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ricotzhenrix, hi :), are looking into backporting 4.2.0-19.23 as linux-lts-wily to trusty too?09:08
henrixricotz: yes, i'll probably be uploading it into the kernel team PPA today.  soon it will hit -proposed09:15
ricotzhenrix, great thanks09:24
caribouapw: smb` cking: any reason why vt.handoff=7 would break my boot following upgrade to Xenial ?10:37
apwcaribou, you should have the same kernel as you had in wily, so no10:37
caribouI have a fully encrypted HD and unless I remove it, I just get a blank screen & nothing else10:37
caribouapw: I noticed a change in libplymouth10:38
apwcaribou, try hitting esc (or is it tab) twice to switch out of and into graphics mode again at the prompt10:38
caribouI also loose my USB keyboard + external display10:38
caribouapw: thanks, will try that10:39
* caribou biab10:39
apwcaribou, what did you upgrade from, as the kernel, grub2, and plymouth are at the same versions in wily as xenial10:40
caribouapw: yes, I just noticed that10:51
caribouapw: I upgraded from Wily10:51
caribouapw: so hitting tab/esc brings me to the encryption password10:51
caribouso I'm able to boot but w/o sound, external display & USB keyboard even if this one is seen by the kernel10:51
caribouso I don't think it's a kernel issue10:52
apwcaribou, very odd behaviour though.  i am going to guess the tab thing is a race as much as anything, i have seen that before i think11:12
apwcaribou, but the  latter issues with sound etc is just plain strange11:13
caribouapw: indeed, I'm looking at it atm11:13
caribouapw: well, alsactl reports on soundcard found, so that takes care of it11:16
apw"no" or "one"11:17
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caribouapw: alsactl[808]: /usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1735: No soundcards found...11:18
caribouapw: I also get systemd complains about apparmor11:18
apwoh systemd, hmmm, cking didn't you have that barfing on you as well ?11:18
ckingapw, it SEGV'd on an arm64 debian unstable update for me11:19
apwthere is a new apparmour in xenail-proposed11:19
ckingrendered the machine unbootable11:19
ckingapw, I was not using apparmor 'cos I was using debian unstable ;-)11:20
apwcking, if it was debian then its off the table 11:20
* cking notes that since systemd is critical to a functioning system we should probably do static analysis and some kind of formal stress testing on it to see if we can shake out bugs11:21
diwiccaribou, could it be that the -extra kernel package is missing?11:23
diwiccaribou, that matches somewhat with your description of missing sound and USB11:24
cariboudiwic: I think you are onto something, yes it's not there11:25
caribouerr, NO it's not there11:25
cariboudiwic: apw: is it normal NO TO FIND a linux-image-extra for linux-image-4.2.0-18-generic11:27
cariboulet me reboot to .17 for which I have one11:27
apwcaribou, it is not normal no11:27
apwhave you lost your linux-generic or something ?11:28
caribouapw: diwic: ok .17 works fine, I got everything back11:30
caribouapw: let me recheck my archive, one second11:31
apwcaribou, so confirm you have linux-generic installed correctly11:31
apwcaribou, and also check that apt-get install -f doesn't say you are in the middle of an update11:31
caribouapw: apt-get -f install is fine11:33
caribouI disabled my squid-deb-proxy as well11:34
apwand you have linux-generic installed, and you have no linux-image-extra-* ?11:34
apwfor that abi ?11:34
apwthat ... is impossible (in theory)11:34
caribouapw: here is the result of apt-cache search linux-image : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13237767/11:35
caribouapw: maybe a mirror issue, let me point directly to the main archive11:35
apwcaribou, before you do that11:35
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apwshow linux-generic | egrep 'Version:|Depends:'11:35
apwapt-cache show linux-image-generic | egrep 'Version:|Depends:'11:36
caribouapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13237786/11:39
caribouapw: even with the main archive, I don't see any linux-image-extra for .1811:39
apwcaribou, there is no -18 in xenial ... at alllll11:40
caribouapw: ok, now I now what happened11:40
apwthis is a process fail, caused by the emergency cve release11:41
caribouapw: I manually installed .18 just before the upgrade because it was complaining that it couldn't find it in the xenial archive11:42
caribouapw: so I went back to wily & manually installed .18 (forgetting to install the -extra)11:43
apwcaribou, ok ... that then is all explained, and i am asking for that to be copied up, it should have been11:43
caribouapw: then upgraded11:43
apwyep, and now you are in a mess :)11:43
caribouapw: well, no I still have .17 which has all the bits11:43
apwhopefully we'll get that copied up into xenial today, it should have been11:43
caribouapw: ok, so that's the source of the problem, good to know11:43
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dannfrtg: thanks for the pull! sorry for not mentioning the branch - i actually thought about it and decided to omit it, because start/end hashs would be unique (if my git foo is accurate)16:00
rtgdannf, I think you have to know the branch in order to fetch the commit, but no matter. 16:03
dannfrtg: cool - yeah, will go back to including the branch name. TA!16:05
apwright, the sha1s are unique in space and time (in theory) but you need a handle which is exported, which is a tag or branch, you can't fetch arbitrary sha1s from a repo16:05
* dannf didn't know you could restrict fetching shas to a branch - seems like every fetch i do from a remote get all objects16:06
dannffor some definition of all objects (not sure if objects from deleted branches are fetched)16:06
rtgdannf, a fetch should only be fetching the objects on that branch that you don't already have16:07
rtgif you fetch tags then you might be getting more then you need16:07
dannfi don't  - just get fetch. for example, when i git fetch my wily remote, i get both wily/master and wily/master-next16:08
henrixiirc, when you do 'git fetch' it will fetch all remote tracking branches (there's a git-config to set those i believe)16:13
henrixe.g. remote.origin.fetch=+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*16:14
apwdannf, as henrix says a clean fetch is fetching "all branches" and any objects those reference you don't have16:40
apwdannf, so to use your sha's i'd have to actually add your entire repo as a remote and fetch it, then find the shas that way, its more normal to offer me a real branch as then i can git fetch git://... yourbranch:dannf16:43
dannfapw: got it - makes sense16:45
kamalrtg, so I find that I can get all of the linux/tools/* stuff to build in our chroots with just two more -dev packages:17:22
kamal+ADDPKG="$ADDPKG libpopt-dev libreadline6-dev"17:22
kamalI think we should just go ahead an add those to build-mkschroot17:22
kamalalso, build-mkschroot feels like it needs a good cleanup ... there are waaaay too many separate case $SUITE clauses, including at least one that I think is entirely pointless17:23
kamal(a case that adds libssl-dev to some $SUITES -- but libssl-dev is already added to all suites)17:24
kamalI'll submit those two patches ^^, but will hold off on doing any more cleanup, in case you like it the way it is17:25
rtgkamal, I'm fine with that. it has accumulated a lot of cruft as we add special cases to it from release to release17:29
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