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fginthermichi, can you provide the branch or job that was giving you problems? I want to make sure I get the right branch updated.03:46
michifginther: Sorry, no.03:46
michiBasically, I found a bug in abi-compliance-checker yesterday.03:47
michiWe need to change the way we dump ABI03:47
michiusing abi-dumper03:47
michiBut Wily has a version of that that is too old.03:47
michiI could have a branch by tomorrow, I think.03:47
michiBut, basically, all we need is for unity-scopes-api to build for vivid+overlay and xenial, instead of vivid+overlay and wily03:48
fginthermichi, I'm getting lp:unity-scopes-api/devel updated now, all the others should already be good to go for you03:56
michiAwesome, thank you very much!03:56
michifginther: there is a very half-baked branch in silo 48 at the moment, for what it’s worth.04:01
Mirvrenatu: sure05:41
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pstolowskihey trainguards, looks like i hit gcc5 bug on ppc64el in the silo https://launchpadlibrarian.net/225718029/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-ppc64el.unity-scopes-shell_0.5.6%2B16.04.20151110.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz , only on xenial08:14
pstolowskiwas there any gcc5 update recently in X?08:14
pstolowskianyway, opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-5/+bug/151551408:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515514 in gcc-5 (Ubuntu) "gcc5 ICE on unity-scopes-shell in xenial ppc64el" [Undecided,New]08:21
Mirvpstolowski: thanks for opening the bug! doko will look at it probably soon.08:33
pstolowskiMirv, yw. i hope we can just revert to a previous gcc5 version for now if this is a problem with a minor update08:40
Mirvpstolowski: that said, I don't see a new gcc5 version in November08:41
Mirvlast one was 2015-10-2908:42
pstolowskiMirv, could very well be some other updated of a dependency that triggered it08:48
pstolowskiMirv, e.g. /usr/include/powerpc64le-linux-gnu/qt5/QtTest/qtesteventloop.h:48:24: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault08:48
Mirvpstolowski: seems random, my ppc64el rebuild in your PPA worked. let the bug be there but it seems it's not constant. so just run watch_only build now.08:49
pstolowskiMirv, okay. it's a bit concerning though..08:51
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sil2100jibel: so, seeing the e-mails... do we have everything we need in the overlay now?10:48
jibelsil2100, we still need a fix for bug 151535611:10
ubot5bug 1515356 in Canonical System Image "After a boot the dash doesn't display until touched" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151535611:10
sil2100jibel: you prefer to wait for it with gates closed, or should I snapshot now and we cherry pick once there's something releasable?11:11
jibelsil2100, as you prefer, you do the copies11:11
sil2100I'll maybe do the snapshot in a moment then11:12
jibelsil2100, we won't resume silo landing now anyway11:12
jibelsil2100, we are a bit late on regression11:12
jibelregression testing I mean11:12
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jgdxrvr, pong12:44
rvrjgdx: I don't remember now :)12:44
jgdxrvr, any time12:45
victorpsil2100, hi12:50
sil2100victorp: hey12:53
victorpsil2100, quick q12:53
victorpota8 is going according to plan re: schedule?12:53
sil2100victorp: well... not entirely12:53
sil2100victorp: we're a bit late on the regression testing right now as there were regressions spotted, so testing might be delayed slightly12:54
sil2100Yesterday's holiday for many people also didn't help here12:54
victorpsil2100, ok, but are talking a day or so?12:55
sil2100Won't be a huge delay though, but I think we should prepare ourselves for a day/two of a delay12:55
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brendandbzoltan_, the crash is a known issue in testtools it seems, although hard to track down as it only happens occasionally to people13:22
brendandbzoltan_, we are going to make a version of autopilot which will gather some extra info to pinpoint the problem13:23
greybacktrainguards: hi, qtmir is stuck in proposed due to an armhf compile fail against the rest of xenial -proposed. I've a fix for the compile fail ready. How can I proceed? Kick package out of -proposed and re-do the landing just for xenial?13:23
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Mirvgreyback: right, if you don't want to land anything now to vivid (understandable because of the freeze), I'd merge&clean the current landing and do a xenial only one time landing to fix the armhf issue. and thanks, I thought the qtmir bug was Qt 5.5 related but it seems it was generic xenial!14:08
greybackMirv: train doesn't allow me to force a Merge & clean. Can you do that, and I'll set up the xenial-only silo?14:31
pstolowskihello trainguards, may i ask for removing any remains of unity-scope-click from silo 8 & its ppa? i once added u-s-click MP to it but then removed it14:42
kgunnAlbertA: are we stuck on xenial ppc ?14:44
kgunnrobru: hey, what are our options to get silo 18 published ?14:52
kgunni'm bumping up against that silo being needed for biz/prodmgmt folks14:53
kgunnrobru: can we publish with followup on disabling that one test for ppc on xenial? or are we going to have to disable and rebuild first ?14:53
bzoltan_brendand: Good news... in the meantime I have started to reduce the failures in the UITK to ease the pressure on the testtols14:59
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kgunntrainguards could we get a xenial ppc64el only rebuild attempt on silo18 ?15:09
sil2100pstolowski, kgunn: on both of your requests in a minute15:17
pstolowskisil2100, k, thanks15:18
Mirvgreyback: done, go ahead with xenial15:23
greybackMirv: thanks15:23
cjwatsonkgunn: I've retried that for you15:28
brendandbzoltan_, always a good idea :)15:29
sil2100pstolowski: packages removed15:43
pstolowskisil2100, thanks. but https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/506 still says unity-scope-click in source package names, is it ok?15:44
pstolowskisil2100, i tried to edit it before, but it was coming back15:44
sil2100pstolowski: try doing a watch_only build later, it shouldn't appear anymore as it's not in the PPA15:45
pstolowskisil2100, ah, ok. thanks!15:45
kgunntrainguards hooray, can someone now publish ? ^16:12
sil2100kgunn: 18? :)16:12
AlbertAsil2100: yeah just did a watch on it so it would take the silo out of build failure status16:13
sil2100kgunn, AlbertA, jibel: is silo 18 for OTA-8 still?16:18
AlbertAsil2100: I don't know actually, kgunn?16:26
sil2100I'm snapshotting the PPA and would like to know if I supposed to copy it over as well16:27
pmcgowanI expect no landings other than regression fixes16:27
sil2100Ok then16:28
bzoltan_brendand:  is there a silo or ppa I could test the new AP package?17:23
brendandbzoltan_, no there isn't anything yet - unfortunately it needs a new version of testtools that isn't in the archive17:24
brendandbzoltan_, veebers was looking at that, i'll check back with him later17:25
bzoltan_brendand: is there a way to work around or hack the testtools?17:25
bzoltan_brendand:  you mentioned that the problem could be when testtols try to log something after a failed test. is there a way to disable it?17:26
brendandbzoltan_, if you have a log with the crash in it i can tell you, but i lost my traceback so i can't remember what the function was17:28
bzoltan_brendand:  just tell me the filenames you need from me... I have a fresh crashed device17:29
brendandbzoltan_, the crash would be on the terminal where you ran autopilot or phablet-test-run17:29
bzoltan_brendand: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13240221/17:31
brendandbzoltan_, that's not what i was expecting17:32
bzoltan_brendand: I was expecting a nicely working AP test too :)17:32
brendandbzoltan_, that's completely different from the traceback i have17:33
brendandbzoltan_, i need more context17:33
bzoltan_brendand:  do you want the individual test what messes up the system?17:33
bzoltan_brendand:  let me do it17:33
brendandbzoltan_, ideally i would need to see the whole terminal output including the command run17:33
bzoltan_brendand: the command was  autopilot3 run ubuntuuitoolkit17:34
brendandbzoltan_, on the device?17:34
bzoltan_brendand:  yes17:34
bzoltan_brendand:  phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit17:35
robrukgunn: so you need a core dev to publish 18 due to the packaging changes.18:20
robrukgunn: but it sounds like you missed the cutoff for ota8 if I read correctly18:20
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jhodapprobru, mind doing a dput for qtmultimedia from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to silo 918:51
robrujhodapp: sure one sec18:52
robrujhodapp: done. you're welcome!18:52
jhodappexcellent thanks18:53
bzoltan_jibel: if you see somebody from mir folks.. they might be interested about this - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13241002/19:09
kgunnrobru: yeah, no biggie missing ota8, more about enabling some biz guys19:13
sil2100robru, kgunn: yeah, a core-dev is needed here, it's fine to land to the overlay as we're unfreezing now19:15
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boikotrainguards: can someone please trigger a rebuild of dialer-app for xenial armhf on silo 0?20:17
robruboiko: on it20:17
boikorobru: thanks20:19
robruboiko: you're welcome20:36
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robrumuch qa20:58
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