tewardhello.  The doc team mailing list isn't the place for polls to randomly be sent to, right?19:57
pmatulisteward: hi, welcome. what sort of poll?20:11
tewardpmatulis: well, unless Alberto (es20490446e AT gmail) is on the list, i doubt it'd hit, since my accidental reply all got rejected instantly20:11
tewardpmatulis: "What Ubuntu release are you using" with a plain link to a Google form apparently20:12
tewardhe sent an email burst to three MLs with that20:12
teward(not the first time he's been on my radar for "WRONG" actions)20:12
pmatulisteward: i don't understand "well, unless Alberto (es20490446e AT gmail) is on the list, i doubt it'd hit, since my accidental reply all got rejected instantly"20:17
pmatulissorry, it's been a long day for me20:18
tewardpmatulis: he emailed the list20:20
tewardemail matches the item in parens20:20
tewardthe message was a link to a Google form20:20
tewardthe subject was "What Ubuntu release are you using"20:20
tewardsounds like a random poll to me, but it's not got a place on this ML or the others20:20
teward(if that address isn't 'registered' to use the list though, and is not a member, then there's no issue)20:20
pmatulisteward: well the posting was made, so i guess he is subscribed20:27
tewardwell mine wasn't and was autorejected - point not withstanding, whether that's the correct place for a poll or not20:28
pmatulisteward: i agree that he should have put some context around the request and not used a bombing style approach which is typical of spam20:30
tewardpmatulis: granted i'm not on the doc team list, but the to: field is revealed to all who received20:31
pmatulisteward: yeah, i see 4 lists20:32
pmatulisUbuntu Quality Team <ubuntu-quality@lists.ubuntu.com>,20:32
pmatulis Ubuntu Community Team <ubuntu-community-team@lists.ubuntu.com>,20:32
pmatulis Ubuntu Papercuts Ninjas <papercuts-ninja@lists.launchpad.net>,20:32
pmatulis Ubuntu Documentation Team <ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com>20:32
tewardooo yeah, i forgot I snip out Papercuts20:32
tewardpmatulis: -community-team got my poke, i think ALberto is in charge of papercuts, and balloons already responded to the poke regarding the QA list20:33
tewardbut yes, I don't like the "drop a bomb" email burst style used20:33
tewardand as i said before, this person's been on my radar and others before20:33
tewardbut meh. s20:34
tewardsorry for making noise :)20:34

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