skrykingany x2go users in here?01:38
* ianorlin personally does not but ask your question01:45
procyon_emberI want to move /tmp to a ramdisk on an existing installation of 15.10. Any advice?02:07
Guest_____Is it any way to restet the panle and the items ? i have mess it up.07:52
guest4My Shutdown button missing from panel. how can i get it back ?08:09
Guest414.04.3:  shutdown is missing from aplication launch bar settings. can i get it back ?08:31
LangleyIs there no search function in the file manager?15:07
LangleyOh it's ctrl+shift+f15:08
skrykingGuest4 it is an item under the application launch bar...so right click on panel, select add remove panel items... select application launch bar and then properties.  You should be able to handle it from there15:09
guest0114.04.3 Shutdown is missing on aplication launch bar settings. I removed it by a misstake. Is it something i can do to get it back ?20:57
redwolfguest01, you have to add an Application Launcher and look for "lubuntu-logout"20:58
redwolfother solution to fix it is creating your own shutdown launcher: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221808020:59
guest01how can i add a an application launcher ? i can only see them. nothing happens when i click on add or remove.21:00
redwolfright click on the panel, and settings21:00
redwolfthen you can add it from the "panel applets" tab21:00
redwolfin that tab press the button "+Add"21:01
guest01I dont find shutown in the list.21:03
redwolfthen try that ubuntuforum solution, unless you want a more radical one :)21:03
redwolfyou remove your panel settings with two commands in the Terminal21:04
redwolfrm -r ~/.config/lxpanel21:04
redwolflxpanelctl restart21:04
redwolfbut you will lose all your custom applets, your configuration, orientation, etc. and it will appear factory-default21:06
guest01why is not shutown in my aplication launch bar list so i cud do it in the menu ?21:06
redwolfbecause it's a special launcher, not a normal app21:07
redwolfactually it's a bunch of scripts21:07
redwolfremoving the config is not so radical, don't worry21:07
guest01so with these commands it will be like in a new instatallation ?21:08
redwolfbut it will affect only the panel. not the desktop or other LX things21:10
guest01it works now..21:11
guest01thank you.21:11
redwolfyou're welcome21:11
guest01usally i dont like to mess in the terminal.. i am not an expert.21:11
redwolfit's very powerful once you start digging21:12
redwolfthere's a nice web: http://linuxcommand.org/21:12
redwolfand of course we have a guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal21:13
guest01is the terminal commands the same in all linux xubuntu lubuntu and ubuntu ?21:13
redwolfyes, on all Linux systems21:14
redwolffrom one distro to another only changes where we store some files or apps, but the structure is the same for all21:15
LangleyWhere is the logs located, that I should look after restoring from a system freeze21:21
redwolfthere're plenty log files, Langley21:22
redwolfuse this to show them all: ls --ignore=*.gz /var/log21:22
LangleyOkay... too bad I don't understand any of it... oh well..21:24
guest01My system freeze once when i open many windows in firefox and restartet the computer by it self. Is all ok then after this ?21:25
redwolfyes, nothing is damaged doing that. how many windows / tabs?21:26
redwolfthere're ways to save memory when browsing. there're nice extensions.21:26
guest01not many.. maybe 3 or 4.. havys sites or flashplayer. i dont remember.. sometimes firefox can hang some sec before it respond.21:27
redwolfit depends on the pages, maybe21:27
redwolfis your computer old?21:28
guest01or my computer.. it is a singecore netbook.. but 1GB ram.21:28
guest01I am not sure about the age.21:28
redwolfyes, opening some webs could consume that21:28
LangleyThat wouldn't be my problem... I have no idea what it can be, perhaps other than old hard drives21:33
redwolfsure, my old computer was dying because of its hard drive. it's amazing how it can slow the entire system (affecting the rest of components)21:35
redwolfit was broken. I realised it did a short-circuit in the motherboard. I only noticed slowness.21:36
LangleyThat sounds weird too21:36
redwolfbut it died! :D21:36
LangleyI don't think anythings dying here... Anyways, what can I look for in the log files21:37
redwolfand consider using some Firefox extensions to save memory21:38
LangleyI think you're confusing me with that guest guy21:46
redwolfthat was for him, sorry :D21:51
redwolfI should name my messages, Langley :)21:52
platzhirschAny idea how I can get the workspace switcher in-screen get turned off?23:06
platzhirschIt always appears in the middle23:06
Gnjuracdoes lubuntu come with ftp client preistalled23:10

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