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bzoltan_mcphail:  Not sure if I told you that you need to delete and recreate your chroots. Or even better ... install the static chroot packages.04:37
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dholbachgood morning07:28
Mirvif I get ":-1: error: security:policy_groups_safe:test-xmlhttprequest:debug: (REJECT) reserved policy group 'debug': not for production use" every time I try to run a just created QML Cmake project in the SDK, what should I do instead of just clicking "Yes" to ignore every time?07:49
Mirv(I wonder if the answer is "install the new Ubuntu SDK IDE")07:49
Mirvzbenjamin: on 16.04 archive QtC I get "no executable specified" if I create a new simple QML CMake app and try to run it. if I create a Simple QML Qmake app I get "No rule to make target 'testproject.qrc', needed by 'qrc_testproject.cpp'. Stop."08:36
Mirvwith desktop target08:36
Mirvwell, just using from command line for my tests08:41
mcphailbzoltan_: I have deleted all my chroots from the new IDE, and have run "schroot -e --all-session" in the terminal, then created a new 15.04 chroot and new qml project. Same problem. I think the problem is either (1) I am doing it wrong or (2) the qmake template is faulty08:43
zbenjaminMirv: let me try that08:43
zbenjaminMirv: but first i need to finish the review for zsombi's gestures08:44
Mirvzbenjamin: yeah, no hurry, just an observation08:44
bzoltan_mcphail:  would you mind to pastebin the exact output? plus the apt-cache policy click ubuntu-sdk-ide08:47
mcphailbzoltan_: yep - one minute08:47
mcphailbzoltan_: I can take you through the steps I am using before I have to leave for work...08:50
bzoltan_mcphail:  The click package I am interested about.. I suspect that you have wrong click and so wrong chroot08:50
zbenjaminmcphail: how did you delete the chroots?08:52
mcphailzbenjamin: through the sdk, then running schroot -e --all-session08:52
zbenjaminmcphail: also do you have the sdk ppa enabled? Also what does apt-cache policy click return08:52
mcphailzbenjamin: see my last paste - looks as if I have the stock click rather than PPA08:53
zbenjaminmcphail: where in the SDK? In tools->options->ubuntu? Or in the Kits list08:53
bzoltan_mcphail: click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 maint08:53
zbenjaminmcphail: thats the problem08:53
bzoltan_mcphail:  and look for te /etc/apt/sources.lists.d/08:53
zbenjaminmcphail: the stock click creates an outdated chroot08:53
mcphailzbenjamin: bzoltan_ OK, will swap it over. Don't know why click wasn't updated when I installed the SDK PPAs08:54
bzoltan_mcphail: you need the 0.4.40+15.10.20151012-0ubuntu108:54
mcphailbzoltan_: good - I'll try that and will recreate the chroots. Thanks!08:54
bzoltan_mcphail: you need sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:54
mcphailWill take a while to create a new chroot, but I'll report back later08:55
mcphailThanks both08:56
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mcphailbzoltan_: zbenjamin: updating the click package has solved my problem. Thanks for your help!13:15
bzoltan_mcphail:  thank you for helping us in the release candidte validation :)13:16
mcphailbzoltan_: happy to be a guinea pig :)13:16
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zbenjaminmcphail: awesome :)13:24
popeyvictorp, you mentioned on email the offer of assistance for DanChapman with dekko..13:36
popeyvictorp, I think DanChapman has a couple of specific things someone on your team may be able to help with13:37
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victorppopey, I was specifically asking about the polld integration13:43
popeyah okay.13:43
popeywill look elsewhere.13:43
DanChapmanvictorp: popey well it is todo with that in a way. :-) It's the online account plugin that polld will share13:44
victorpDanChapman, sure13:46
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victorpDanChapman, we done a few OA plugins13:47
victorpDanChapman, do you have  a specific bug/task for that , it would be useful for me to fwd to my team13:47
DanChapmanvictorp: i've written the majority of the plugin now which has a qt c++ plugin module. I just need help getting it merged it into lp:account-plugins which uses autotools and I have no real idea how to do it :-) I don't have a bug for it yet but I will create one now13:50
victorpDanChapman, thanks13:51
DanChapmanvictorp sorry for the delay. here's a bug for it https://bugs.launchpad.net/accounts-plugin-email/+bug/151563914:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515639 in Online Accounts Email Plugin "Migrate this plugin into lp:account-plugins" [High,Triaged]14:19
victorpDanChapman, ^^14:21
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