craig__hello :)12:24
melodieI would like to have your support for a bug report I did: the purpose is to keep the size of the isos delivered as low as possible (Bento Openbox which I develop, especially but not limited to it)12:24
craig__what can i do to help12:25
melodieso what I need is people who check and who supports a bug report I posted, about libgtk3-0, because I could not build an iso without having any gtk program pulling in lots of depends12:25
melodiehi craig__12:25
melodiehere is the bug report number:12:25
melodiewhat would be needed as a test, would be something such as installing the same set of packages I use, in virtualbox for instance and starting from the officila mini.iso12:26
melodieusing Wily Edition12:27
craig__will have a look tonight when i get home12:27
melodieshall I give the links here now?12:27
melodiemini iso 32bits for instance can be found here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/12:28
melodieand the list of packages I can provide on pastebin?12:28
craig__thanks i will manage12:28
melodieare you used to perform minimal installs?12:32
melodieanyway thank you very much12:32
melodieI hope I can find a few persons on the two Africa and ZA chans, as it's the very place where bandwidth matters! (even if in many countrysides in France it does matter too)12:33
melodieI read recently that France among all europeen countries belong to the places where the internet connexions are the most terrible, just besides Italy and Greece. :~/12:34
craig__not used to minimal installs but i am sure i can manage12:38
craig__my home connection in Zimbabwe is pretty good around 2 Mbs12:39
melodieyes sure12:40
melodieanyway I have used lots of time at some point a pair of years ago, to pinpoing which packages where absolutely necessary in order for an install to function properly (just 3 packages were missing at that time in fact, in my install). I did this with a looong diff between the filesystem.manifest of my iso and the one of lubuntu iso. (with some options to make it easier to compare, however it took me some time 3 days on a row)12:42
melodieof course I am willing to share12:42
melodiewelcome back craig__12:53
craig__we have many powercuts here, now on generator13:06
melodiecraig__ is that your work place?13:16
melodiehave you been able to get what I told you last, about the time I used to pinpoint the necessary packages?13:18
Kiloshi craig__ melodie13:31
Kilossorry im so slowq. very busy on cell with banks13:32
melodiehi here Kilos13:32
melodiecell with banks: doing your accounting in a spreadsheet?13:32
Kiloscell phone to bank to try get my online banking app to work properly13:33
melodiecell phones are dangerous for the security of your data13:33
Kilosand very hot here so even brain is sluggish13:33
melodieyou might want to avoid using that kind of tool for money related things13:34
Kilosim online with my pc but this bank uses your cell to verify things13:34
melodieit can be very easily hacked I was told13:34
melodiedoesn't it just send you a sms when you need a verification on something you buy online?13:35
Kiloslike, when i login with pc i get an immediate sms that account has been opened13:35
melodiefor what purpose?13:35
Kilosno it sends smsses everytime i want to change anything online13:35
craig__yes melodie i am at work at the moment13:36
craig__Hi Kilos13:36
melodiecraig__ ok13:36
Kilosthen i have to choose approve or reject13:36
melodiecraig__ I am cleaning up my file script, the one that contains info about the packages I need to install for that minimal install (which in reality is about building Bento Openbox but I can't tell them about that on the bug report, because they don't give a damn about remixes, however my bug report can help all editions to get lighter on space)13:37
melodie<Kilos> then i have to choose approve or reject // they could not do that over here, the people would scream13:38
melodieit looks like they are not trusting the skills of their users, isn't it?13:38
Kilosthey actually seem quite secure because one needs to login with a pin number and then a password and still have to have the registered fone to approve/reject any transaction13:40
melodiethe last part is a bit too much13:40
Kilosyeah very frustating13:40
melodiewhat if the guy does not possess a mobile phone?13:40
melodieor does not want to have one?13:40
Kilosthen you cant do o nline banking13:41
melodiecan't afford, or generally doesn't need one13:41
melodieit's too much power in the hands of the banks me thinks13:41
Kilosthe whole internet banking seems to be closely linked to mobile use as well13:41
Kilosyes i agree, they live on the power they have13:42
Kilosand abuse it as well13:42
Kilosthey charge us to put money in and take it out13:42
Kilosthats why im using online, its much cheaper13:43
Kilosatm and bank transactions cost13:43
melodieelacheche ?14:33
elachecheHey melodie !14:39
elachecheI was away.. Just come back from a training x)14:40
elachecheHow can I help?14:40
melodiehi elacheche14:49
melodieyou might be able to help about a bug report against libgtk3-0 and I have another question related to a company which I am curious about14:50
melodiethe bug report:14:50
melodieI am seeking for testimonials on this bug report because I would like to see gtk3 stay a bit more sober14:51
melodieif it goes bloated this will feel hard on the size of future ISOs (which is a bummer considering the bandwidth in many places in the world, and not only in African countries btw)14:52
melodieeven if the hard drives tend to be very huge14:52
melodiein disk space14:52
melodieso for this one bug report I am seeking for as many helpers as I will be able to find14:53
elachecheLet me take a look14:57
melodieelacheche yes sure15:12
elachecheI don't know ho I can help on that melodie15:47
melodieelacheche you could if you would occasionally need very lean setups, starting from a mini.iso (which is a netinstall)15:48
melodiefor a desktop, and you would notice any gtk app pulls in several hundred megabytes of depends15:48
melodieI'm about to retry now, in a chroot15:50
melodiewould you have any time and interest for that? (at some point in the next days or weeks?)15:51
melodieI can provide my script/draft?15:51
elachecheno idea melodie :/ I have many days of training AFK :/15:56
melodieAFK : away from keyboard?15:58
melodieI have asked a question here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-icon-theme/+question/27409217:40
Na3iLYo melodie , you asked me last time to help you with your ToDo list.. Paste it18:01
melodiesame two languages18:02
melodie9 todo18:03
melodie5 ideas18:03
melodie14 notes18:03
Na3iLJust wondering why you don't just use wiki pages instead of Wordpress as cms.18:04
melodieI hate wiki formatting, slows down the writing process18:05
Na3iLHmm, okay18:06
inetprogood evening18:08
Na3iLSo, there's another 9 articles to translate from EN to FR?18:09
Na3iLo/ inetpro18:09
melodieNa3iL I'll go to an fro, from keyboard to dinner (eating by bits right now)18:19
Na3iLTake your time melodie we talk later18:20
Na3iLSame here, it is my dinner time :)18:20
melodiehave a nice meal! Bon appétit !18:22
Na3iLMerci bien mon ami :) à toi aussi18:22

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