spy6hi there07:43
spy6There is a bug in launchpad, I'd like to link against multiple upstream bug reports ... is that possible?07:44
spy6anyway .. looks like launchpad can't connect to Linux Kernel Bug Tracker07:45
melodieI just changed the title for my last bug report, as I have been able to find the origin of extra depends17:13
melodiehere it is:*17:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1510709 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "In Wily libgtk-3-common pulls in adwaita-icon-theme which in return pulls in ubuntu-mono" [Low,Confirmed]17:13
melodieI would now be glad to be able to trace back where another theme comes from, which I have tried to get rid of since some time now, it's humanity-icon-theme17:14
melodiein Vivid though17:15
melodiemore and more themes are forced by default which makes the distro editions bigger and bigger which is not an issue for hard drives but is an issue for many users where the bandwidth is not generous and also forces the users to have themes which they may not like17:20
melodiehi again18:51
melodiecan that considered being a bug? http://pastebin.com/atTHk3Nd18:51
melodieinstalling ubiquity-frontend-gtk is less worse19:27
melodiethan installing ubiquity19:27
cyphermoxmelodie: it depends which frontend you want/need; plus you normally won't need to install ubiquity yourself20:30
melodiehi cyphermox20:31
melodiethis isn't a good reason imo20:32
melodiewhen someone needs to create a remix or a master ubiquity can be desired20:32
cyphermoxmelodie: in which case you should specify exactly what frontend you want20:32
melodieI solved it by installing ubiquity-frontend-gtk, but still, in Wily many packages aren't done as well as they could be20:33
cyphermoxwhat you're seeing this is pretty much just defaulting to the kde frontend, presumably because it shows up last in the list of packages20:33
melodieare you intersted in having the packages as lean as possible in Ubuntu?20:33
melodiesorry :)20:34
cyphermoxsure, but this isn't this issue20:34
cyphermoxfor example, try to install just ubiquity-frontend-kde, you'll most likely see precisely the exact same list of packages as in your pastebin.20:35
melodieI start from a very small basis and spent today several hours just to struggle against unwanted depends, which makes me think I might dedicate next year to hunting that kind of thing in packages20:36
cyphermoxthat would likely be quite a good way to learn a lot about how Ubuntu works20:37
cyphermoxmelodie: what I'm saying is, normally it's more or less the right conclusion that you're getting to, except that ubiquity behaves this way because it depends on the virtual package ubiquity-frontend-$version, which is provided both by ubiquity-frontend-kde and ubiquity-frontend-gtk20:38
cyphermoxI think in this case you see all the kde packages being pulled in because ubiquity-frontend-kde is later in the alphabet, so apt-get will match *it* instead of ubiquity-frontend-gtk to satisfy the virtual package :)20:38
melodieK comes after G right?20:40
melodieso it's reverse alphabet?20:41
cyphermoxoh, did i type it wrong?20:41
cyphermoxyou're getting k precisely because k goes after g ;)20:42
melodieso ubiquity pulls the latter?20:42
melodiethis is just to confirm I get it right20:44
cyphermoxyeah, that seems to be the case20:45
melodiethat would make sense, whereas is it logical or not is another thing20:56
melodiewhat I am concerned with is that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep a low size on an iso20:57
melodiewhich is a catastrophic issue considering the million downloads in the world20:57
melodiewhich all need bandwidth and obviously... electricity!20:58
melodieat the end, the following packages could be pointed as depends we could get out, gnome-icon-theme, adwaita-icon-theme, and ubuntu-mono21:01
melodie ttf-dejavu brings all these: "fonts-dejavu* fonts-dejavu-extra* ttf-dejavu* ttf-dejavu-core* ttf-dejavu-extra*"21:06
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