valoriehmmm, that's a lotta red there00:11
sgclarkgit-clone-all barfs on me (publickey)00:45
ahoneybunvalorie: the support page used to have oxygen icons but I've switched them to the ones from breeze02:12
sittertalk about an angry jenkins08:30
sittersgclark, yofel: there may or may not be a bug in lintian KCI-E :: E: libkf5i18n5: postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5I18n.so.5.16.008:32
sitterI don't think that error makes sense for a multiarch path08:32
yofelVersion 1.18 of xorg-server has been released. New features include support for XRandR 1.5 and improvements to support for NVIDIA's Optimus hardware.09:58
yofelwhy do I feal uneasy when I read "improvements" ...09:58
soeeyofel: will it land in 15.10 or onyl 16.04 ?10:10
yofellatter obviously. But I guess you can get it from edgers for wily. Haven't looked10:11
* soee wonders if he should touch anything now when nvidia works ...10:11
nluxtonsoee: don't do it! ;)10:15
yofelI'll second that10:15
ghostcubenever touch nvidia if it works10:16
MamarokI was thinking about that issue the Brazilians have: there mightr not be a Kubuntu Brazil (yet) but there vertainly is a very thriving KDE Brazil community over there, so that might be a path to explore :)10:27
Mamaroksick_rimmit: they speak Portugese in Brazil, not Spanish10:27
clivejoMamarok: looks like they have had a Kubuntu BR website for quite some time at http://www.kubuntu.com.br/ which was taken down recently11:43
clivejohi BluesKaj11:56
BluesKajhey clivejo11:56
clivejoOn http://kci.pangea.pub/ xenial FIX, where is the xenial_unstable coming from?12:46
clivejositter, Riddell, yofel ^^12:46
sitterquestion does not compute12:47
yofelkubuntu_unstable built for xenial12:47
clivejowhat packaging is it using?12:47
yofelkubuntu_unstable ^^12:47
clivejocan I start trying to fix some of these?12:55
yofelgo ahead12:55
yofelI think most are dependency issues12:55
clivejoI put changes in kubuntu_unstables and it auto merges with stable when succussful?13:06
yofelclivejo: -dust/2113:10
yofelclivejo: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/CI#Branches13:10
BluesKajhowdy 13:12
clivejoyofel: sorry Im not explaining myself, a lot of these errors on KCI are lintian errors, caused by the git version numbers ie "E: systemsettings source: debian-revision-should-not-be-zero 4:5.4.3+git20151112.0613+16.04-0" I can add a override but where does that go?13:18
* clivejo goes to find some food13:21
shadeslayerclivejo: that should be in the parsing rules13:23
shadeslayerto ignore those13:23
yofelright, that should not be the source of red13:28
sgclarkI thought we were nuking vivid13:33
sgclarksitter: ^^13:34
yofelnow you nuked the bot instead XD13:37
sgclarkhmm postinst-must-call-ldconfig seems important, but I don't recall having to make posinst files in frameworks before. Anything else that can cause this yofel?13:49
sgclarkor fi it for that matter13:50
yofelAFAIK this only happens when you embed a lib in an application package13:50
yofelwhich is why the debian team just added lintian overrides13:50
yofelmaxyz: right? ^13:50
yofelfor lib packages dh_makeshlibs seems to automatically add an ldconfig call to postinst13:52
sgclarkthat is what I read on google, so it must be true.13:53
sgclarkthis particular package is only libs13:54
yofelwhich one?13:54
sgclarkerr kdssn13:54
yofeloh, someone actually read my mail ^^13:55
yofelok, something did change. The auto-generated postinst script is missing14:02
yofel  0   * dh_makeshlibs: Use a noawait trigger to invoke ldconfig14:04
yofel  1     rather maintscripts.14:04
yofelwhat the hell is a noawait trigger14:04
yofelOTOH, using triggers is probably a good idea here14:06
sgclarkunless it doesn't trigger? is that what I am understanding?14:12
yofelno, the trigger is there14:12
yofelI still need to look at lintian, but I believe our lintian version is outdated14:12
yofelwe're 2 patch versions behind debian14:13
yofelyep, we have .36, fixed in .3714:13
yofelsgclark: so, ignore it for now14:13
yofelhttps://tracker.debian.org/news/712258 for reference14:14
sgclarkyofel: I am trying to ignore but CI will remain red until it is fixed. Anything I can do? if not I do need to attend to my kde hat anyway.14:57
yofelsgclark: I asked Laney if he plans to merge lintian or whether I can do it, so for now, lets wait14:58
sgclarkok np14:58
yofelalthough, I might just merge it in the evening and wait for his response after that ^^14:58
yofeland I need to revive my blog14:59
yofeland I need to blog about merging14:59
yofeldid I mention that my todo list is too long?14:59
sgclarkyofel: I hear yah. Mine is miles long.15:02
yofelso, Laney will take care of the proper merge15:13
yofelI'll upload a quick hack to the PPA then15:13
=== adrian is now known as alvesadrian
shadeslayercan  someone add me to the limux attendees list15:23
yofellet me try15:24
shadeslayeryofel: I land at 9 so I'll probably come to the venue late on Friday night15:24
shadeslayerat 10 ish15:24
sgclarkI land at 8am so I will be wandering the streets of Munich for some hours lol15:26
shadeslayertoo damn cold to be wandering the streets of Munich15:26
sgclarkat least I can pack light as it is only a few days15:26
shadeslayerI did that last time15:26
shadeslayerit is seriously too damn cold15:26
sgclarkoh? how cold?15:26
sgclarkpacking warm then, thanks for the warning!15:27
yofelprobably around 0-15°C, hard to say now15:27
sgclarkahh I can survive that15:27
shadeslayeryofel: http://www.weather.com/weather/monthly/l/GMXX0087:1:GM15:27
shadeslayersgclark: ^15:27
shadeslayertrying to figure out how to change silly units to proper units15:28
yofelsame ^^15:28
shadeslayerok 9-13 is the forecast15:28
shadeslayeryofel: the gear top right15:28
sgclarksame weather as here. I can survive :)15:28
yofelshadeslayer: added15:28
shadeslayeryofel: it takes an hour to get from the Airport  to the city center15:29
yofeloops, right15:29
shadeslayerDrinks on Friday night?15:30
shadeslayersitter: ^^15:31
yofelI would assume so15:31
shadeslayerwhen I get in15:31
shadeslayerdon't leave without me15:31
sgclarksounds good to me15:31
sgclarkoh thank goodness, my phone will work in Munich. At least I can wander with GPS.15:35
yofelwell, the venue is pretty easy to find as long as you look for that lime-green goethe institute banner (streetview has the place). The hotel is pretty near around the corner15:39
shadeslayerthe hotel is right around the corner indeed15:40
shadeslayeractually, that's the only hotel I'm going to be ever staying in whenever I go to Munich15:41
shadeslayerI booked something last time and it was on a totally creepy street15:41
shadeslayer*something different15:41
maxyzyofel: I've been away for most of the day. the overrides are usually added for the kdeinit hacks, that one is probably wrongly triggered by the outdated lintian.16:15
yofelright, we did figure that out in the end. Thanks 16:15

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