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tewardballoons: alive?19:55
flocculantteward: I sadly shot an arrow at him last night :(20:31
tewardflocculant: ?20:31
tewardyou mean the thing I"m poking ballons, -community-team, and -doc about20:31
flocculantno - I meant balloons - he popped :(20:32
tewardflocculant: he's alive right now :)20:32
flocculantand yes I know what you're poking him about really ;)20:32
balloonssomething like that indeed20:32
flocculantballoons: !!!!20:32
tewardwith regards to THAT person, arrows don't work20:32
tewardthat's low-scale20:33
tewardI was thinking katyusha rockets20:33
teward(don't blame me, i have been watching a documentary on World War II)20:35
balloonsanyways, how's things flocculant?20:35
flocculantballoons: all good here thanks :)20:35
flocculantgetting a few new people interested in our qa stuff20:36
flocculantpushing more packagy things this cycle we are20:37
balloonsflocculant, yes, I've seen such things20:40
balloonsgetting a better response as well I trust?20:40
flocculantthan the last few cycles yep20:40
balloonseverything a-ok on the package tracker? BTW, it seems the LTS will have some new default packages for ubuntu. Is xubuntu changing any defaults?20:40
balloonswe'll need to review the manual test suites again and make sure we have coverage20:41
flocculantmy new team member is setting up a session for us for new people20:41
flocculantballoons: we might be losing a default20:41
flocculantballoons: also ofc - we'll be affected by what happens with usc20:42
flocculantreally need to find out if that's REALLY happening - we're a bit mumbly about wanting yet another gnome thing20:42
flocculantand yea - the tracker is fine thanks :D20:47
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