thelionroarswhat happened to the 'extract' shortcuts in Dolphin (right button click menu) with the 15.10 update, and how do I get them back?01:19
kdefanno6thelionroars: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?69143-Ark-right-click-options-missing-in-15-1001:21
thelionroarsthanks kdefanno601:23
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MelRayHey everyone how difficult is it to set up FTP?05:08
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Guest87014how to install plasma5 on my kubuntu 14.04 64bit08:31
hateballGuest87014: Wait for 16.0408:32
Guest87014any help???08:32
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SmurphyMorning :)11:56
SmurphyAfternoon here already.11:56
BluesKajonly 7AM here , there's more than 5 hrs difference?11:58
BluesKajahh, ok there is more than 5hrs12:05
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Yossarianukthe slow login issue seems fixed after yesterdays update - whoop !12:19
somekoolGuest15900: I did it on my GF laptop, but ended up not being as stable. you should upgrade to 15.10, wait for 16.04 or stick with KDE 4 if you have to stick with 14.0412:43
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svend-evGood morning14:59
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EvilRoeyyofel:  hey18:24
EvilRoeyI just read that article stating that you and sgclark are the new maintainers18:24
EvilRoeyyofel:  thank you for your efforts18:24
keithzg...well damn, updated my 14.04 install with the Backports PPA and now KWin doesn't actually work right (no window decorations at all, so no way to move windows around or such, yikes)20:25
ChaserHello, starting 15.10 I see my bottom panel disappearing over the course of use. Is there a way to restart that part of KDE with out having to reboot the system ?20:25
bpromptChaser:  bottom panel, you mean the taskbar?20:36
kriseHei.  I just installed new updates and muon discover were removed. Does anybody know why this hapend ?20:37
keithzgkrise: That's a bit odd, but possibly explicable. What version of Kubuntu are you on and what repos do you have enabled?20:40
Chaserbprompt: yup20:41
bpromptChaser: http://askubuntu.com/questions/481329/can-i-restart-the-kde-plasma-desktop-without-logging-out   <--- could try that, killall plasmashell; kstart plasmashell;20:44
Chaserbprompt: sweet ! seems to work. thanks.20:45
krise15.10 keithzg . How di i see what repos i have enabled ?20:49
keithzgkrise: Should be in the file /etc/apt/sources.list and possibly in files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:50
krisethere is like 21 files inside that folder keitzhg20:52
krisehow can i re install muon discover via terminal ?20:53
keithzgkrise: You've added a lot of external PPAs and such then!20:54
keithzgkrise: Yup, you can install it again via the terminal, let me grab the package name20:54
keithzgkrise: At least back on 14.04 (which is what I've been sticking with for installs at work) it's "muon-discover", so "sudo apt install muon-discover" would get you it. Let me double check that that's still true in 15.10; I know that Discover is being branched away from Muon.20:55
keithzg(which might explain it being removed for you, perhaps)20:55
kriseis there any other program like muon discover i recomend?20:56
kriseu recomend20:56
keithzgkrise: Well, looking at packages.ubuntu.com, muon-discover is still a package in both wily and xenial, so "sudo apt install muon-discover" should work.20:57
keithzgEventually the package name might change (and maybe it has; do you have the Kubuntu backports PPA enabled?) but it should still be around as an application nonetheless.20:57
kriseyes it is enabled20:58
keithzgI suspect you have the backports PPA installed and it was just no longer a dependency of one of the newer packages, so it was automatically removed.20:58
keithzgAlright, then if you run "sudo apt install muon-discover" you should get it back.20:58
keithzgYou'll have it installed manually then, so it shouldn't be auto-removed in the future during upgrades.20:59
keithzgAnd if it's ever replaced once the branding change is done, in theory the package will just be changed to a . . . umm I forget the term but a metapackage that just redirects to the new package name, basically.20:59
keithzgSo you shouldn't even need to know in the future, it *should* all just work smoothly :)21:00
kriseOk , thank u, i got it installed21:00
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