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r00danyone succes install virtualbox ?10:15
knomer00d, why not ask the real question about your problem?10:16
mrkrampsseveral times, yes10:16
r00di have problem like this http://s12.postimg.org/7mikz2wp9/Screenshot_2222_17_16_45.png10:34
akxwi_davesame here, infact this version of xubuntu I am on is on Virtual box10:34
r00danyone have have problem like that ?10:37
rinse_and_repeatr00d i hate to ask the obvious but did you try to run said command as root?10:37
r00drinse_and_repeat , yah, i run as root but error like that10:41
r00dif install have error "Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.19.0-33-generic (x86_64)"10:43
wiredfoolI'm running xubuntu 14.04, was wondering if there was a snap to thirds command/key combo.  Not finding it in google.  I've got the left/right/top/bottom halfs going, but thirds would be better on the big monitor.11:12
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mrkrampswiredfool, there is not11:14
mrkrampsbut you may set up a script solution with wmctrl11:15
xubuntu34walguien me puede ayudar con el wine11:31
xubuntu34wi need help with wine11:32
wiredfoolmrkramps: wmctrl looks like it would get part of the way there11:45
wiredfoolbut it's missing a couple of bits, like frontmost or focused window, and it looks like I'd need to get the screen size elsewhere.11:47
wiredfoolprobably would have to get the screen sizes from xrandr11:47
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ben___im just installing atm16:38
ben___for the first time16:38
ben___what can i expect?16:38
ben___I thought this was gonna be a shitty fork at first but my friend showed me his desktop and it looks amazing16:38
sparrthe network manager tool keeps forgetting the password to my wifi. it remembers for 5-10 connections, then randomly I find it asking again when I connect, after which it refuses to remember until I go manually edit the connection details while offline. How can I stop this?16:51
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bytesaberwhat governs xfce wallpaper and background color/gradient?  I replaced my old user home dir, rebooted.  All my icons and settings were back, but my wallpaper and gradient were stock.17:05
* xubuntu160 slaps bytesaber around a bit with a large fishbot19:09
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Orioawould anyone have any suggestions on how i can fix an issue20:15
mrkrampsOrioa, pretty much depends on the issue …20:16
Orioaeverytime i disable my onboard monitor i get a funky block near my mouse20:16
mrkrampsgraphics card and driver in use?20:16
Orioanvidia is the card and yes the driver is being used20:17
mrkrampssry, want to know which driver is in use. nvidia or nouveau?20:18
Orioanvidia legacy binary driver-version 304.128 from nvidia-304(proprietary tested)20:24
mrkrampsOrioa, from what i read you can try using a different driver version, another cursor theme or try using the nvidia driver with SWCursor20:25
mrkrampsseems to bee some kind or more or less common issue with the nvidia driver in the last years20:26
Orioak ty20:26
Orioabe back in a few20:30
Orioai changed the driver i think maybe that was the issue21:07
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xubuntu97dcan we upgrade i didn't succede23:49

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