bazhang [Kuntinator] (32889a9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
bazhangspells trouble00:41
bazhangKuntinator> ops pls ban bazhang for trolling00:47
bazhangwhat a surprise00:47
k1l_you and your fans :)00:50
bazhangthats the 12 is old enough for irc guy00:51
Unit193xhoch3: Howdy.  Anything else we can do for you?07:04
genii@comment 69769 Reviewed, not lifted20:49
ubottuComment added.20:49
Jordan_Uikonia: I don't quite follow your logic for saying that bryn__ was lying.22:21
ikoniahe couldn't use sudo22:22
ikoniayet in other channels he was saying he was using sudo with random fixes22:22
Jordan_UWhich would make sense if he just recently accidentally ran "sudo chown -R bryn /" and broke everything. That sudo command worked.22:22
ikoniahe hadn't22:23
Jordan_UWhich you know because?22:23
ikoniabecause he's talking about this elsewhere22:23
ikoniaand stating "he swears he didn't run that"22:23
ikoniathere is an element of chance that he was just unaware of what he's doing, because he also claims he is the sysadmin and 100+ users are using the server22:24
ikoniabut the whole thing seems very contrived22:24
ikoniaI've removed the ban on him22:24
geniiFor some reason this reminds me of eagles051387522:24
Jordan_UHe may have run "sudo chown -R /$HOM" and not realized what happens when the variable the variable $HOM doesn't exist or in this case is misspelled.22:25
ikoniaall very possible, but not what he's saying,22:25
ikoniastill don't believe a word he's saying22:27
ikoniahe's now admitting sudo doesn't work22:27
Jordan_UWhich would be consistent with it working before a recent improper chown command. (I'm not in whatever other channels you're seeing his new responses in).22:28
geniiJordan_U: -server22:29
ikoniahe said he installed it just seconds ago22:29
ikoniaso he installed gksu on a non-graphical server22:29
ikoniawithout sudo22:29
ikoniaand fixed the permissions problem22:29
ikonianow he's saying he didn't22:29

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