OerHeksI have no question, is it oke to ask a non-question?00:59
daftykinsthat one needed euthanising ;)01:03
wileeeahh, nothing like a mod ban for real satisfaction01:04
wileeea lobotomy01:04
wileeeerr maybe that was the cause, we never know01:05
Bashing-omsome just do not take a gentle hint .01:06
wileeethe freaks come out at night somewhere01:11
daftykinsi can't believe Mozilla are taking tab groups out of Firefox :(01:17
daftykinsit'll be some time yet, v45... but that's still sad01:18
wileeeI use speed dial, never checked ff01:19
wileeeless addons the better however01:19
daftykinsnn folks! :)01:31
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:59
Latrodectusgood morning to you05:04
lotuspsychjehey Latrodectus05:13
lotuspsychjemorning wileee :p05:24
wileeemothership says no on a perfect world, takes all the fun out05:44
* wileee adjust the tinfoil beret 05:45
* lotuspsychje looks to the sky for aliens05:51
Latrodectuswhy look to the skys for aliens when you can just look in the mirror...06:18
Latrodectushttp://www.wired.com/2015/11/cia-email-hackers-return-with-major-law-enforcement-breach/ lol06:22
lotuspsychjegood noon to all10:58
cfhowlettevening ...11:09
lotuspsychjehey cfhowlett how are you doing today11:09
cfhowlettanother day at the races and I'm tired of the upskirt view of the rat in front ...11:10
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: what kind of races going on?11:11
cfhowlettrat races!  they don't have those where you live/?11:11
lotuspsychjeno we dont lol11:11
lotuspsychjewe have horses here, but not so popular11:12
lotuspsychjecar/motorcycle races we have11:12
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: did you ever win $$$ with the rats?11:13
cfhowlettnah.  in the rat race, you're lucky if you get your customary hourly wage on time.11:14
EriC^^lotuspsychje: man i downloaded a movie from http://torrentsmovies.net11:31
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: lets not do that here11:31
EriC^^wth it asks for a password11:31
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj11:53
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje11:54
lotuspsychjebbl dinnertime12:19
daftykinshey all \o14:46
lotuspsychjehey daftykins14:46
TJ-afternoon :)14:47
daftykinsnew OS for my xbox and new build of windows 10 for official release today :O14:47
daftykinsi trust upgrades for a console as much as i do a PC, so i'll be letting it install then performing a factory reset :D14:48
TJ-which reinstalls the original OS :D14:55
daftykins"welcome to XP"14:55
daftykinsone thing i have done is left that game install HDD disconnected ;)14:56
TJ-good plan Sherlock14:57
TJ-After last time you don't need to be messing about14:57
lotuspsychjebbl shop14:58
TJ-I'm trying get hold of a replacement for the ancient M34510E8 MCU so I can copy the code from the old one and test it on the workbench, and maybe improve the program a bit. Might have to invest in a Linux freezer14:59
TJ-I think I could just swap in an Arduino or RasPi actually :)14:59
TJ-I'm reverse-engineering the file format for the Windows InstallShield .Z files right now, so I can extract some ancient emulator/programmer tooling from Renesys for the range of MCUs it belongs to15:00
daftykinshehe, well if you need someone to quickly run something on Windows to pinch the files out of, i'd be happy to :)15:01
TJ-Well, all the controller had to do is read 3 thermistors, switch 4 mains outputs (condensor, evaporator fan, defrost heaters, read 4 GPIO buttons and write to an LCD display15:02
TJ-Oh, I could do it with wine, but the installer wants a licence acceptence and I don't want to accept the terms - I just need the spec for this MCU :)15:03
TJ-I enjoy reverse-engineering file formats anyhow; not done one in ages15:03
TJ-I've just finished decoding the headers and writing a program to display them cleanly so I can deduce the next layer15:06
daftykinsthat's dedication! i'd have whipped up a disposable VM ;)15:08
TJ-The Linux tools don't know how to read the format, but the magic is known, so as its pretty trivial I may as well write a library for it15:20
Guest74872hi, please help, career wise how ubuntu helpful over windows ?15:59
TJ-Linux implies you're able to think for yourself :)16:00
Guest74872TJ-: what does that mean16:01
Guest74872TJ-: i dont to be a end user on windows/ubuntu, i want to be developer or programmer and make a career, so does everyone here16:01
Guest74872kindly help, currently direction less, i knew it is very basic question, most of the time discussed , u see we are new audience here now, we missed that discuss that out bad luck16:02
daftykinsi take it 'here' isn't this channel, because i don't want to be a dev.16:02
Guest74872do so there are documentation or archive of such discussion16:03
daftykinswho are 'we' ? i have no idea what you mean.16:03
Guest74872we means we all16:03
daftykinsalso what language do you speak? you're quite hard to follow16:03
Guest74872we not only use but we further develop16:03
daftykinswe are legion.16:04
Guest74872career wise, apart from unix admin, what we could be ? please tell me16:04
daftykinsi think you'd be better off with #ubuntu-offtopic16:05
Guest74872dear from #ubuntu told  to go #ubuntu-discuss and now to #ubuntu-offtopic16:06
Guest74872hope i will get help16:06
daftykinswell you see, the topic is discussion of ubuntu16:10
TJ-Guest74872: if you want to be a developer find an area of Ubuntu you're interested in, pull in the source code, and explore.16:11
TJ-Guest74872: learn about and practice with the tools that Ubuntu/Linux provides you. Learn about how a Linux system is built and its file-system organised. Learn about how the Linux kernel presents devices and services to userspace. The possibilities are endless16:13
Guest74872TJ-: scripting like  bash, ksh, awt , sed are my secondary skills16:15
Guest74872not full time job16:16
Guest74872i am oracle guy, full time on plsql16:16
Guest74872i schedule tasks under unix16:16
Guest74872secondary skillset is not my full time job16:17
TJ-Guest74872: the easiest way to learn is pick a subject are you're interested in and develop code for that16:17
Guest74872can scripting be made full time job ?16:18
TJ-no, it's a part of general system administration16:18
Guest74872in general databased are installed on servers, servers on mostly unix, unix will  system admin and databases will database admin16:20
Guest74872it above situation,   how many servers do company have, so how many system admins and how many database admin (dba)16:21
Guest74872hardly 5 servers if so, then 4-5 system admin and 4-5 dbas ...........where do programmers or developers fit and what work they do is my question16:22
TJ-programmers and write and package the code the sys/dbs-admins use16:26
TJ-s/programmers and/programmers and developers/16:26
Guest74872what are chances of application programmer (business logic ) under unix rather than system programmer ( developing tools, utils ...)16:27
TJ-there are many more application programmers than system programmers16:27
lotuspsychjedaftykins: what kind of games you play on xbox?17:59
daftykinsmmm a lot really, Halo... co-op zombie survival thing with two local friends, racing games... platformers... puzzle games :D18:01
lotuspsychjedaftykins: first person shooters?18:01
daftykinsyeah sometimes18:02
daftykinsi just grabbed this latest Halo 5 the other day18:02
daftykinsthis new OS is so much faster on this console now, i'm letting it download an older xbox360 game to test out the PPC emulation now :)18:02
lotuspsychjegrabbed from the store yeah :p18:02
daftykinsyep, usually i order online but i spent the extra £6 this time to support a local shop18:03
daftykins£33.33 delivered from amazon UK, or £39.99 locally :D18:03
daftykinsthere's a new Tomb Raider out tomorrow that looks good, too18:03
lotuspsychjeohhhh lara rrrr18:04
daftykinsi should probably focus more on work than games :P18:04
* lotuspsychje throws lara in OerHeks's neck18:04
daftykinsreminds me, i need to quote for a patch panel, switch and cabling now18:05
OerHeksoh no, now the nerds are going after me18:05
lotuspsychjethere are nerds here??18:05
TJ-I don't know how you guys find time for games !18:06
lotuspsychjeTJ-:  we all have multiple screens like your layout :p18:07
TJ-but how do you find *time* to play?18:07
daftykinsTJ-: by not really having a proper day job sadly :)18:07
lotuspsychje!life | TJ-18:07
ubot5TJ-: life is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic18:07
TJ-I can understand if they were casual games, but those that require hours of play to get anywhere...!18:07
TJ-life is offtopic - ubottu can eat my butt!18:08
daftykinsit's quite a neat way to keep up with some friends who live in England, too18:08
lotuspsychjeTJ-: the more advanced gamers run through levels faster :p18:08
TJ-lotuspsychje: my partner plays games so I know - he has no time for life!18:08
lotuspsychjedepends wich game of course18:08
TJ-bloody WoW!18:08
lotuspsychjelike WOW18:09
lotuspsychjei dont understand those big $$$ spend time-eating games18:09
TJ-I can about find time to play Freecell a couple of times a week :)18:10
TJ-I've just had a lot more fun trying to figure out why my structure definition for this file-format I'm reverse-engineering was 'stepping' over some bytes, making the following fields pick up the wrong data... then I realised I hadn't told te compiler to 'pack' the structure so 16-bit values were being aligned to 32-bits, shifting everything after along by 2 bytes18:11
daftykinsah see i can't tolerate those big ones that are life and soul sucking :)18:11
* lotuspsychje facepalms18:12
daftykinspuka is really annoying me18:12
TJ-right, well, now more life calls ... dinner to make. beefburger 'n chips, mmmm18:13
lotuspsychjedaftykins: i think its pikachu's brother lol18:13
lotuspsychjehe came for revenge18:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: bon apetit mate18:13
OerHeksit is, poeka/pikashoe18:14
TJ-you too.. don't go breaking any more mobos ... my TODO list is TOOLONG18:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i have another bug for you next haha18:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: on the same system!18:14
* TJ- runs faster than a Husky being chased by a sled18:14
lotuspsychjeto comfort you, it has been chasing me for all ubuntu versions18:15
* OerHeks runs faster than a chihuahua after a pittbull18:15
TJ-oh - took them out for a very long road walk this morning... they're stiff and have been laid out all day since18:15
OerHeksDrabber is a killer, you know18:15
TJ-pftt - they can't keep up with me :)18:15
* daftykins wonders if TJ- cycles with them18:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513801 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Scrambled screen and mouse pointer on first boot" [Undecided,New]18:16
TJ-Over summer I rode whilst Pepper ran but now its wet its hard to do around the fields, ground is soft and bumpy and I get sprayed with mud and wet18:17
TJ-lotuspsychje: that'll be due to the GPU not being correctly initialised. could be flaky GPU memory that needs literally warming up18:17
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yeah could be another mobo motor issue :p18:18
lotuspsychjebloody ol abit :p18:18
daftykinscrikey i've not had an Abit for years18:18
daftykinsi just to love those but then all their good engineers/designers got poached by Asus i think18:18
daftykinsso Asus are my new love :>18:19
lotuspsychjepretty stable mobo, but hard to config18:19
lotuspsychjedaftykins: yeah that link you pasted the other day rrrr18:19
lotuspsychjesexy mobo18:19
lotuspsychjein that case you showed / samsong 950 ssd18:20
daftykinsi've decided to wait and see on that front, as i just know i'd spend the money and still just be here on IRC ;)18:20
daftykinsbe a lot of fun to do a brand new build though18:21
lotuspsychjeyeah my vision is, as long as the old hardware still working18:21
lotuspsychjeplugged in ssd's everywhere and were good for years again18:21
daftykinswell, my core 2 quad desktop is 8 years old this Christmas.18:23
daftykinsi know that everything new is now 4 times faster, based on benchmarks18:23
lotuspsychjeif its fast enough for us18:24
lotuspsychjei find ubuntu on older machines rocknroll18:24
lotuspsychjesecond life ecologic18:24
daftykinsit's developed a few quirks with age too, i've dealt with it for a long time but eventually i'll just want something totally reliable18:25
daftykinsmind you, i don't 100% fancy being an early adopter with those NVMe Samsung SSDs... there might be some kinks to work out for Q1'16 :)18:25
lotuspsychjeim gonna stick with 850 pro for now18:25
daftykinsplus, and i know you're not keen on this side of the world... but you have to use samsung's own NVMe driver under Windows right now as Microsoft's is a bit too new18:26
daftykinsbe nice if that were resolved so it didn't need to be done on clean installs18:27
lotuspsychjeyeah herd that linux support is yet to come18:27
daftykinsreminds me of floppy RAID drivers in server 2003 *shudder*18:27
daftykinssuch a brave new world this, that 360 game just finished downloading -> went to run it, "700MB update"18:31
lotuspsychjea bit like its host: 'winblows'18:32
lotuspsychjeupdate all night lol18:32
daftykinsnow now, that's a rather youthful attitude :P18:32
daftykinsactually the new win10 was a 3GB download today ;)18:32
daftykinspainful, but not far off seeing all the kernels mount up in ubuntu...18:33
lotuspsychjedaftykins: did you read what they will do with 7 and 818:33
lotuspsychjein one year they wont sell it anymore18:33
lotuspsychjeand force everyone to 1018:33
daftykinsyep, but that happens when every release goes out of mainstream support18:34
daftykinsit's no different than an ubuntu release going EOL18:34
lotuspsychjebut 8 is brand new18:34
daftykinsit also sucked :) standard rule, every other release is terrible18:34
lotuspsychjethey all suck lol18:35
daftykinsi was sat to see that Vista is still inside extended support until April 2017 or something18:35
daftykinsi see problems with all OSs :)18:35
daftykinsPaulW2U_: o/18:35
lotuspsychjeok movienight18:39
lotuspsychjedaftykins: laterz mate18:39
* TJ- returns belatedly19:40
TJ-daftykins: At least with Linux you have the choice to install an old release, and patch it yourself :)19:40
daftykinsi can't think when i'd ever choose that mind you - but then i'm always thinking from the focus of my clients, not my own usage directly19:52
daftykinsjust the folks i support19:52
=== EriC^^ is now known as eeee
=== eeee is now known as EriC^^
ubot5It's out! Party in #ubuntu-release-party - download at http://ubuntu.com/download/22:16
OerHeksout of what?22:23
MonkeyDustOerHeks  i meant it jokingly, referring to 16.0422:24
OerHeksi am on 15.04 :-D22:25
wileeeinsert pop reference to out here------>22:54

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