter knome: might revisit the offline help page now I'm not seeing <para> everywhere I look22:58
flocculantthere's one sentence already annoying me ... 22:59
knomeflocculant, looking forwards for the MP ;)22:59
flocculantit'll certainly be a lot simpler this time ;)22:59
knomeprobably so23:00
* flocculant hates that pdf pages never correspond to what it thinks 23:03
* flocculant didn't know about bzr pull 23:07
flocculantand was always pleased to have a fastish connection 23:07
flocculantright - well goodnight those still with us 23:17
knomenighty flocculant 23:18

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