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didrocksgood morning05:48
pittiGood morning07:42
pittibonjour didrocks, tu as te levé tôt ! ça va ?07:42
didrockspitti: bonjour ! ça va bien ! (oui, je me lève de plus en plus tôt j'ai l'impression…) et toi ?07:43
andyrockmorning all07:52
seb128good morning desktopers07:53
didrockshey andyrock, hello seb128 :)07:53
didrocksfinally the channel starts to be active :p07:53
* didrocks felt alone07:53
pittididrocks: je vais bien aussi, mais j'ai me couché à 1:3007:53
pittiaprès basketball, donc c'est normal :)07:54
pittij'ai regardé deux videos de systemd.conf07:54
pittibonjour seb128!07:54
pittihey andyrock07:54
didrockspitti: je n'en n'ai regardé qu'une :)07:54
didrockspitti: ah d'accord, donc après s'être couché à 1h, bon score! :)07:55
pittididrocks: that means "I watched only one", right?07:55
pittior "I didn't watch even one"?07:55
* pitti ne connais pas le double "ne"07:56
didrockspitti: "only one", yeah07:56
seb128hey andyrock didrocks pitti07:56
pittii. e. "n'en n'ai"07:56
TheMusoHey desktoppers. :)07:56
didrockspitti: you can say as well (maybe more commonly): "j'en ai regardé qu'une"07:56
pittididrocks: ah, c'est que je sais, merci :)07:57
* seb128 just spent half an hour figuring out why its boot is taking ages for a week07:57
* seb128 grrrr at systemd07:57
pittiqu'est-ce qu'est cassé ?07:58
seb128ma partition swap a changé et le fstab est faux07:58
seb128mais systemd de dit rien07:58
seb128j'ai juste le logo plymouth avec les points qui bougent pendant 1 minute07:58
seb128très frustrant07:59
seb128pas d'erreur, pas de message, rien, ça bloque et d'un coup ça démarre07:59
pittiseb128: ah, you have some failed swap unit in systemctl --failed?08:00
seb128I guess I would have, I used the debug-shell to list-job, saw the swap job was the only running, figured out it was the issue and coimmented the line from fstab08:00
pittihm, you get a rescue shell for broken / or /home or so; not sure whether you are supposed to get a rescue shell for broken swap too (or whether that's preferable to just continue booting wihtout swap)08:01
seb128now the system boots normally again08:01
seb128booting without swap is fine08:01
seb128the 1 minute delay is not08:01
seb128what is it waiting for? it's an internal partition that doesn't exist anymore08:01
seb128error out or keep going08:01
pittion systems where you actually do want swap it wouldn't be "fine", it would just silently ignore an error08:01
seb128no cookie for you systemd08:02
pittimaybe the right thing would be to put these "waiting for these units" warnings to plymouth08:02
didrocksIMHO, the issue is not the waiting, but more on the "no error message/telling I'm waiting on this"08:02
seb128that would be nice08:02
pittiyou see those on a VT, but not without ply08:02
seb128not even in a vt08:02
seb128I had to debug-shell and list-jobs08:02
didrockspitti: if communicating with plymouth was something that would interest upstream (hem :p)08:02
pittiah yes, quiet eats that as well08:05
pittithat sounds like somethign to fix for 16.04, this is ugly08:06
didrocksmorning Trevinho08:07
TrevinhoTrevinho: hey!08:07
Trevinhodidrocks: hey08:07
TrevinhoOuch 😀08:07
didrocksspeaking to yourself? :)08:07
seb128hey Trevinho08:09
seb128pitti, what would be the proper fix? proxying the "wait for disk UUID=...." on plymouth?08:09
Trevinhoseb128: Hola!08:09
Trevinhodidrocks: yeah, it happens sometime :-D08:10
pittiseb128: showing a blocking unit in plymouth and with quiet sounds helpful08:12
pittiseb128: also, do you know what broke your swap?08:13
seb128I needed a partition to try something in gnome-disks08:13
seb128I used the swap so I unswapped it and created a swap back later on08:13
seb128but the UUID changed I guess08:13
pittiyes, every mkswap will change it; ok, so that's at least clear08:13
TheMusoMorning willcooke.08:21
willcookemorning TheMuso just off to do the school run, bbiab08:28
* pitti does a jump to the left -- it's a Laney!09:41
pittiGood morning!09:41
Laneyhey pitti!09:41
pittilarsu: Moin moin!09:42
larsuhi pitti!09:42
didrockshey hey hey LaLaney! :)09:43
didrocksmorning larsu09:43
larsuhey didrocks! Had a good day off?09:45
Laneyhey didrocks09:46
Laneynice sauna/spa day?09:46
* Laney knows how french people spend their free time09:46
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* Laney is going to get kicked off this network in 3 minutes09:47
Laneycome on greylisting09:47
didrockslarsu: Laney: yeah, it was a nice day. Stayed at home mostly, but did some nice cooking :)09:47
Laneydid it involve cheese and/or cream?09:48
Laneyif not: try harder please09:48
didrocksneither of those!09:51
didrocksbut meat and lentils09:51
Laney A sign reading "Don't touch the water" can be seen near the river09:55
Laneymiddle click paste...09:56
seb128oh, a Laney09:56
Laneyhey seb12809:57
seb128hey Laney ;-)09:57
Laneyunmute the telegram :P09:57
Laneywhat's up?09:57
seb128oh, larsu is alive as well09:57
seb128good :-)09:57
seb128I missed out with this muted on09:57
Laneyoh FFS09:58
Laneythe gnome-terminal reverted my upload from last nighth09:59
Laneydid I forget to push? but even so...09:59
Laneyand that one was also because one of the previous uploads had reverted my change10:00
* Laney take three10:01
larsuhi seb128 :)10:05
larsudid some errands this morning10:05
seb128hey larsu10:06
Laneyseb128: seems slangasek processed some of the removals for gsl last night10:09
Laneycan you look at the remaining packages http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/gsl.html ?10:09
seb128Laney, yeah, I was just about to look at that10:09
Laneyi.e. forget my list now, it's out of date10:10
Laneynot sure why he didn't do all of them10:10
Laneymaybe they are ones with rdeps or something?10:10
Laneybut let's just kill those too IMHO10:10
Laneyif you give me the list I can block them in proposed10:11
seb128block them? you mean?10:11
seb128I though we just wanted to demote-to-proposed them?10:12
Laneydemoted things can go straight back in10:12
Laneyif they have old binaries which work in release10:12
Laneyyou should check if I already uploaded these and they FTBFS in proposed10:12
seb128they wouldn't if they fail to build no?10:12
Laneyin which case just remove from release IMHO10:12
seb128makes sense10:13
Laneyonly if it's a rebuild, demote copies the old successful binaries10:13
* Laney really bzr pushes g-t this time10:15
willcookedidrocks, can we do anything with Fritzing without MD5, "latest" link and HTTPS?10:16
willcookealso:  who knows the most about Ubiquity here?  tvoss is having a problem with resizing partitions and it seems to have hung.  How can he find out what;s going on?  Where are the good logs?10:18
Laney& /var/log/ubiquity or /var/lib/ubiquity?10:19
willcookethanks Laney10:19
seb128Laney, "asymptote" has a --disable-gsl, might be a better option than removing it?10:21
jibelwillcooke, there was a bug in wily, the "resize" widget sometimes doesn't receive the focus10:22
Laneyif you want to try that go ahead10:22
Laneyotherwise we get the fix via sync10:22
seb128calendar reminder, apparently I've a meeting in 10 minutes10:22
jibelwillcooke, if it's a bug with the UI10:22
jibelotherwise there were others with partman itself in some configurations10:23
jibelwillcooke, bug 144760010:25
ubot5bug 1361951 in partman-ext3 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1447600 Ubiquity freezes while reformatting occupied partition" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136195110:25
jibelshould be highre than medium10:26
seb128seems like a good one to fix for the LTS10:27
pittiseb128: btw, I see that flickering on new windows too, like the window first appears black for a split second and then is drawn10:28
seb128pitti, ah, I'm not alone or crazy yet!10:28
seb128pitti, thanks for confirming10:28
Laneylarsu already started asking about it10:28
pittiand, what happened with gedit10:28
Laneyseems he knows what is likeliy to be the fix10:28
pittiI mean, it's not actaully bad, but it's so different from everything else10:29
seb128pitti, welcome to new GNOME style10:30
seb128we are giving in a try to see how it fits/works10:30
LaneyI like it apart from the double controls10:31
Laneyoh and linked buttons are themed badly10:31
Laneyprobably fixable though10:31
Trevinhowillcooke: I'll be in meeting in 1 min10:32
pittilinked buttons?10:32
Laneyalso, is it me or does escape not close file choosers any more?10:32
seb128I opened bug #1513856 about that10:32
ubot5bug 1513856 in gedit (Ubuntu) "[3.18] 'save changes' dialog button style is wrong" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151385610:32
Laneydid it before or am I going crazy?10:32
pittiLaney: works here10:32
Laneypitti: try in gedit -> save as10:32
pittiand yes, esc not closing dialogs → really bad things happen!10:32
seb128pitti, try to close gedit with unsaved work10:32
seb128the dialog has buttons concatenated in a row together10:32
seb128doesn't look good10:32
pittiseb128: eww, yes10:33
pittiLaney: oh -- esc doesn't work right away, but after clicking into the file tree it does10:33
pittiit does not work in the name input line10:33
* Laney nods10:33
pittibut in the left bookmark bar or the tree selector10:34
pittiso, thanks guys! *finally* I have the feeling I'm on an 31337 unstable developer series!10:34
pittithis got way too boring10:34
pittiseb128: and you can use your old saying again at last!10:35
pitticome on, say it10:35
seb128nothing to say, people are going to say I'm old and grumpy :p10:36
seb128(but boring is good!)10:37
pittiseb128: pleeeease, for old time's sake! :-)10:37
seb128iz gtk bog!10:37
* pitti hugs seb12810:37
* seb128 hugs pitti back10:37
seb128is somebody seeing bug #1515461?10:38
ubot5bug 1515461 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Open menu dropdown is 'compressed' & unintelligible " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151546110:38
pittiça marche bien ici10:39
pittioh no, confirmed10:39
pittiiz gtk bug!10:39
seb128yeah, I think so10:39
seb128I'm still on 3.16 and doesn't see it10:39
seb128might be a 3.18 regression10:40
seb128Laney ^10:40
pitticould it be that a lot of this (button space, compression, etc.) is because our theme didn't get updated to 3.18 yet?10:40
seb128my workflow might be not standard but the open button behaviour really annoys10:40
pittiI can't imagine that this happens with Adwaita10:40
seb128I never open old documents, but I almost always open things from the same dir10:40
seb128I don't think it's a theme 3.18 update10:41
seb128at least the linked button is not10:41
Laneyit doesn't happen with adwaita10:41
seb128it's just new app style10:41
* Laney assigns to theme maintainer :)10:42
seb128shall name write his name!10:42
seb128Mr W* C*10:43
Laneynah, not that one :P10:43
Laneylarsu: assigned you a couple of bugs if you can look in the medium term10:43
Laneyjust pinging incase you miss the mail ;)10:43
Laneyor delegate to your co maintainer of course10:44
seb128we we like linked buttons now?10:44
seb128I though we patched them out of GTK previous cycle10:44
Laneywe patched more things out before10:44
Laneylike headerbars...10:44
Laneyif we like gnome we should try it imho10:44
seb128yeah, let's see10:45
seb128I'm having an hard time to get used to the new gedit, it doesn't fit well with the rest for me atm10:45
Laneythe adwaita ones look nice10:45
seb128it looks better indeed10:45
larsuLaney: "thanks"10:45
Laneykeeping you in green tea10:45
* larsu gets more10:46
seb128poor larsu10:46
Laneyswap for gsl/poppler/glew/ocaml transition?10:46
Laneyactually don't, I like it10:46
Laneyslangasek has been wielding the delete hammer hard10:46
seb128larsu, how did you priority sort your todo between geolocation new_nautilus_menus and bugs?10:47
larsuseb128: whenever someone pings me they have prio10:48
larsuwhich might not be the best idea...10:49
seb128yeah, you need to put them in a queue and reorder the queue as you see fit :-)10:49
Laneystupid laptop10:51
Laneyneed to us fn to access the function keys10:51
Laneybut for print screen fn is the wireless kill switch instead10:51
Laneyeven though it's written in the same place as Fn10:51
Laneythis network blocks the git protocol10:59
larsugit can do http10:59
larsubut you know this...10:59
* Laney populates https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gtk31811:01
=== Laney changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks
Laneylarsu: should that frame clock one go to compiz after your chats yesterday?11:16
Laney...is that going to be hard to fix?11:16
larsuI don't even think we can work around this tbh11:21
Laneybetter get it agiled into someone's plans then11:21
larsuagile is a verb now?11:21
larsuI wonder why we're only seeing this now though11:21
larsumaybe we need someone to ...11:21
Laneyeverything can be verbed11:22
larsu*puts on sunglasses*11:22
larsu... bisect11:22
seb128hum, do we have anyone in the team good at that?!11:22
* seb128 looks around11:22
Laneymight need to hire someone11:22
* larsu helps seb128 looking around11:22
* larsu looks 7000km west11:23
Laneybecause I don't know anyone with that kind of skill11:23
larsua bit south11:23
Laneynuh uh11:23
larsumaybe we should go through all members of this team alphabetically and ask if they could do it?11:24
seb128yeah; let's start with a ... attente? ;-)11:27
seb128Laney, ruby-gsl had a leftover amd64 binary in xenial-proposed, just deleted that11:38
seb128should make http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/gsl.html clean11:39
Laneynice, thanks11:40
Laneyfinding some more random transitions in there now11:40
Laneyode, dcmtk11:40
seb128is glew ready?11:41
seb128seems slangasek has been picking it up after I start yesterdy11:41
Laneyjust going through the list in turn11:42
Laneyseb128: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=804728 <- drop soya + rdeps completely?11:46
ubot5Debian bug 804728 in src:soya "FTBFS: libode-sp-dev has been dropped" [Serious,Open]11:46
Laney* balazar3-3d                   (for python-soya)11:47
Laney* balazarbrothers               (for python-soya)11:47
seb128Laney, but it built yesterday https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/soya/0.15~rc1-10build2 ?11:50
seb128or what's the issue?11:50
Laneynot against the right thing11:50
Laneysee the first comment in that bug11:50
seb128but build log says it picked glew1.311:51
seb128or are you looking at another transition?11:51
seb128you look at "ode"11:51
LaneyI'm looking at all of them that are in this block11:52
Laneybut yeah, in this case it is ode11:52
seb128balazar3-3d doesn't exist though11:53
seb128oh, it's balazar311:54
seb128ignore that11:54
Laneythere's also a recommends from some metapackage11:55
Laneywill fix that11:55
* willcooke finally gets caught up on scroll back11:56
willcookeI'm fixing (IMO) the Gedit theme atm11:57
willcookeIt's funny, I have something that I think looks nice on the laptop screen11:57
willcookeand then when I connect to an external screen and make the windows fill the screen I don't like it anymore11:57
willcookeI'd like to make the header bars shorter(?   less vertical height)11:58
willcookeand the header bar buttons could do with a bit more contrast11:58
willcookeand then there's the text in the open dialogue which is all screwy11:59
willcookeit's never ending :)11:59
willcookeOnce all of that is "ok" then I will go and speak to Design about header bars11:59
willcookebut for now... lunch11:59
willcookeoh, one more thing12:00
willcookecyphermox, is this bug on your list for 16.04?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-ext3/+bug/136195112:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1361951 in partman-ext3 (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity freezes while reformatting occupied partition" [Medium,Triaged]12:00
willcookehit and run.  Now lunch.....12:01
didrockswillcooke: it's hard to maintain a robust product, if Fritzing people are intested into shipping for us, they should make our life (and so, their experience) better12:02
didrockswillcooke: also, I feel really uncomfortable downloading executable code without having any way to check that the code is legit from upstream12:02
didrockswillcooke: any reason they can't do it?12:04
davmor2willcooke: you on xenial? do you have dual monitors?12:43
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davmor2Laney, seb128: Either of you too on a dual monitor xenial setup? I'd like a confirm on a issue12:51
seb128davmor2, I do12:52
seb128shrug, am I the only one having unity eating cpu after user switch/unlock?12:54
seb128on xenial12:54
davmor2seb128: awesome, could you set one monitor below the other in Screen display, then on the lower monitor open an app full screen and put the mouse on it is it the resize up icon rather than the the normal pointer12:54
seb128davmor2, it's not but I didn't restart my session for a while so might not be using the current unity, going to restart in a bit12:57
davmor2seb128: it may actually be more specific to hexchat I'm trying other apps though12:58
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attentelol. you guys...13:43
Laneyoh hi attente!13:45
attentehey hey13:46
Laneywhat's up?13:47
desrtgood morning13:52
desrtwhat did i miss?13:52
seb128hey .ca desktopers ;-)13:52
attentegood morning13:54
qenghogood morning13:55
larsuhi qengho and attente!13:56
larsuand desrt :)13:56
didrockshey desrt13:56
desrtgood morning, all13:57
cyphermoxwillcooke: it's on my radar for every release, the difference is just that now we're more likely to actually fix it and understand why it's fixed14:01
willcookecyphermox, ack.  thx14:01
qenghoseb128: I have never merged packages from Debian before, but I'm happy to help. What should I do to get xdg-utils merged? Is there launchpad machinery, or is it downloading and uploading?14:27
seb128qengho, you can find some details on https://merges.ubuntu.com/x/xdg-utils/REPORT14:28
qenghohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging  This seems useful.14:28
qenghoseb128: thanks.14:28
seb128qengho, but it's basically "take the current Debian version, review the Ubuntu delta and re-apply what is needed on top of Debian"14:29
seb128qengho, https://merges.ubuntu.com/x/xdg-utils/14:29
seb128shrug, guest session fails on xenial here14:30
seb128but if I edit /usr/sbin/guest-account to change from -e to -x and get debug info, it works :/14:31
larsuseb128: -e means "stop on error"14:31
seb128doh, I wanted to add x14:31
seb128larsu, thanks ;-)14:32
seb128there are all sort of fails with guest session/user switch/unity14:36
seb128- guest session fails to start14:36
seb128- it bounces me back to unity-greeter which fails to display my custom user bg14:36
seb128- login back to the session shows the unlocked session, then lock fade in then unlock14:37
seb128- then compiz uses 100% cpu with a thread in pam code14:37
* seb128 shrugs14:37
seb128andyrock, did you get anywhere with the session not being locked when it should? (e.g screen showing unlocked for a second after suspend/resume)14:38
seb128also I can't believe nobody else is having the cpu use/pam issue14:38
seb128ok, at least I figured out the issue with guest session14:41
seb128I'm going for a footing since it's still sunny and nice out there14:42
seb128be back in ~1h14:42
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willcookelarsu, how fond of the gradients between tabs in GtkNotebook are you?  With the new darker/lighter tabs the gradient looks meh, and I think a solid line is more effective15:14
willcookecyphermox, fixed already!?  Thanks!15:17
cyphermoxwillcooke: yeah, it was already fairly obvious what was needed, I just wanted to better understand exactly why15:17
cyphermoxI think we've reached that now15:18
willcookewell thanks for turning it around so quickly15:18
Laneytall chairs without a cross bar to rest your feet on need to be banned15:18
Laneyin the meantime, /me burns this cafe down15:19
Laney(GCHQ: that was a JOKE)15:19
cyphermoxyou caught me early, before I got to start on other things ;)15:19
willcookeLaney, simply carry a step with you15:19
* willcooke makes a note to bother cyphermox in the mornings15:19
LaneyI kicked off and now the owner is crouching on the floor in front of me15:19
Laneythe customer is always right15:20
willcookedamn straight15:20
Laneyactually the chair next to me appears to have one15:20
* Laney swaps15:20
desrtfirst. world. problem.15:20
* willcooke wonders if the new cafe down the road has wifi15:20
qenghoLaney: I heard you wanted to ASSASINATE THE PRESIDENT of Ikea.15:21
desrti have to assume that nsa/gchq/etc. have developed pretty good troll filters by now15:24
qenghoMaybe. Add "LOL" to escape Bayes flagging.15:25
willcookethere we go15:32
willcookewhat do you think folks?15:32
willcookethe mouse would be over the close button on the middle tab15:32
willcookethat's a solid border instead of the gradient15:33
andyrockseb128: sorry missed the ping (irccloud :()15:36
andyrocknope, i can't actually reproduce it15:37
andyrocki created a ppa for pat15:37
andyrockwith a possible fix but the problem is still there15:37
andyrockat this point I'm not sure the problem is in unity15:37
larsuwillcooke: not at all - but that's more of a design question15:39
larsuI mean, for design15:39
LaneyMirv / mitya57: can you help me with https://launchpadlibrarian.net/225697670/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.phonon-backend-vlc_0.8.2-1ubuntu2_BUILDING.txt.gz please?15:41
willcookelarsu, I *am* design now ;)15:41
larsuwell then, go ahead please15:41
* willcooke gets his crayons out15:41
willcookeoooh, Red Arrows just went over my house15:42
* ogra_ checks on google maps15:43
ogra_lies !15:43
Laneywillcooke: I don't reaally rate the small gap at the top of the tabs :(15:43
Laneyman, this wifi15:43
willcookeLaney, ack.  I think it's always been there, but because of the colour of the tabs it wasn't noticeable.  But yeah, looks off15:56
Laneywillcooke: maybe so15:57
davmor2willcooke: much as I love all the things that Laney complains about (high chairs all round) I have to admit the little gap is weird15:57
Laneywillcooke: GTK_THEME=Adwaita gedit to see how gnome has it btw15:58
Laneyoh you can change that from the inspector too, I forgot16:03
* didrocks waves good evening and good night!16:04
willcookecya didrocks16:04
didrocksatom is building and working from trusty to wily, nice way to EOD :)16:04
didrockssee you willcooke16:04
Laneybye didrocks!16:04
didrocksbye Laney!16:04
* Laney got in in time!!!16:04
Laneytoday is a good day16:04
pittiLaney: won the didrace for once!16:06
seb128that sunny weather is quite nice for exercice ;-)16:11
seb128start being night now though16:11
Laneyhope you footed well16:11
seb128I did ;-)16:13
seb128ok, quick shower and I'm back to get some work done16:15
seb128(how are the transitions going?)16:15
Laney * amd64: phonon-backend-vlc, phonon-backend-vlc-dbg, phonon4qt5-backend-vlc, phonon4qt5-backend-vlc-dbg, python-pyepl, python-soya, python-soya-dbg16:17
LaneyI tried pinging about phonon but nobody stepped up yet16:19
Laneysome more stuff on other arches16:20
* Laney looks16:20
Laneyseb128: can we demote insighttoolkit4 elastix ginkgocadx itksnap plastimatch?16:44
Laneyinsighttoolkit4 is a 3 day build on amd64...16:44
* desrt watches Laney use seb128 as a commandline tool16:44
seb128you checked if they have rdepends?16:44
Laneythose are the rdeps16:45
seb128I mean they don't have anything depending on them?16:46
Laneynah just a recommends from some package that won't block anything16:46
seb128what I mean, is should I check that or did you16:46
Laneythe last 4 are rdeps of the first one16:47
Laneydid you do the soya stuff?16:47
Laneywe can DO THIS! COME ON!16:48
* Laney self motivates16:48
seb128balazar3-3d and balazarbrothers ?16:50
seb128I did16:50
seb128+soya itself16:50
Laneyah I seee it16:51
* willcooke . . o O ( Balazar Brother = Lion tamers)16:51
Laneyseb128: I think python-soya too16:51
Laneyor pysoya or whatever it is16:51
seb128when you pinged16:51
seb128so like 5 hours ago16:51
seb128for what transitions are the ones you just gave?16:52
Laneywhat's britney playing at?16:52
seb128needed for the demote message ;-16:52
LaneyI could probably fix it but the build is too long16:54
seb128we can bring those back16:54
seb128no worry16:54
seb128Laney, new demotion round done16:57
mitya57Laney, let me look17:05
Laneymitya57: ok, slangasek just pinged Mirv in #ubuntu-devel about this too FYI17:06
Laneyso maybe he's also looking17:06
LaneyI tried turning the flag off from PhononInternal.cmake but that didn't work17:08
Laneycan't tell where this is coming from17:08
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Laneyseb128: think there are ginkgocadx binaries on arm64 ppc64el still17:46
Laney ginkgocadx | | xenial-proposed/universe | arm64, ppc64el17:46
Laneyfor the old version17:46
Laneydelete them? :)17:47
* Laney pew pew pew17:47
seb128I don't understand what's going on17:48
seb128ginkgocadx in xenial (version older than the ginkgocadx in xenial published in xenial)17:48
seb128the demote-to-proposed failed17:48
seb128it tried to upload an old version17:48
* seb128 doesn't understand17:48
Laneyhmm maybe this isn't the problem actually17:49
Laneyperhaps it just needs to catch up17:49
Laneyoh yeah it's gone away now17:49
seb12832271 seb128    20   0  381440 163640  47796 S 296,6  4,1 194:45.73 compiz17:49
seb128come on compiz17:49
seb128or unity17:49
* Laney wibbles17:56
Laneyguess I don't get to see this go through today :P17:56
seb128be careful, slangasek might steal the last bit of the puzzle and put in place while you sleep17:58
Laneyit's going to be mitya5717:59
Laneyjust that phonon thing17:59
seb128good :-)17:59
* Laney gives you a different and better present18:00
Laneyrighty ho, ttyl!18:04
Laneyseb128: you should swoop in and steal it18:04
seb128nice try but no thanks ;-)18:05
* seb128 tries to clean some red lines from version18:05
Laneyrestart the vino work? ;-)18:06
seb128Laney, have a nice evening!18:07
seb128climbing tonight?18:07
seb128ah, Laney just missed gtk -3 from debian with a regression fix from .3 having an api change for bindings18:12
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