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alan_galf_: anpok_ - do you want to review this? (Or shall I just TA?) https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/remove-RTLD_GLOBAL-hack/+merge/27727709:28
alf_alan_g: feel free to TA, the code change looks sane, but I won't have time to test until later today09:30
anpok_just did09:31
alan_galf_: anpok_ - thanks09:31
anpok_further messing with clocks spawned https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/151551509:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515515 in Unity 8 "Monotonic clocks behave weird after a wakeup " [Undecided,New]09:32
anpok_.. hm why does it say in unity8 ..09:32
anpok_anyhow .. I will probably settle with CLOCK_REALTIME for now.. it seem to be a problem in kernel .. at least glibc just forwards the clock id..09:33
anpok_now I wonder .. should we also change mir::Clock::SteadyClock to not use steady_clock?09:34
anpok_or should I .. for now have different clock passed to the input platforms..09:34
alf_anpok_: Did you see my comments in that bug?09:43
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anpok_alf_: we do now() + some_next_frame_estimate then forward events to it10:09
anpok_but let me look again..10:09
anpok_alan_g: I seem to have tested in the wrong build directory... i was about to add another check to the module entry points..10:10
anpok_with that branch - as opposed to lp:mir it seems to fail while trying to probe the kms platform10:10
alan_ganpok_: which scenario? (I haven't seen any problems)10:11
anpok_what i tried was: ./mir_demo_server --vt 2 --file /tmp/mir_host --launch-client './mir_demo_server --host-socket /tmp/mir_host --file /tmp/nested --launch-client "./mir_demo_client_eglplasma -m /tmp/nested "'10:15
anpok_thats the new platform probing10:17
anpok_it decides to pick dummy platform.. if I remove all by kms .. it claims none found.. while10:18
anpok_on my old build it did..10:18
anpok_so we broke probing with nested and thats not related to this branch10:18
* alan_g is nearly as confused as anpok_ 10:19
anpok_i would guess it fails here:10:20
anpok_need to look with a vm..10:21
anpok_and then returns in line 191 ..10:22
anpok_nah not confused .. just stale builds..10:23
anpok_i mean our current probing logic in mir requires the nested server to launch with a --vt paramter or being at least temporary capable to drmSetMaster while probing.. otherwise the platform isnt considered10:25
alf_anpok_: alan_g: hmmm... I don't the nested server shouldn't be probing anything, it should select its guest platform to match the host platform the host server is using10:29
alf_anpok_: alan_g: s/I don't//10:29
anpok_yes, but does that also apply for x11 host and mesa-kms nested?10:29
anpok_hm does that even work?10:30
* alf_ 's fingers have started hurting from all the proximity sensor (un)covering, and wishes he had some Lego Technic... looks around the house for any kind of mechanism to automate this10:35
* alan_g wonders if, after NBS lands in the client API, we'll even need guest platforms10:36
alan_ganpok_: I confirm your finding. Did you file a bug?10:49
alan_ganpok_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/151555811:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515558 in Mir "Nested servers on mesa-kms select wrong (dummy) guest platform" [Undecided,New]11:01
anpok_alan_g: had to run and unconfuse me..11:04
anpok_alan_g: maybe only for the mesa reload hack :)11:07
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